Elephant Legs

A beautiful young woman booked a session to be free from swollen legs and feet.  When she was a teen, she did get bitten by a mosquito.  Her legs and feet were swollen to the enormous size, she literally could not do any sports what every teenager could enjoy.  There has been too much weight to carry.

Her parents took her to many different doctors hoping to find some cure for her.  Doctors ran many blood tests, x-rays for many different times of her young years, but they did not find any cause of her issue.  They found all the tests showed normal, there were no trace of worms, parasites or anything that would affect her symptoms persisting.  Doctors were baffled and could not offer any solution to her.

She has been carrying out her life as best as she can and made a huge success in her career, but now she wants to be free from swollen legs and feet for good.  Many tears were shed on talking about the difficulties of carrying the weight on her legs, while she was describing her life to me.

Her Higher Self (HS) has been guiding her and I started asking questions for healing.

Soo       How this mosquito sting cause so much swelling?

HS         It was not the real cause of the edema.

Soo       What was the cause?

HS         In one of her past life, she was a very wealthy man, but not so kind to dogs or people.  He was a snub, egoistical and very brutal to dogs.

Soo       And?

HS         Neighbors did not appreciate his attitude as well.  They tied his hands to the pole with rope.  The two (2) hungry stray dogs approached him where he was tied up.  They started snarling at him showing big pointy sharp teeth.  They started biting his left ankle, eating his leg flesh too.  The sepsis set in his leg, eventually he lost his life in great pain.

Soo       How did he feel when he was bitten by the dogs?

HS         He felt, how dare you are eating me!  Being tied, he could not fight back either.  He felt tremendous anger and fear and still carries those feelings to this current life.

Soo       What can you help her?

HS         It is the anger stored in her legs and feet that makes them swell to its size.  She has to learn patience in this life to wait for the right time to happen. 

Now her ever loving, compassionate and powerful Higher Self reveals the real reason why her body is in that state, they opened the blockage, removed all blockages, drained all the stored feeling of fear and activated lymphatic system to drain.  All the blocks melted, released passage fluid so that all body fluids flow effortlessly.  The entire healing will occur seamless, she will not feel any side effects.

Unnecessary luggage is gone.


In a sacred cave, Ezra is making markings with a stick on a wall.  They are not for him, but for the future generations.  He wears simple white robe and is pretty healthy in his 20s.  On his back he carries a basketful of sticks for writing.  There is some light so it is not perfectly dark in that cave.  Dampness of the mountain makes the wall soft that makes it easy to mark.  He is the only one making markings on the wall and he doesn’t understand what they are; simply follows instructions coming from the masters. 

Three masters who are not in human form; they are mostly in white light and purple light on the edges.  They are in so much of white light, hardly can see their features.  Normal humans don’t see the lights however. The eldest master is telling him what to write with a stick and he is the one who directs the other two.  Stick is just wooden stick with a bit of a point.   He instinctively knows he is going to be in the cave a while.  Ezra knows he has to do this and it is an important work.

His people have white skin; tanned under the hot sun; black hair and dark eyes.  They live in the northern side of Mediterranean.   The area is very arid, sandy, some greens, and mountains.  They are simple people and masters give wisdom to nomads in story form.  They give wisdom on: why has not rained in years, what have we done wrong, could we be able to survive.  Masters say to nomads that they have done nothing wrong; it is the Earth; they must plan; store; must be ready for difficult times; for they know these things happen.  Nomads do things as advised by masters, but they don’t pass on the information to generation to generation.  Nomad’s elders are selfish people and they use this knowledge to feel powerful, when they are gone, information is gone as well. 

His people do not eat.  Light gives what they require, and dampness of the air makes him feel free from needing water.  If he really wants to drink, he goes down to the small pool down the bend.   He much appreciates of the light, because it makes him feel full, nourished, and feel oneness with the whole creation.  They require no shelter to rest for they don’t sleep.  When night comes, they sit around, talk and share information.  Children sit in the circle, the masters teach them how to work as a team, spread the light and joy, and share knowledge so nomad people can grow.

They don’t give birth but children are just there.  No babies, children about 5-6 years old are to be brought in to them and they grow with them.  Home is in that light.  That’s how to travel.  Sit in the light like spaceship with controls.  Many galaxies away, they travel fast, and agreed to be on the Earth, helping people to go through difficult droughts, and the earthly cycles.

Nomads don’t know because not sharing information which was given to them, there are lots of fight just for survival.  People handle drought poorly.  The masters explain them the need to store, being ready for difficult times, and they have not done this.  The masters tell them where water is, and storage of lots of seed, baskets of them, and fresh water left generations over.  With seed, nomads can plant seeds so they can start the process of storing.

His people tried to explain that bad timings won’t happen if they follow the advises given, but nomads are doubtful. So, finally they decided to write so when nomads discover the writing, they will learn.  Wise woman or man from the nomads be able to connect the spirit and feel the information energetically. 

The assignment of Ezra’s tribe is to teach nomads how to survive, how to control with what they have.  Once one group grasp, they move on to another group.  They stay where they are, and nomads find them.  If they don’t share, they are not able to survive.  If one knows, then they can expand.  Ezra is feeling sad for them not sharing.

Many generations later, nomads finally grow in understanding.  His people are working on their heart centre to store the knowledge.  Ezra’s tribe use storytelling, words placed in the heart. Once done, masters put their hands directly on nomad people’s heart, get sealed.  Forever the information is stored in the heart generations after.  They don’t store in the brain because ego gets involved, twist energy and can’t get pass the generations.  Nomads people don’t listen to their hearts.  Ezra is saying: “quiet yourself, go to heart, take your consciousness to heart, information is there”.  Their job is just sharing.  There are multiple groups like them around the globe doing the same work. 

Ezra is reminiscing now that he becomes an elder, passing the torch to the younger generations.  He has observed, learned so he can step into the light.  By then many, many generations of earthling gone by and now he sees they have shelters, growing crops, they are learning to take care of it.  Humans are improved, they are doing the best they can.  Looking at the Earth, it is so beautiful place with blue water, green mountains and blue sky.  Such a lovely planet and he feels so blessed to share wisdom and knowledge with people of the Earth.

The past life of Ezra which we just got to learn is all about sharing knowledge and wisdom of the Universe.  In this current life, he is here once again doing the sharing of love and wisdom for the people of the globe.

Higher Self 201

The following is a conversation with a Higher Self (HS): Questions and answers.

Higher self is a vibrational access point to group consciousness.  Everyone on this planet is linked to a group consciousness.  Doing this trance work; you are able to access the knowledge within the group; so, we are individual consciousness linked together in a group setting like internet; you can find information of everything and other people.  You can only access other’s information which was only made public.  The stuff they give permission for others to access only.  We work on species as a whole, work with individual based on the individual acceleration speed; that’s why sending right people to the right person at the right timing is easy for us.  We are not individual entity; we are group consciousness.  We access everyone.

Who created us, Higher Self?  The natural law of a planet.  if you want to have a species on a planet, you have to have consciousness first, like a grid to allow the creation to exist; Higher Self of the group consciousness existed before the species exist; like DNA of the species is woven into the fabric of the planet.  That’s how the physical species can exist.  We come down from existing in astral plane to physical plane.  We exist in higher, astral plane.

Who put the consciousness of this planet?  Fabric of the universe includes all planes.  Long, long, time ago, different entities populated animal; plants; astral first; nature will take creating physical.  Like a computer programming, you give it a code and they do the rest.  The Source is the group consciousness of the entire dimension from 9th to lower down, down to the 1st dimension which deals elements.  Each dimension from higher dimension; each of them; you have to have group consciousness.  The physical world is engulfed into all higher frequencies.  Once group conscious built, planet created, once planet created then lower dimension is being created.  Nothing can exist without having all other planes.

(planes of all dimensions drawn by the client)


Some Higher Self (HS) is different in ability and wisdom, why?  It is not the HS being different to accessing different knowledge, it is the person’s ability to connect.  Like having Windows 95 computer vs Windows 10 computer.  Computer with Windows 10, physical elements and software allow quicker access to internet while Windows 95 computer is slower and less likely to get similar understanding.

How to access to HS better?  Helping to access to HS, people need to work on their ability to connect.  Same way as you would use Wi-Fi; whether you use 3G or 5G, internally the connection has to be built in.  Best way to upgrade your ability to connect, meditation is the way.  People will have to let go of ego, fear and control of the body.  Control divides individual from group consciousness.  Some who lived on the planet let go of their ego completely; they have full access; becomes enlightened like Jesus.  Jesus has no ego, no fear and no bodily attachment.  Have less fear, you will have more and better connection.  Learn to quieten the mind.

I had a client recently.  And the client had a difficult time to connect to the Higher Self.  The client’s brain activities were so busy.  Using an analogy; you are driving a car on a highway at 200 miles an hour but when you drive on a small-town road with the same speed, you are bound to veer off the course and get crashed.  You have to slow down from 200 to 100 to 80 to 40 miles an hour.  When internal state is in that busy state, people find it almost impossible to go into trance no matter how much they want to.  In that case, the client is not in the time of accessing Higher Self to get information and healing.  It is rather more important to learn to slower their thoughts, and they have to do their work in order to get the best connection with their Higher Self.

The Higher Self told me not everyone needs to access Higher Self to learn.

The Love of a Brother

A planet where Peter came from is in Pleiades star cluster also known as M45 or Seven (7) Sisters, which is about 400 light years away from the Earth that has blue, purple and pink lines on it when he looks down from the space.  Nice melody of “woosh” coming from it makes him feel at home and being in loving motherly warm hug.  The sound makes him feel like this is the place where family lives; feel at peace; and he can get support and be himself.

The planet is very big, mostly made of gas, and there is land on it. Beings live on the piece of land that are not fixed to the ground but floating.  They make houses on it; eat some vegetables that grow on the surface, and lots of mist everywhere.  Big dragons, and big animals fly.  It is like an island floating in the air.  Lots of misty gaseous air contains water vapor, plants absorb this vapor through their leaves.  Plants look like ferns and they eat them because they taste good; though they require no food; for sunlight feeds their bodies.

The family is raised in group setting, unlike earthly family structure.  Once they decide more creatures born, some surrogate mother chosen based on their DNA sequence with father chosen with right DNA for specific tasks.  For example, if they need to open a new fleet, then right people for that being created.  Mother does not raise the child.  They are learning about no-conditioning, not knowing their parents, grow up without conditioning, then become members for the society.

The babies are born; they give birth which is more controlled.  They keep the baby longer than nine (9) months; once fully grown; they can come out on their own. They do not cut umbilical cord; it stays connected with the baby; the group care for children; once the child grows up; the child decides what task it wants to do.  There is nothing to learn because, the knowledge gets downloaded on them already in their genes.

They have green/grey color scaly skin like a grey chameleon.  The head has pointed bone on top of the head, a small sliver of a bone above the scalp.  Eyes are big with black insect-like eyes with many grids, no lid and slender body.  Arms and legs are longer with small tail. Have no ears, rounded mouths, you can breathe from the skin as well as nose built into the skull.  Nose has nostrils and not out of the face with two holes.  Three digits hands and three digits toes.  They talk by sending energy to each other or send hug from distance. They control the matter around them that way, by sending energy.



People go on a spaceship to work and move around.  Sometimes take a break and looking at the planet; observe the island floating and clouds move on the surface; watch flickering yellow and white lights as the planet turning.  They hang out each other; dance and sing; remote viewing; work on projects; help other planets.  There is no sun set, and always light.

Also, on a spaceship; they monitor the planets; see other civilization; see any danger to overcome; visit neighboring planet; go to deep space anywhere there is a need for help, that’s why they came to the Earth.  Long, long time ago, they help create the Earth planet, forest, land and everything.  They came long before different races brought to the Earth.  They saw one race wants to control in the fresh planet. They sent troops to protect, when things got short; their team was not equipped to handle the savages and got destroyed.

Savages using tools to destroy, and they used high frequency beam like laser.  They can burn things with it, and use it to manipulate people on the planet.  They are the race with grey skin and have no form.  They are formless but they choose the body when going down to the planet.  They use surrogate bodies which has no soul, grown in the lab.

Now Peter is looking up a tall beige pyramid with many big steps on them in a tropical forest land now known as South America.  This pyramid must be several hundred feet tall.  And there are many of them.  He walks in one of the pyramids, he sees many rooms and drawings on the wall.  The drawings of many beings, spaceships in red, yellow, oranges, and they are beautiful and has nice energy.  He feels he knows this place, a place of mystery from the past.  Going down the shaft, tunnels being lit from light coming from the outside, he sees all images on all sizes of animals, plants, and creatures.

Inside of the pyramid he is trying to decipher the language, and message is there, that is they had a battle and they lost.  They came from far away star.  He finds pyramid, but not his people.  By understanding from the writing written by star people, he feels tremendous sadness over that they are not here.  He came on a spaceship to explore what happened after they left.  The star people kept their messages in crystals in pyramid.  They documented everything in the crystal which can open up the portal of the memory.  They were happy at first.  They started having some discord with people living there.  Energy still is there: Peace.  People is going to destroy the planet.

Peter decides to stay to help his star people.  They stuck here, after the battle, they were forced to stay.  They became human, their souls stuck here on the planet Earth, but their bodies dead.  Peter will help remind them where they came from. Right now, his brothers and sisters don’t remember who they are.  He keeps the crystals within him, keeps the memories, so he can remind them.  By keeping their energy inside, showing them what they are all about, reminding them who they are.  Staying on the Earth planet, he keeps helping them.  The memory is in the crystal.  It is all waiting for now.  His star people, they don’t know what they are missing. That’s why he is here to help them.  There is a lot of people back there in the home star, but he is the only one here.

Peter leaves the ship that is in perfect working condition behind in the forest; buries the ship in the ground with trees and branches, he becomes a human.  That was 23,000 years ago.  He willingly chose to lose the high consciousness, enters into loss of memory, which is like taking medication to forget what it was like living in higher consciousness.  He gave up talents and abilities that he had from the higher dimensional being.  He keeps the energy with him and moving forward learning how the humans deal with all things, finding out that there is hope, and he is very close to awaken his brothers and sisters who have been oblivious from the whole truth.

Shaken Up!

It has been more than four months since the “lock down” from all activities due to the corona virus.  Everyone eagerly waits for the “freedom” of going anywhere to enjoy life in all aspects.  Also free from wearing mask, with it hardly you can breathe normal and knowing well you are breathing back what has been breathed out, specifically in hot weather that we have now.  Social distancing feels less bothersome compare to wearing mask is what most people whom I met express.  My curiosity is there as to when we all can go back to normalcy.  A Higher Self (HS) of one client offered some information:

The virus was created to bring fear to people to control, mostly for political reason.  For they felt they were losing the grip: control of power.

While going through this lock down period, we, the people, see some changes are being created, most specifically financial institutes are gearing into on line transactions of any kinds, requiring very little human interaction, and some of them do not even accept cash.  The HS said soon there will be no more banks.  It is beneficial not to have any monetary obligations, such as to carry mortgage, credit card debts, or any debts.  Simpler life will give you less impact.  For everyone will get impacted from this financial change.  Also, the HS sees the real estate value will go down.  As a whole, all of us will experience loss of investments, and loss of finances.  In one word, the HS said, there will be a financial breakdown so will the political breakdown as well.  The HS recommends us to go with the flow.  It is okay to be part of the overall growth.  Everyone loses money, so take that experience as to which we all have to go through.

The planet will take four years to adjust from the effect of the virus.   Within a year, vaccine will be ready, people will be advised to take the vaccine to avoid to get the virus, which is another form of control.  Vaccine is an exposure in low doses, once in a system, they rewrite the program.  If you get vaccinated, you also spread and eventually everyone is going to get the virus.  The last attempt to control.   Control comes from fear, not the virus.  It is the fear of the society.  It will take four years to completely free from it.

By being pushed, people are awakening.  And people are being shaken up from the core.  The rate of changes, unless you are fully secured mentally and being grounded, you are going to be in the mud since everything outside is chaos.  Group consciousness of the Earth right now, people are in fear, feeling fragile, not connecting to themselves, and receiving all stimulants.  They receive, and don’t know how to process them.  While being in tremendous fear, all bodily mechanics get messed up, end up producing so much noisy brain wave to a point where the brain nerves are being fried.  In that process, people experience in constant feeling not only fear, but also anxiety, depression, mood swing, loss of sleep, learning disability, poor memory, and exhibiting all symptoms of mental illness.

Some seeks relief by trying psychedelics, because they feel no effort is required to get quiet mind, so they just pop the stuff into their mouth or sniff.  But the HS teaches the importance of learning to get quiet within without external source.  Since we all have to recognize our own power.  Thus, the HS recommends practicing meditation to quieten down the noisy brain waves and take care of the body.  Therefore, do physical exercise as well as eating foods from organic source, wholesome, not processed, and green vegetables.  Being in the nature is another recommendation from the HS, for the nature gives peace and raise their vibration up.

The HS sees it is the quiet time right now worldwide which has never happened before, so they; the light beings; gather this light; activate it; so, they can send this light to people.  People are not used to this sudden quietness, and not feeling comfortable with it, but it is very much needed to still the Earth to support her. 

The HS sees blackness which is very low in the sense of spiritual evolution in the countries such as US, South America and strong power controlling countries like China, and Russia.   Italy and Spain agreed to be the virus being rampant in their countries, and agreed to be the first wavers of the virus.  So other countries know and learn what it is like.  They knew what can occur.  The HS sees all white lights in Canada as having many light workers.  Even though people are expecting to go restaurants soon, in Canada, the HS sees that people wearing mask and observe social distancing to the end of this year, 2020.  In the US, they have many light workers but there are many more dark workers. They need many more light workers to bring them from darkness to light. The Canadians have higher understanding how important of being cautious, while others are still in so much fear based. 

A lot is happening now around the globe.  First, turn off the TV, media and become a good friend to your inner world.  These are the advises the HS added to.

Cord Cutting

Rafi is sincere in nature, highly intelligent, working in marketing world and her employer treasures her contribution.  Compensation from her work is quite satisfactory and life is okay on all levels, save she has no man to love.

During several hours of listening to her life story, I see there are whole lot more issues she carries with. 

From a culture where supporting family is highly regarded as a filial duty, she has been helping her parents, siblings and even relatives all through her adult life.  She is so frugal to a point of literally counting pennies to save, but every month, she manages to send money to them.  Since her immigration to Canada, she has no family to call for help, yet bravely alone she handles her financial affairs.

Her family back home demanded her sending money even in the times of her difficulties in-spite of them fully aware of her situation.  Her family thinks her living in Canada means there should be plenty of money to spare.  Of course, now she earns good income, they even demand more sum.

Now this has been going on for good 20 years until she now reaches to a point where she totally wants to scrap the family. And yet, duty bound, her mind is not at ease.

To make her blood boiling even higher, she learns through the vines that how they waste and dwindle the precious money she sends to them.  Rafi describes that is like pouring water into a bottomless jar.    Now her heart aches in maddening anger and resentment toward them, many sleepless nights, body pains all over, and peace of mind is certainly out the window.

In order to find a solution to obtain inner peace, she searched the internet and found Dolores Cannon’s YouTube on “Learn to Let go of Karma”.  In it, Dolores talks about letting go of karma.  In order to rid of karma, we have to let it go.  She describes we do it mentally, because face to face is difficult.  Picture yourself tearing the contract with that person and saying: “We tried, we really tried, it did not work”.  And you see yourself tearing up the contract and throwing it away and say: “I forgive, you, I release you, I let you go.  You go your way, I go mine.  We don’t have to be connected anymore at all”.

Also forgive yourself, since you also had a part in creating karma.  Here is the clip for your ference:

Rafi says she even went through the forgiveness ritual and still she finds no inner peace.  And now she is sitting in front of me, talking about her life with full emotions.

None other than her Higher Self (HS) can recommend the best way for her.  So, I asked questions to her HS.

Soo     What would be the best way for her?

HS       Cut the cords with them.

Soo     Cut the cords?

HS       It is time for her to be free from them.

Soo     Is there any other way to handle that situation?

HS       Cutting the cords is the best solution for her.  Cut it with everyone.

Soo     How can she do that?

HS       She has a book on it on her dining table.

Soo     You mean there is a book on cutting cords?

HS       Yes, in the book, it has all the instructions that she needs.

Soo     Just like that?

HS       Follow the instruction in the book, cut the cord with every member of them.  No need to waste her life on them anymore. 

Her HS is clear on the instruction and Rafi is to follow it.

I looked the internet up on “cutting cords”, and there are various ways of doing it.  Here are two examples out of many.  It is important we do this with love and compassion, not with anger or resentment:

Dear Spirit Guides, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any etheric cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive attention be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.


I now cut all cords that are going to me or from me, that are attached to any person, place, animal, thing, or situations that no longer serves my highest good.

I now cut all cords with unconditional love, compassion, gentleness and ease.

Surround me in a net of light, pull it through my field, and remove all negativity.

Rashes and Hives

Helen came in for a session to be free from having the extreme itches, rashes and hives which she has been suffering for the past two months.  She said she has taken celery juice for two months to cleanse her body for detoxing purpose.  She followed the instruction written in a book of Anthony William’s: “The celery juice”, that recommends taking two cups (16 oz) of celery juice every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

In the beginning, she felt itches starting from lower back, then noticed rashes developed, and even hives spreading upward and around her torso.  She stopped consuming the celery juice; washing the area often with diluted peroxide and soothing lotion, or even Himalayan salt water.  To her dismay, the inflicted area was expanding to the entire back area, neck and both arms.  The itches were extreme to a degree where she lost her sleep many nights, and never mind the hard-to-explain-in-words discomfort came with it during the days as well.  The intensity has been slowly diminishing when it entered to the third month.

All knowing Higher Self (HS) was waiting for my question.  So, I addressed her concern to her HS.

Soo     Why such extreme trouble?

HS       It is just a part of cleansing.  Blood is going around the body to pick up dead or mutated cells to leave through the body.  When circulation is not perfect, they are not leaving the body.  The cleansing work done and some of the cells are leaving through the rashes.

Soo     She is wondering whether the problem is caused of eating one specific type of the food.  For example, too much fruits or potatoes.

HS       It is not coming from consuming too much food of any specific kind.  She can eat things she loves.

Soo     What celery juice is good for?

HS       Celery juice is good for moving the blood in the body.  This juice has lot of electrolytes to allow the motion of blood to the areas most needed, to carry nutrients to heal.  For example, to help some scar to heal.  Some cells are not fully cleaned up yet, this helps circulate nutrients move more efficiently to allow the areas what they need.

HS       She needs to add Himalayan salt to the celery juice to make it more electrolyte filled.

Soo     Why?

HS       Himalayan salt has electrolyte such as magnesium.  Celery salt isn’t salt.

Soo     How much salt to add?

HS       Add the Himalayan salt less than half tea spoon in ¾ cup of celery juice.  Take the juice two times a day for two more weeks. Once in the morning, and once in the evening.  she doesn’t need that after anymore.

Soo     So can she eat all the fruits that she desires to eat?

HS       Say if she wants to eat more apples, set the power of intention.  In the beginning, meditate 20 minutes before eating.  Once your body is proficient working with you, you reduce the meditation time.  First, ask the body to cooperate that she is going to eat more apples.  If the body says “yes”, then the body can deal with it.  The body produces enough enzymes to digest apples. Body listens to us, and we need to listen to it. It is a back and forth communication.  Learn to cooperate with your body. 

HS       Be mindful what you are eating, think of the moment; and be in the moment.  Think of the things you are eating; give gratitude and positivity for the food and drink; then the body releases endorphin that you need.

Soo     Thank you for helping her!

HS       You are very welcome.

Voice Out

Having a QHHT session to satisfy her curiosity was appealing to Tammy, since she knew there has been no one so far can answer any of her questions, nor can open her true feelings to.  When she approached with her questions to church people, they simply told her; “have a faith”.  When she met with friends, she got stuck with fear of telling them what she truly feels.  Time went on and now she wants to find out the bottom of it.  Desperately she wants to be free from feeling empty inside and living in despair.

While she was talking about her own life story, I found her very articulate, highly intuitive, and having deep compassion for fellow humans.

Under the trance, her Higher Self (HS) showed a life of a man wandering places, living alone; standoffish on all things; never revealed his true self to anyone.  Always observing and never mingled with them, a life of deeply lacking emotional feeling aspect of it.

He knew he was different, nobody noticed him any different, but he could see he was not like them.  He was there living, but not part of that world.  People didn’t know he was different.  Part of him was scared of revealing himself, fearful that some bad thing could have happened.  He found, just watching was enjoyable, not to be connecting.

One day in the same town, at the public square, a gathering was announced.  There was going to be a hanging of a man, who he felt he had some connection emotionally who was going to be hung.  He noticed town people were throwing foods to the dead man on the rope, mocking him, having a big celebration with drinks.  A sort of a holiday to these people.  He could not believe what just happened.

Some years later, he had been found out that he was different by town people.  He was trying to hide and ran away.  Being terrified of being chopped off his head by these town chasers, he kept running and ended up on the cliff which was surrounded by the water.  Nowhere he could run to, but jumped into the water.  By now, all important people who knew him really learned about him.

The past life shown to Tammy was extremely lonely, living in fear of getting to be revealed the true self.  Looking back the life she just viewed, it could have been better life by telling the true self to people, then people might have felt not betrayed by him, how hiding really didn’t do anything.  Hiding just made other people mad.  Tell the truth would have been better.  A good lesson learned.

The only physical discomfort she has in this current life is throat clearing which happens more often when she is in a stressful state.

Her HS was ready to answer the question.

HS       This is about finding her voice, clearly expressing her thoughts, and vision to bringing people together.  Pretending to be someone else, trying to please other people, she gets more throat clearing. 

Soo     Could that reason be happening more she experiences at work place?

HS       Staying in uncomfortable space, she needs to allow to share, allow to say.  When said nothing, rather this is the time to say to them, “this is wrong, we can’t operate like this, we can be better”.    Just being honest to them.  This is not her responsibility to fix other people, this is their responsibility to fix themselves.  This is the opportunity to discuss her feeling, share it open, let them choose.

Soo     She has more intense feeling to one of her colleagues, could you share some insights for her?

HS       She sees herself in that person, her own good and poor qualities of herself, thus more feeling has been provoked.  In organization, everyone should pursue the correct way to behave, the society should penalize when the proper action being violated.  The society should not let it go without proper repercussion for everyone’s benefit to evolve.

Soo     Why in the first place, her throat got affected?

HS       When she can’t express her true feeling, we use throat in the first place giving off signal to examine her issue.

Soo     What is the real cause of not expressing her true feeling?

HS       Lack of self-love.

Soo     Could you elaborate more?

HS       You share who you are, you voice out your true feeling.  Honor yourself.  Trust yourself more.  Eat healthy foods.  Being comfortable in your own skin.  Putting yourself first and not feeling guilty.  Give lots of rewards, and encouragements to yourself.

Soo     That’s so beautifully expressed…  Thank you!

The past life she viewed having an issue of telling the true feeling carries over to this current life for Tammy to deal with.  This life, she will succeed with flying colors!


Many women expressed anemic issues they have when we talked about physical discomforts, a part of questions where we can address to their Higher Self (HS).

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When they bleed during menstruating, often they express they feel fatigue, dizziness, lack of motivation, or sometimes even brain fog.

There is a solution for every problem.  I addressed this question to the Higher Self of one client.

Soo     How to fix this issue?

HS      Anemia, how cleverly human named this. But anemia is lack of iron.  Many women gave up their power.  Iron is strong and steady.  Many women have bent to the will of men, in some way or shape of form.  Even those who are advocate and who are strong, who are trying to push against the system are living with unresolved trauma. They must themselves reclaim their power, which is no easy feat, there is no simple answer for this. 

Soo     So it is very metaphoric.  Isn’t it?  You mean they lose Iron in red blood is the power.  Even menstruating, they don’t have to lose their iron in it.

HS      Yes, they are so used to giving up lot of iron in it, they are giving away their power.  Universe is trying to tell humans this in different way.  Women are giving away their power to men.  Basically, women are conditioning and conditioned of male superiority stuff.

Soo     How to claim the power back then?

HS      The world is shifting; however, many women are pushing other women aside to feel powerful to work in male dominated world.  No.

HS      The world must be recreated in your vision.  This is holistic, and equalistic.  No one person is more desirable than over another.  In that way you can hold your power.

HS      Women must look at ways which they give up their power, righteously feel their anger, but don’t just stop there.  You must turn this anger into action, action of how to change your world, your life for the better, where you will feel more whole.

HS      This is divine feminine and divine masculine wanting to live within your body fully. Many women live in divine feminine in harmony with themselves, however they are scared of living in divine masculine.  Because of the way males on this world have twisted and malformed the version of divine masculine.

HS      Very few men live with the divine masculine within them.  Divine masculine is not scared of sharing power, because they know their own worth. 

Soo     Anything to do what to eat?

HS      For now, there are many women must eat things for them to supplement with this power and iron for this power.

HS      What makes them feel powerful. Are they listening men to find these answers?  Or do they listen their bodies.  For you must have strength to allow in divine masculine. You must consume what makes you feel powerful.  Listening your body or listening man.  It cannot come in empty shell.

HS      So many women at the advice of male doctors, they take iron supplements.  if you take these iron supplements, and you feel powerful by taking them, then you did not give your power away.  That will help.

HS      However, if you feel subdued, and underheard and you are taking it because your doctor told you so, then it will hold no power.  To reclaim this iron, to reclaim this power, you must consume things that are powerful. 

Soo     Any food that would make you feel powerful?

HS      For many women, this is meat, but this is now aligned with masculine world right now to destroy another life seen as powerful in the male version of things. Soo   So meat is not the answer.

HS      Eating meat is powerful.  And it is because this gives them power back to some extent, but this is not the end result.  Whatever food make you powerful, eat them.

Some food to take to alleviate anemic issue from clients’ HS are:  red meat, lentil with rice, spinach, or take iron supplement.

Love to Fulfill

She is tall, beautiful and her long brown hair is flowing with the wind, so lovely…  We laugh, and laugh.  I feel like I am in the pool of happiness.   I am 18 and have soldier crew-cut and I am about to leave for the army.  This is our last evening together.  We go for a walk near a ferry, eating street foods.  You know what those deep-fried foods taste like.  They taste really good.  I love how she is so fun and positive.  I want it never ends, and I am feeling so happy.

Now I know it is the time to say goodbye.  I hold her hands and tell her I love her.  She says “I will wait for you”.   It is so nice to hear and I know she is so genuine for saying so.  And yet I cannot make any promise.  Deep down I know I will never come back.  It is such a memorable and fun evening, also sad because we are not going to see again.  This only I know. 

Now I am in 30s, and I make myself an ace military man.  My commander trusts me and I trust him.  My commander calls me alone in his office, and gives me an order: a special task to accomplish with my guys.  I am in charge. 

He knows that I am the guy who gets things done.  Task has to be done, has to be done.  After the meeting, I go to a bar, drink alone, feeling numb, and go to bed.  It is just another day.  I am just like a robot, that is me.  I do not feel.  I do not make myself to feel. 

I am down somewhere.  I find myself alone in darkness.  I have light in my hand, and looking at something.  I am walking around in a big empty container.  This container feels metallic, gigantic in size, I am still inside looking around, looking for a door to get out.  Now I find an opening and out, seeing a vast desert, just sand and nothing around.  Air smells fresh, and it must be near sunset, because the surroundings all seem reddish.

I feel disappointment, don’t know why yet but I have no fear.  But feeling not safe, I hide myself behind a big rock.  This rock is huge, feels warm and I can totally hide. It is good for now.  I sip some water from a bottle taken from my military backpack, but feel no hunger.

When the day break, I see a car coming with soldiers.  I am still behind the rock.  They are not my ally.  They have some very sophisticated weapons, and wear masks.  I notice there is bleeding on my right leg, I am wounded.  I cannot move anymore.  I take a belt out, buckled it around my leg to stop the bleeding.  Now I feel scared.  Now I know, all my guys got killed and the mission failed.

Looking down from the rock, I see so many enemy soldiers there are! I want to cry, and I know I’m going to die.  I feel that I never got to love and wasted my life.  All of sudden I remember the girl I loved.  I see her face, her laugh, her love (at this point, tears streaming down and sniffling).  I should have been with her!  What have I done all these times?  The life of fulfilling missions only, nothing else!  I did not find anyone to love in my life!  What a waste!

I gunned to my head, killed myself.  What’s the point!  I thought about maybe I should not, but eventually they will catch me, interrogate, torture and kill me anyway.  Why go through it when the end looks so evident!

The life that has been viewed shows the client what is the purpose of this life:  to love.

In this current life, the ace military man is an attractive successful woman and the beautiful girl in the past life is a handsome successful businessman.  As in the past life being a highly skilled task master, in this life also, she has been the key person and highly respected in the organization where she works as well.   In one business function, they met and as they say “don’t know why, something pulls” to each other, since then they have never been apart.

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She came for a session why a baby is not coming to them though they have gone through many artificial insemination efforts.  “She will have a baby within two years”, her Higher Self informed her.  Now her worries have been lifted, for she will have a baby who is the fruit of their love.  Finally, the love that should have been enjoyed in the past life is going to be fulfilled in this life.