Cord Cutting

Rafi is sincere in nature, highly intelligent, working in marketing world and her employer treasures her contribution.  Compensation from her work is quite satisfactory and life is okay on all levels, save she has no man to love.

During several hours of listening to her life story, I see there are whole lot more issues she carries with. 

From a culture where supporting family is highly regarded as a filial duty, she has been helping her parents, siblings and even relatives all through her adult life.  She is so frugal to a point of literally counting pennies to save, but every month, she manages to send money to them.  Since her immigration to Canada, she has no family to call for help, yet bravely alone she handles her financial affairs.

Her family back home demanded her sending money even in the times of her difficulties in-spite of them fully aware of her situation.  Her family thinks her living in Canada means there should be plenty of money to spare.  Of course, now she earns good income, they even demand more sum.

Now this has been going on for good 20 years until she now reaches to a point where she totally wants to scrap the family. And yet, duty bound, her mind is not at ease.

To make her blood boiling even higher, she learns through the vines that how they waste and dwindle the precious money she sends to them.  Rafi describes that is like pouring water into a bottomless jar.    Now her heart aches in maddening anger and resentment toward them, many sleepless nights, body pains all over, and peace of mind is certainly out the window.

In order to find a solution to obtain inner peace, she searched the internet and found Dolores Cannon’s YouTube on “Learn to Let go of Karma”.  In it, Dolores talks about letting go of karma.  In order to rid of karma, we have to let it go.  She describes we do it mentally, because face to face is difficult.  Picture yourself tearing the contract with that person and saying: “We tried, we really tried, it did not work”.  And you see yourself tearing up the contract and throwing it away and say: “I forgive, you, I release you, I let you go.  You go your way, I go mine.  We don’t have to be connected anymore at all”.

Also forgive yourself, since you also had a part in creating karma.  Here is the clip for your ference:

Rafi says she even went through the forgiveness ritual and still she finds no inner peace.  And now she is sitting in front of me, talking about her life with full emotions.

None other than her Higher Self (HS) can recommend the best way for her.  So, I asked questions to her HS.

Soo     What would be the best way for her?

HS       Cut the cords with them.

Soo     Cut the cords?

HS       It is time for her to be free from them.

Soo     Is there any other way to handle that situation?

HS       Cutting the cords is the best solution for her.  Cut it with everyone.

Soo     How can she do that?

HS       She has a book on it on her dining table.

Soo     You mean there is a book on cutting cords?

HS       Yes, in the book, it has all the instructions that she needs.

Soo     Just like that?

HS       Follow the instruction in the book, cut the cord with every member of them.  No need to waste her life on them anymore. 

Her HS is clear on the instruction and Rafi is to follow it.

I looked the internet up on “cutting cords”, and there are various ways of doing it.  Here are two examples out of many.  It is important we do this with love and compassion, not with anger or resentment:

Dear Spirit Guides, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any etheric cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive attention be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.


I now cut all cords that are going to me or from me, that are attached to any person, place, animal, thing, or situations that no longer serves my highest good.

I now cut all cords with unconditional love, compassion, gentleness and ease.

Surround me in a net of light, pull it through my field, and remove all negativity.

Rashes and Hives

Helen came in for a session to be free from having the extreme itches, rashes and hives which she has been suffering for the past two months.  She said she has taken celery juice for two months to cleanse her body for detoxing purpose.  She followed the instruction written in a book of Anthony William’s: “The celery juice”, that recommends taking two cups (16 oz) of celery juice every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

In the beginning, she felt itches starting from lower back, then noticed rashes developed, and even hives spreading upward and around her torso.  She stopped consuming the celery juice; washing the area often with diluted peroxide and soothing lotion, or even Himalayan salt water.  To her dismay, the inflicted area was expanding to the entire back area, neck and both arms.  The itches were extreme to a degree where she lost her sleep many nights, and never mind the hard-to-explain-in-words discomfort came with it during the days as well.  The intensity has been slowly diminishing when it entered to the third month.

All knowing Higher Self (HS) was waiting for my question.  So, I addressed her concern to her HS.

Soo     Why such extreme trouble?

HS       It is just a part of cleansing.  Blood is going around the body to pick up dead or mutated cells to leave through the body.  When circulation is not perfect, they are not leaving the body.  The cleansing work done and some of the cells are leaving through the rashes.

Soo     She is wondering whether the problem is caused of eating one specific type of the food.  For example, too much fruits or potatoes.

HS       It is not coming from consuming too much food of any specific kind.  She can eat things she loves.

Soo     What celery juice is good for?

HS       Celery juice is good for moving the blood in the body.  This juice has lot of electrolytes to allow the motion of blood to the areas most needed, to carry nutrients to heal.  For example, to help some scar to heal.  Some cells are not fully cleaned up yet, this helps circulate nutrients move more efficiently to allow the areas what they need.

HS       She needs to add Himalayan salt to the celery juice to make it more electrolyte filled.

Soo     Why?

HS       Himalayan salt has electrolyte such as magnesium.  Celery salt isn’t salt.

Soo     How much salt to add?

HS       Add the Himalayan salt less than half tea spoon in ¾ cup of celery juice.  Take the juice two times a day for two more weeks. Once in the morning, and once in the evening.  she doesn’t need that after anymore.

Soo     So can she eat all the fruits that she desires to eat?

HS       Say if she wants to eat more apples, set the power of intention.  In the beginning, meditate 20 minutes before eating.  Once your body is proficient working with you, you reduce the meditation time.  First, ask the body to cooperate that she is going to eat more apples.  If the body says “yes”, then the body can deal with it.  The body produces enough enzymes to digest apples. Body listens to us, and we need to listen to it. It is a back and forth communication.  Learn to cooperate with your body. 

HS       Be mindful what you are eating, think of the moment; and be in the moment.  Think of the things you are eating; give gratitude and positivity for the food and drink; then the body releases endorphin that you need.

Soo     Thank you for helping her!

HS       You are very welcome.

Voice Out

Having a QHHT session to satisfy her curiosity was appealing to Tammy, since she knew there has been no one so far can answer any of her questions, nor can open her true feelings to.  When she approached with her questions to church people, they simply told her; “have a faith”.  When she met with friends, she got stuck with fear of telling them what she truly feels.  Time went on and now she wants to find out the bottom of it.  Desperately she wants to be free from feeling empty inside and living in despair.

While she was talking about her own life story, I found her very articulate, highly intuitive, and having deep compassion for fellow humans.

Under the trance, her Higher Self (HS) showed a life of a man wandering places, living alone; standoffish on all things; never revealed his true self to anyone.  Always observing and never mingled with them, a life of deeply lacking emotional feeling aspect of it.

He knew he was different, nobody noticed him any different, but he could see he was not like them.  He was there living, but not part of that world.  People didn’t know he was different.  Part of him was scared of revealing himself, fearful that some bad thing could have happened.  He found, just watching was enjoyable, not to be connecting.

One day in the same town, at the public square, a gathering was announced.  There was going to be a hanging of a man, who he felt he had some connection emotionally who was going to be hung.  He noticed town people were throwing foods to the dead man on the rope, mocking him, having a big celebration with drinks.  A sort of a holiday to these people.  He could not believe what just happened.

Some years later, he had been found out that he was different by town people.  He was trying to hide and ran away.  Being terrified of being chopped off his head by these town chasers, he kept running and ended up on the cliff which was surrounded by the water.  Nowhere he could run to, but jumped into the water.  By now, all important people who knew him really learned about him.

The past life shown to Tammy was extremely lonely, living in fear of getting to be revealed the true self.  Looking back the life she just viewed, it could have been better life by telling the true self to people, then people might have felt not betrayed by him, how hiding really didn’t do anything.  Hiding just made other people mad.  Tell the truth would have been better.  A good lesson learned.

The only physical discomfort she has in this current life is throat clearing which happens more often when she is in a stressful state.

Her HS was ready to answer the question.

HS       This is about finding her voice, clearly expressing her thoughts, and vision to bringing people together.  Pretending to be someone else, trying to please other people, she gets more throat clearing. 

Soo     Could that reason be happening more she experiences at work place?

HS       Staying in uncomfortable space, she needs to allow to share, allow to say.  When said nothing, rather this is the time to say to them, “this is wrong, we can’t operate like this, we can be better”.    Just being honest to them.  This is not her responsibility to fix other people, this is their responsibility to fix themselves.  This is the opportunity to discuss her feeling, share it open, let them choose.

Soo     She has more intense feeling to one of her colleagues, could you share some insights for her?

HS       She sees herself in that person, her own good and poor qualities of herself, thus more feeling has been provoked.  In organization, everyone should pursue the correct way to behave, the society should penalize when the proper action being violated.  The society should not let it go without proper repercussion for everyone’s benefit to evolve.

Soo     Why in the first place, her throat got affected?

HS       When she can’t express her true feeling, we use throat in the first place giving off signal to examine her issue.

Soo     What is the real cause of not expressing her true feeling?

HS       Lack of self-love.

Soo     Could you elaborate more?

HS       You share who you are, you voice out your true feeling.  Honor yourself.  Trust yourself more.  Eat healthy foods.  Being comfortable in your own skin.  Putting yourself first and not feeling guilty.  Give lots of rewards, and encouragements to yourself.

Soo     That’s so beautifully expressed…  Thank you!

The past life she viewed having an issue of telling the true feeling carries over to this current life for Tammy to deal with.  This life, she will succeed with flying colors!


Many women expressed anemic issues they have when we talked about physical discomforts, a part of questions where we can address to their Higher Self (HS).

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When they bleed during menstruating, often they express they feel fatigue, dizziness, lack of motivation, or sometimes even brain fog.

There is a solution for every problem.  I addressed this question to the Higher Self of one client.

Soo     How to fix this issue?

HS      Anemia, how cleverly human named this. But anemia is lack of iron.  Many women gave up their power.  Iron is strong and steady.  Many women have bent to the will of men, in some way or shape of form.  Even those who are advocate and who are strong, who are trying to push against the system are living with unresolved trauma. They must themselves reclaim their power, which is no easy feat, there is no simple answer for this. 

Soo     So it is very metaphoric.  Isn’t it?  You mean they lose Iron in red blood is the power.  Even menstruating, they don’t have to lose their iron in it.

HS      Yes, they are so used to giving up lot of iron in it, they are giving away their power.  Universe is trying to tell humans this in different way.  Women are giving away their power to men.  Basically, women are conditioning and conditioned of male superiority stuff.

Soo     How to claim the power back then?

HS      The world is shifting; however, many women are pushing other women aside to feel powerful to work in male dominated world.  No.

HS      The world must be recreated in your vision.  This is holistic, and equalistic.  No one person is more desirable than over another.  In that way you can hold your power.

HS      Women must look at ways which they give up their power, righteously feel their anger, but don’t just stop there.  You must turn this anger into action, action of how to change your world, your life for the better, where you will feel more whole.

HS      This is divine feminine and divine masculine wanting to live within your body fully. Many women live in divine feminine in harmony with themselves, however they are scared of living in divine masculine.  Because of the way males on this world have twisted and malformed the version of divine masculine.

HS      Very few men live with the divine masculine within them.  Divine masculine is not scared of sharing power, because they know their own worth. 

Soo     Anything to do what to eat?

HS      For now, there are many women must eat things for them to supplement with this power and iron for this power.

HS      What makes them feel powerful. Are they listening men to find these answers?  Or do they listen their bodies.  For you must have strength to allow in divine masculine. You must consume what makes you feel powerful.  Listening your body or listening man.  It cannot come in empty shell.

HS      So many women at the advice of male doctors, they take iron supplements.  if you take these iron supplements, and you feel powerful by taking them, then you did not give your power away.  That will help.

HS      However, if you feel subdued, and underheard and you are taking it because your doctor told you so, then it will hold no power.  To reclaim this iron, to reclaim this power, you must consume things that are powerful. 

Soo     Any food that would make you feel powerful?

HS      For many women, this is meat, but this is now aligned with masculine world right now to destroy another life seen as powerful in the male version of things. Soo   So meat is not the answer.

HS      Eating meat is powerful.  And it is because this gives them power back to some extent, but this is not the end result.  Whatever food make you powerful, eat them.

Some food to take to alleviate anemic issue from clients’ HS are:  red meat, lentil with rice, spinach, or take iron supplement.

Love to Fulfill

She is tall, beautiful and her long brown hair is flowing with the wind, so lovely…  We laugh, and laugh.  I feel like I am in the pool of happiness.   I am 18 and have soldier crew-cut and I am about to leave for the army.  This is our last evening together.  We go for a walk near a ferry, eating street foods.  You know what those deep-fried foods taste like.  They taste really good.  I love how she is so fun and positive.  I want it never ends, and I am feeling so happy.

Now I know it is the time to say goodbye.  I hold her hands and tell her I love her.  She says “I will wait for you”.   It is so nice to hear and I know she is so genuine for saying so.  And yet I cannot make any promise.  Deep down I know I will never come back.  It is such a memorable and fun evening, also sad because we are not going to see again.  This only I know. 

Now I am in 30s, and I make myself an ace military man.  My commander trusts me and I trust him.  My commander calls me alone in his office, and gives me an order: a special task to accomplish with my guys.  I am in charge. 

He knows that I am the guy who gets things done.  Task has to be done, has to be done.  After the meeting, I go to a bar, drink alone, feeling numb, and go to bed.  It is just another day.  I am just like a robot, that is me.  I do not feel.  I do not make myself to feel. 

I am down somewhere.  I find myself alone in darkness.  I have light in my hand, and looking at something.  I am walking around in a big empty container.  This container feels metallic, gigantic in size, I am still inside looking around, looking for a door to get out.  Now I find an opening and out, seeing a vast desert, just sand and nothing around.  Air smells fresh, and it must be near sunset, because the surroundings all seem reddish.

I feel disappointment, don’t know why yet but I have no fear.  But feeling not safe, I hide myself behind a big rock.  This rock is huge, feels warm and I can totally hide. It is good for now.  I sip some water from a bottle taken from my military backpack, but feel no hunger.

When the day break, I see a car coming with soldiers.  I am still behind the rock.  They are not my ally.  They have some very sophisticated weapons, and wear masks.  I notice there is bleeding on my right leg, I am wounded.  I cannot move anymore.  I take a belt out, buckled it around my leg to stop the bleeding.  Now I feel scared.  Now I know, all my guys got killed and the mission failed.

Looking down from the rock, I see so many enemy soldiers there are! I want to cry, and I know I’m going to die.  I feel that I never got to love and wasted my life.  All of sudden I remember the girl I loved.  I see her face, her laugh, her love (at this point, tears streaming down and sniffling).  I should have been with her!  What have I done all these times?  The life of fulfilling missions only, nothing else!  I did not find anyone to love in my life!  What a waste!

I gunned to my head, killed myself.  What’s the point!  I thought about maybe I should not, but eventually they will catch me, interrogate, torture and kill me anyway.  Why go through it when the end looks so evident!

The life that has been viewed shows the client what is the purpose of this life:  to love.

In this current life, the ace military man is an attractive successful woman and the beautiful girl in the past life is a handsome successful businessman.  As in the past life being a highly skilled task master, in this life also, she has been the key person and highly respected in the organization where she works as well.   In one business function, they met and as they say “don’t know why, something pulls” to each other, since then they have never been apart.

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She came for a session why a baby is not coming to them though they have gone through many artificial insemination efforts.  “She will have a baby within two years”, her Higher Self informed her.  Now her worries have been lifted, for she will have a baby who is the fruit of their love.  Finally, the love that should have been enjoyed in the past life is going to be fulfilled in this life.

Three Hours in the Birth Canal

This session makes me wonder whether it is good to remember past lives or better to forget and have a clean slate to try again.

Mom had gone through 33 hours of labor.  The last three hours, the baby stayed in the birth canal, simply refused to come out.  So finally, doctors had to use epidural and forceps to take him out.

Mom told me the son has been riddled with all sorts of inflammation and issues such as OCD, ADHD, Lyme disease, unwarranted fear and many more.  Now being a 9-year old, he thinks he knows all and does not need to go to school.  Voluntarily he decided to quit the school.  He has extreme fear of going out, or anyone visiting them.  Mostly he stays in his room to be away from people.

I asked his Higher Self (HS) let us know why he behaves this way and how to correct it.  They said in the past life he was a powerful emperor but a tyrant.  He did not treat people nicely. He used the power against people, hurt many. He was drunken high with his power.

He came to this life to help many to correct his past wrong doings. He asked for this experience how to feel to be weakened with so many discomforts, because in that tyrant king life, he had too much power. 

He will be helping thousands and thousands of people by first learning overcoming himself by going through the experiencing of healing, and he will be helping people who have similar suffering.

His resistance to come out of the birth canal was that he recognized all these souls of doctors and nurses whom he killed in previous life, and was afraid of being killed by them when he was out.   

His behavior of running to his room and hiding was also coming from fear of being killed by these visitors coming to his place, also because he recognized these people he killed and mistreated them in that life of the tyrant king.

Another of his controlling behavior for the certain way he likes doing things, also due to the fear of being killed, this loop of fear-based thinking also removed by his HS.

It was an eye opening for Mom to recognize this past life information of her son, now totally understanding of his behavior. 

Her relationship with this boy was very loving one.  In one life time, he was her dear husband who they deeply loved through their entire life.  When her husband passed away by accident, she lost all desire to continue, so in that life she died in sorrow and depression.  Now in this current life, they came back as Mom and son.

His memory of the past life of hurting people in that life was deleted, for His Higher Self (HS) decided it served the purpose, and no longer requires to keep it in his memory.  Of course, his physical issues were also healed, and repaired along with trauma being stuck in the birth canal for three hours as well.

Mom is to watch him wanting to go out more is a good sign of recovery and entire healing will take about one year to complete.

Mental Issues

Mental issues commonly come in the name of depression, bipolar, anxiety, fear, suicidal, PTSD, eating disorder, schizophrenia, intense resentment and more.  I have had clients with these issues and had opportunity helping them on all of the above except schizophrenia.  For, my teacher Dolores Cannon taught us not to work with people who have schizophrenia, because of the inability to distinguish between “fantasy” and “reality”. 

Presently in society, usual methods of dealing with them are by prescription drugs and counselling, and most often they really don’t seem to be much of help.  Thus, I was pursuing more understanding and solution on the issues so I addressed questions to one of the client’s HS.

HS      Modern medicine, the way that the mind is viewed is very different.  Mind did always these things.  Different cultures handle mental issues differently from western world, as some cultures see them as blessing and see that there are hidden treasures.  But some of them have spurn out of the control because the western world in the ways of dealing with them.

HS      For example, schizophrenia.  This is well known in your world, and this is well known in spiritual world as well.  This is the person who sees many realities at once.  Do you not see many realities at once?  If you are spiritual, you feel many realities at once.  However, you have provided yourself for the training in a way to hold this capacity.  For many who live in these realities, where this training was not possible, so the spirals continue down and down to take over their life until they finally witness the world in which they were meant to.

HS      These mental health issues, you have found the ways to hold them better.  Some will need drug intervention, none of these things can be cured that if they are far gone.  They are not meant to be cured; they are meant to be lived with.  However, that can be debilitating if they are not harnessed and seen for the truth of what they are.

Soo     But, the world is having trouble to understand these people.

HS      Yes, because they are seeing them as a problem, instead opening the world up to allow them to be who they are and where they are.

Soo     How can we help them?

HS      Witnessing the people’s truth for what they are.  If you meet these people and you feel fear, are you really meeting them?  Or are you able to witness them in love as you should with all people.

Soo     It is very difficult to deal with them.

HS      Yes, your society has trained that to be so.  It is trained that the difference is seen as bad thing.

Soo     How do we better care for them?

HS      The simple answer is be with them.  Being with means you are not trying to fix them. Being with means holding space for them to be who they are.  They have not had much of this in their life.  They are meeting the next person who is trying to fix them again and again.  Even they themselves are trying to become normal.  They are trying to fix themselves.

Soo     Yeah, because we don’t know much.

HS      And in this reality of the world, there must be some fixing to some degree which why you see them taking medication.  It is not a bad thing.  To live in this world as it is now, that is possible.  Maybe in the future of this world, they will not need that.  Because many people will not be fearful of them.

Soo     So when you say hold a space, what do you really mean for us to do?

HS      Be curious about their experience, and validate their experience.

Soo     But, when we don’t know much of this kind of thing, how can we validate their experience?  Because what they say, things sound weird.

HS      Yes.  You may ask them what do they believe them to be true.  For them living in this world, they feel anxiety.  In this anxiety is up here because they are torn between what they believe is true and what is reality.  But they cannot fix themselves from this anxious place.  They must feel grounded.

Soo     How to be grounded?

HS      You must be grounded first.  Then you may ask, witness them what they experience.  They don’t want to feel crazy, and they do not want to feel judged as crazy.  They know this well for themselves.  They need us to hold ground for them, and say whatever their feeling at this moment is OK, that we are there with them for what they are going through.

Soo     It takes tremendous maturity to hold them in that space, and validate them.

HS      Yes, also they may not have enough time.  You may not fix all of their problem.  They have life time of hurt to heal.  You may not heal it in a moment. But by giving them love and hope in one moment, they may give them love and hope for themselves to go to the next.  You may only do so much now.

Soo     Nowadays, so many mental issues and viruses are present, I wonder if Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) has any relationship with mental issue?

HS      No, many people who have mental issues have the virus, but they are not partners exclusively together hand in hand.  Some adversely got affected by it. Some are born to have mental issues.  Some are born to be spiritual healers.  However, for example, some person grew up in a family that is very catholic who does not want them to be the spiritual healers, when you are turned away from the truth from the very young age and you know that truth at very young age, you will feel crazy.  Because your reality has been ripped away again and again by people who should love you.

Soo     Most of us are gone through many dysfunctions in every culture.  Because that, damage has been done already early on, so this child goes through life of anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, resentment and helplessness and so on.

HS      Yes.  Much of this hurt is passed on as culture, and became history.  We must rise above the culture that hurts us and our loved ones.  Culture is important.  Culture gives spiritual practices.  Culture gives us grounding, and gives us history from where we come from.  It is a beautiful thing.  Art and beauty spring forth from it.  However, you see in many families, they say we yell each other to show their love.  This is culture being passed on.  But it is hate, and hurtful, and it needs to be stopped.  Even some cultures love their family only so close, loving anyone outsider is seen as bad.  This is also bad.

Soo     Is mental issue more now than before, or is it because due to social media we get to hear more, or we have better understanding of it now?

HS      Yes, there are many factors in it.  Mental health issues can be seen as spiritual teachers coming here and failing.  There are more of you on this planet as well.  The more of you, the more spiritual teachers need to be.  The Universe will keep on sending more spiritual teachers until some of you take a hold and live in your truth. Sometimes it does not work out in one life time, which is why we are seeing so many more mental health issues.

HS      World is in the form of decay, there are many more waking up, but there are just as many and even more so that are remaining in sleeping.  However, there is a group in between these two.  These people who wanted to come to this world to wake up.  However, for life circumstances or for the world, they have been forced not waking up, so we live in this reality where they cannot be true.  Which is why we are seeing this more and more.

Soo     So in fact it is more and more.

HS      It is more and more because there are more of you, and there is more need of spiritual teachers and leaders.

Too Greedy

“Too lonely” she wrote to me.  She wanted to know why she’s been feeling so alone in this world.  With that one simple question, she booked a session. 

A tall, beautiful woman walked into my place on high heels.  It was noticeable her being on high heels, because it was right in the middle of cold winter. Usually people wear winter boots with heel or not. A strong sense of exquisite femininity permeated from her entire being.  She gave me a big hug; a loving gentle feeling was there in her hug. 

While Monique was talking about her experience with her family, friends and relationship with guys, the main theme throughout has been a lack of love.  She gave much love to others, yet nothing she received.  Very early on she knew she was a female though born as a male.  Her family sensed the difference in her, her religion regarded that as a sin which made her feel shameful so she profusely prayed to God to forgive her sin and heal her.

In the trance, her Higher Self (HS) showed no past life of human, but only some experience as energy being.  We found out later through her HS that she had no human life therefore there was no human life to review; and this current life is the first time on the Earth, probably will be the last one for her.

She was an energy being on Sirius A worked as an energy healer and still she goes there every night as her true self.  She volunteered this life to help and to have human experience.  One of the extremes was to go through operation of removing the male organ out of her body, and create the female organ.  Because that, there was much trauma she experienced.  Obviously, our human technology is not here yet really making that transition as smooth as would like it to be.

Soo       She was too greedy.

HS         (Big smile).  Yes, this life she wanted to learn human life as hard as possible, two lives together, man and woman.  She will be very busy, learn lot of things in this life.  It will help her consciousness to evolve quickly to come back to Me, the Source. 

Usually people take one gender, go through life but in her case, in one life she wants to experience what is like being as a male and female.  In spirit side, all things appear so easy; it looks only a blink of an eye for a huge lesson we can learn; naturally easy to add assignments piling up on the plate.  All in one-shot kind of plan.  Sometimes we get too ambitious, it is so easy to get carried away.

Soo       She feels so much anger, frustration, depression, lack of confidence and fear.  Could you tell her why?

HS         It is all because she doesn’t know what the human conditions are, no knowledge to cope with them.  Nothing wrong with her.  Simply that; lack of human experience.  We ask her do lot of detox.  Be it water fast, fruit fast, do more cleansing.  Right now, she has too much toxins in her body.  Eat more uncooked vegetables and fruits; avoid meat; chicken is fine if she wants. 

Soo       She wants to do astral projection, could you show her how to?

HS         Pineal gland relates to astral projections.  There are toxins in and around her pineal gland, she does astral projection but she cannot retain memory.  Once it is all cleaned from toxins, she will be able to retain memory of astral projections.  So detoxing is priority for her.

Soo       You talk about her being energy healer at the Sirius, so what could you suggest for her to do here?

HS         She is wise, good person, and has lot of knowledge.  She is a healer.  She will heal human, anyone.  Soon her superpower will be activated.  Do healing as she desires.

Soo       So when do you see her power being activated?

HS         Soon, as soon as toxins in her body be removed, she will feel the energy.  She is like modem, connecting her with Us and bring the energy to the Earth. 

Soo       Wow!  That is so cool!

A Reluctant Higher Self

Chang is in his 50s and has a successful career and happy marriage.  Life is generally fine he feels, but some of his body parts are not fine with him.  Responsible position at work and long hours of dedication certainly contributed him with stress, no doubt.  No matter how insignificant of any job it may seem, stress is prevalent in today’s world.  Such fast-paced change of technology and life style, everyone is in a rush to go ahead, or just to keep up with it give ample adrenaline rush.

His main physical discomforts are prostate enlargement and gall bladder inflammation.  His prostate has become enlarged, which makes his walking quite uncomfortable and awkward.  Also gall bladder issue has become such; his medical doctor told him that it has to be removed, otherwise his liver will get affected as well.  His desire is to obtain healing, of course not losing his organ at all if possible.  He hopes contacting his Higher Self (HS) and asks for healing would be greatly appreciated: his main reason came to see me.

This session shows how all Higher Selves are different in their healing approaches and their views in human bodies.  Usually we expect them rush to help us, and get rid of any difficulties that we have, not so as you will find soon.

Finding the “why” is the most important first step to achieve any healing.  Once we understand the “why”, then we can find the “how” and “what” to solve the issues.  So, I asked his HS the “why”, which is the origin of this prostate enlargement.

HS      He works too much and too fast.

Soo     I know he has been working a lot, but what are you trying to tell him?

HS      We‘ve been trying to tell him to slow down.

Soo     Slow down? How?

HS      He plans to do too many projects to build, modify, improve in such fast pace, his body is having difficulty to keep up with.  He has to learn to rest and slow down.  Life is not all about doing so many projects.

Soo     You wanted to give him message to slow down in that way?

HS      Yes, because his walking is uncomfortable, he will have to slow down in his walk that eventually will make him slow things.

Soo     Good plan!  Now that he received your message and understood, could you repair his prostate to normal size?

HS      He can live with it as it is.

Soo     What do you mean?  You mean, is it OK for him to suffer like that?

HS      We can reduce a little.

Soo     When you reduce a little, why not reduce it all the way to the normal size now?

HS      We are working on it.

While the HS was working on it, I asked if it was OK to explain to him how the HS was healing, and the HS explained.

HS      We are normalizing the hormone, now it is shrinking to the normal size.

Soo     Are they now all to the normal size and functioning correctly?

HS      Yes.

Soo     Thank you so much for helping him, he will really appreciate your help.

Once his prostate has been healed, I asked the gall bladder inflammation to the HS.

Soo     What were you trying to tell him with the inflammation?

HS      Eat slow and don’t eat when he is in stress.

Soo    I remember him telling me that he ate fast and left the table in a hurry at many stressful situations.

HS      In stress, he just gulped down the food and got angry for the situation.  Gall bladder got all angry at him doing that and it is showing him by inflammation.

Soo     Then, could you relieve the inflammation for him?

HS      It is too far gone.  It has to be removed, no other way.

Soo     I beg your pardon?!  He has to lose the organ?

HS      Yes.

Soo     You are his Higher Self.  You can eliminate the inflammation and make the organ normal.

HS      It is too late, we cannot do it.

Soo     There is no such thing like you can’t do it!  Higher Self can do anything.  Nothing is impossible!

HS      We are working on it.

So, they eliminated all inflammation, and his gall bladder also got saved and that will result no more stomach cramping since bile from gall bladder flow normalize helping digesting fat.

I asked the HS how they healed it.  They explained; they healed it with bright white light to eliminate the inflammation.

When I informed the client that his gall bladder was saved, he was elated! 

Wing Scouts

Dwayne found himself walking on a dirty gravel road wearing baggy brown pants with green shirt.  When looking down he wore brown boots with growing wings which enabled him flying out anywhere on his command.  In his black backpack, he had a few birds that he protected them from.  Of course, sea captain hat on his head was necessary part of his outfit as well.  When he touched his face, noticeably he wore some facial hair and felt somewhat old, maybe he was a wise old man.

He was just coming back from one mission in the tropical land to teach people how to make furniture, use tools, to cultivate crops.  He has been traveling all over the world and galaxies.  Boot wings when not in traveling, they fold back into boots like a magic.  It takes him anywhere he needs to travel.  He got it from his mentor, another wise man, when he passed away, he gave it to Dwayne.  What an honor!

His main assignments are to learn from many wise beings, to connect with other wise beings, to collect information on about the Universe and to teach people with the information of the truth.  Because there are beings try to control other beings, he needs to go in and protect them, let them know they are not powerless, teach them how to embrace their own power so that they are in control of their lives. 

I asked Dwayne to give me some examples of his work.

D           For example, there is a family of woman, man and their daughter working very hard for a leader of the village, in fact whole town people are working for the leader.  This leader makes the town people believe to work so hard and otherwise they would perish.  So, I teach town people they can also become abundant.  I tell everyone in the village, they can be abundant as well.  They don’t have to be the way they are.  The way to become abundant, simply ask the light when they plant the seed, look to the sky, ask for blessing of light to grow their food abundantly.  So that children and parents have plenty of time to play, and laugh.  I go around all different places, where I see people get cheated their income, and things, or over taxed for protecting something they need not protect.  I see there are lots of dishonesty everywhere.

S            You have been doing that all these times?

D           Yes, I have done this so long, I feel it is time to pass my wing boots to somebody else. I am looking for a strong young man in late 20s to early 30s, who has pure heart.  I keep an eye open to that person. 

S            Have you had any luck in finding one?

D           Yes, I found one young man in my vision, and went to meet him in person.  He is tall, has wavy brown hair, and wearing Greek clothing.  We recognized instantly.  He is curious, runs to me and I know he is wise.  I tell him lots of truth, and he is very excited to be mentored by me.  I teach him how to spot the dishonest ones who take advantage of people.  He is very excited to move forward.  He is sad because he lost family and alone.  But I let him know that this actually works for his favor for a reason where there is no attachment to one family and one place.  Since he likes nomadic life, that’s even better quality to be suitable for this type of work.  I gave him my boots to try.  In the beginning it was not going very well.  He needed to trust his mind, since boots being operated by his mind.  He understood and eventually he got a hang of it.

S            So what do you teach him?

D           I teach how to spot the patterns.  When we go in the village, spot the patterns, see auras in abused people.  what to ask of being taken advantage of.  People will explain what the truth is, we find it otherwise.  Look for muddy lime green auras, they are the ones of being taken advantage of.  Taupe, the muddy gray color is the bully, the ones taking advantage.  We have to be careful not get caught by these taupe ones in order for our mission to accomplish.

D           Bad guys don’t go willingly, actually they need to be vanished, vanish with loving compassion with firmness.  With love, not with resentment, nor retaliation.  Once we inform the taupe ones to the bounty hunters, they come bound these taupe ones in light. We are not the one to do the physical with taupe ones.  Bounty hunters come in blinding light on vehicles much like motor cycles and they bound the bad guys with light which is almost like poison to immobilize them.  Bounty hunters bring the taupe ones to rehab centre to incarcerate and to get them rehabilitated in villages where old wise cultures that will inform in light and train them in ways of powers of Universe, using loving energy.

D           Eventually, all get rehab, and they all become 100% successfully rehabbed and they get sent to different villages.  They have different jobs, some have manual labor, they mentor young men how to do manual labor, plant the seed the power of doing good things.  They are just mentoring how to grow crops, work with metals with the power of the Universe. That makes everything powerful.  It does not matter what you do, you do that with the power of light.  Even taupe ones were also mentored by their family, they were learning from their elders, they were innocent. 

D           The light multiplies, gets bigger, food tastes better, crop grows bigger, this wave is beautiful.  This wave of energy that goes with the light, they cannot see, but they feel.  It makes them laugh and happy, almost childlike euphoria.  It becomes just fun, not work.  Wave of light, where everything is perfect.

S            Beautiful!  Now what else is happening?

D           My student, George comes with me while I am wearing the boots.  We just appear at a new village.  Testing him.  He has been great, keen learner, slow with the wing boots though.  Interviewing people, assessing auras, go to midwestern town, walking along, the student says what he sees. People who are not being taken advantage of, they have vivid, intense, strong aura of red, blue, yellow, oranges, forest green.  Easy to pick lime greens.  He is checking everyone’s aura.  We do not necessary to talk with vibrant auras, but sometimes talk to them to get some information.  George sees somebody with lime greens, he interviews this guy, really far gone, his farther, and many generations before him got taken advantage in business.  We tell him the truth, and they tell us what’s going on, where those taupe ones come from.  His family been milking the other one.  One family against another.  I have to review the rules with my student.  I let him know that our job is to identify them and call the bounty hunters. 

D           Three or four bounty hunters come for one taupe person, if more than one, more bounty hunters come.  We cannot see them.  They have bony face, almost like Martian in blinding white light.  We can hear the revving sound of motor cycles and they come very quickly, swooping down, take them in bondage and take them to rehab centre to be taught by evolved elders.  Our job is to find taupe ones, either retrain the whole village, or the lime green ones. Keeping stability in the Universe, it is a full-time job.

D           These evolved beings are in the very specific place all over this planets, or other planets.  They come together group of evolved beings of light.  It is in their best interest to evolve them, so that they invigorate others.  Victims don’t have the power.  This reinvigoration brings their vibrant aura, and sometimes they stand for change to recreating the pattern of victimhood. 

D           They used to be bitten down, learned helplessness, used to be taken advantages of, put down, crops being stolen by, and theirs were very little left.  As part of reinvigoration, they need to retaught or taught, stand in their own power and in the light.  They reach to the stage to forget what is like being a victim, and completely release from that.

D           It has been an honor, real honor.  Will carry on, this work is too important. I gathered so much truth and information.  I will have to mentor my student more so that he gets his own boots.

S            Please tell me what happened when George got his boots.

D           Finally George got his boots!  He got introduced to elders in the rehab place.  They initiated him, so that he gets his own boots.  They get it from elders who are one of rehab centre where it brings wisdom and light.  Elders know most of the secrets of the Universe.  Feeling proud, George is beaming ear to ear.  Now I am relieved knowing one more being is doing the scouting out the bad ones, and the victims.  So many planets, Universes, there needs to be more scouts.

S            So what was it like your last day of that life as wing scout?

D           Job well done, time to leave and I am surrounded by the all the other wing scouts whom I mentored, and others are saluting me. It truly is an honor.  Nobody is crying, they are displaying honor to work with me, being mentored by me.  I see somebody is running to the front wanting my boots, beaming and excited.  He is a real keener.  He will do well.

This was Dwayne’s past life he had some 3000 years ago.  Now fully knowing what kind of power and understanding he has through reexperiencing the wing scout life, he will no more be under anxiety, depression and doubt that he has been.  He understands clearly what is his life purpose.  Dwayne is charged with enthusiasm and confidence moving forward in this current life.