Soul Branches

The Higher Self (HS) of one client said the client and I came from the same soul branch.  I was very intrigued, so asked questions.

Soo     What do you mean from the same branch?

HS      You two came from the one of the four branches.

Soo     How many branches are there?  Do they have 4, or 5, or any number of it?

HS      There is the one singular trunk, one soul of the Universe.  That soul of the Universe is the Universe.  Knowing yourself, there is aloneness that comes up.  You ask “am I alone”, out of that question, there comes more questions.  So, each of these four branches, new question that singular soul asked out, thus creating many realities that we have across the Universe.  We are all from one big Source, out of that Source, four main branches of the Source, each asked different question at the beginning of the time.

Soo     What are they?

HS      Who am I, am I me, who are you, and who are we?

Soo     So, every soul belongs to one of these branches?

HS      Yes.

Soo     So you are saying the client and I came from the same branch?

HS      Yes.

Soo     Which one is that?

HS      Who are we.

Soo     I wonder why did we ask that question?

Then we had a good laughter together.

Soo     OK, so I imagine there is a huge trunk as the Source.

HS      I am that I am, is that main branch.  That is the Source, the true Source where we are all from.

Soo     So, metaphorically that is a big trunk.

HS      Yes.

Soo     Out of that, four branches came out.  From there more branches out, that’s why the whole world is so interesting?  Isn’t it?

HS      Yes, we are all different manifestation of that question.

Soo     Wow, those simple four questions brought out so many branches!

HS      Because the Source wants to know Itself.  To know more of Itself is to ask more questions to find the truth.

Soo     Just like what we are doing?

HS      Yes.  There is an infinite amount of questions, and infinite amount of truths.

Soo     Wow, the Source is genius!  Infinite questions, infinite truths…  So, questioning of what is the truth is not really a correct question, isn’t it?

HS      No.

Soo     I really have to understand this.  Could you explain that again?

HS      “I am that I am” is the main branch, the true Source, we all are from.  Out of that came four branches.  We are different manifestations of that question.

HS      Originally there were two branches asking “who am I” and “am I me?”  Then branched off two more questions.

Soo     Who am I question branched out to what though?

HS      “Who am I” branched out “who are you” and “am I me” branched out “who are we”.  Those questions split off to infinite questions.  Those original two questions still need to be answered.  These questions happened instantly, all exploded at the same time.  The concept of us, the idea of light beings and light bodies were all created instantly.

Soo     So, you are saying we belong in the “what are we” branch, how did we end up to that branch?

HS      (Big smile…).  This is the part of the branch is most curious about questions about the universe.   We are the pioneers, always asking questions about what are we in the universe.

Soo     Instead of singular, we always have concept of plural questions. We always ask what are we questions.  So, when we ask about Soul family what does it really mean?

HS      That means those four branches, for some it means even deeper than that.  There are many branches, you can go deeper and deeper, some soul family connected on the same little twig, each asking different questions budding a new leaf, expressing itself.

Soo     I noticed some client came from the same soul family.  Their lives are repeating with the same member of the family life after life.  Just changing the role of it.

HS      Yes, they are asking the same initial question.

Soo     So, there is some organization in there.

HS      Yes.

We had a good hearty laugh while satisfying more curiosities with many more questions.

Black Knight Beings

Out of many questions, Andy mentioned a curiosity on the Black Night beings at the last minute before he was lying down on the bed for the trance.  He saw this spacecraft when he was a child, and a few years ago again.  His Higher Self (HS) said the first time was to invoke his memory of his past life.  The second time was to remind him again for his mission.

His HS said they are from Epsilon Böotes, also known as double star Izra.  I noticed from the star map, it is in the same constellation of Arcturus.  Also, we can see it with naked eyes in the night.

According to his HS, this spaceship has been there from ancient times to watch over the Earth and help earthlings to evolve.  The HS kindly told me, in-spite of my repeated requests to impart more information on the Epsilon Böotes, “not this time”.  For the reason apparent to them, I had to respect their wish.

The HS mentioned, Andy also has the same ability as Tesla, however he did not work on it as Tesla did.  The signals keep coming, appears no one seems to be knowing of it at all.

Great fortune came to me recently, for the HS of another client has more information on the subject, I am truly thankful for it.

Soo     What is it?  Is it shuttle, satellite or spaceship?

HS      It is a shuttle.  They are curious beings across the universe.

Soo     So how many shuttles going around the Earth?

HS      We have 42 shuttles now.

Soo     Why are they shuttling around us?

HS      They are collecting information.  Humanity is going through big transformation of light now.  Their evolution took different path, they live in secrets, while we live in our fullness.  They do not mean us any harm.  However, they respect their privacy.  They don’t wish to be known where or what kind of being they are.

Soo     Have any human contacted them, or went up to their shuttles?

HS      Yes, some of us humans witnessed them. They don’t wish to interact with individuals who are deeply connected with the light.  They wish to examine those who are close to the darkness who have not opened to all the possibilities that universe may offer them.

Soo     Please tell me more about them.

HS      There is a lot of love that they have.  They live in mystery themselves.  The humans who connected with them also live in mystery and they are also not connected with the rest of the universe.  They themselves shroud themselves in mystery and darkness.  This dark shadow connects to the shrouded humans, for they believe these shrouded humans will eventually evolve to be enlightened and to be filled with the light. They are curious to see these humans before that happened.

HS      They do not see us as humanity as separate, we are all connected in linear manner, some are close to the enlightenment, some are farther away, they know light very well.  They choose to protect their secrecy.  It is all part of the same cycle.

HS      So, it is not connected with the universe to use it for harm.  They are benign and enlightened beings.  Some of the human born here is their first cycle.  Some of them have been born but chose to forget.

Soo     What form or features do they have?

HS      Folks on the shuttle do not wish to present themselves at this time.

Soo     What kind of material do they use to build their shuttle?

HS      It is the earth and their powers of minds.  Oh, I see them are slowly revealing themselves to you and me (client’s HS).  They have more trust with your question.

Black Knight Being drawn by the client

HS      They have one big horn coming out of flesh head backward.  They have heads, arms & legs, big heart, and yellow eyes.  They are very curious, and they look like chameleon.

Soo     Oh! are they part of the reptilian race?

HS      They are not aligned with the reptilian race.

Soo     What kind of technology do they use?

HS      They use their heart.  Heart is beautiful piece of technology to connect with their own planet in such a way, they are one and this earth, they can manipulate, travel across universes, and galaxies.  They have been here millennia.  They know how to reach enlightenment.  They have seen cycles many times before, they are more curious helping those who are further away from the light, and help them move more quickly to enlightenment.  They are more interested in those who live in darkness, so their frequencies more match with those who are less enlightened. Their specialty is to help those in darkness, help them come out of it.  They are here to support us.

Soo     What kind of data do they collect?

HS      They are also at many other planets, collecting similar data, sharing them out with universes, collecting data around species like ours who are far away from light to move quickly to reach enlightenment, so that they can be forces of good.

Soo     So are you saying they are enlightened?

HS      Yes, they are enlightened beings.

Soo     Where are they originated from?

HS      They are showing they are coming out of darkness in the universe, very associated with darkness itself.

Soo     Why are they called Black Knight being?

HS      It is from the saying of black night of the soul, you must transform through to become more enlightened.

Soo     Who named it that way?

HS      Us humans named.

Soo     What is their name of the race?

HS      It begins with Tr…, but do not wish to give out the name.

Black Knight beings, I respect you, and your wish to remain in hidden.  My deepest appreciation to you who lifted the veil a little bit more today, so that we can understand a little bit more about you, why you are here, what you do for what reason.

You are curious beings and so are we.  This is mutual quality we both share.  If whenever you decide to reveal more about you to us, you are more than welcome.

Thank you very much Black Knight Beings for your share!


Sara called me asking if I could help her brother, Tim.  Apparently, Tim has been using all kind of drugs and alcohol for the past 25 years.  He went for the rehab many times, failed each time to be free from the influence.  His family was desperate to help him end his addictions.

Due to the experience from some past clients who used to use drugs, which I found out the information did not filter correctly because of the brain got damaged from it, I suggested if Sara could come instead, and have a session to heal Tim’s issue using surrogate healing.

Surrogate healing is a great way of achieving healing done by the Higher Self of a person who can go under trance for another person who are not able to go under.  Many healings have been obtained via this way, a method taught by my teacher, Dolores Cannon.  Sara was excited, for there is a way to help Tim since she has never taken those stuff.

When Sara was under the trance, her Higher Self (HS) saw Tim’s body was covered by sort of thick mesh like net from his head all along down on the back.  It appeared like he wore some sort of cap on his head, thick backpack on his back with heavy cement like block attached on, which made his backache a constant companion. 

This mesh like net was attached, so that reptilian can attach and influence on him.  When Tim was a teenager, he saw some dark energy coming.  That was the time when this reptilian energy came and attached to his body starting to influence Tim’s energy, to a negative way.

look of the mesh on Tim, sketched by Sara

The HS of Sara removed the entity, grabbed and pulled off the mesh like screen over his head, shoulders, and the back that allowed the attachment, removed the square blockage from the back as well.  The screen, which was placed with the consent of Tim helps entity attach on him, so entity can latch.

Many light beings surrounded the table, laid him on light table, pumped him with light.  Now he can stand, be free from this heavy burden, to become himself with full potential.  There was the joy and celebration!  Tim was so happy that it finally got all over!  All light beings patted his back for completing tough job well done saying to him they ”are proud of him!”.  He has done what he needed to do.

It was hard, hard challenge, and was difficult.  He knew he came to the Earth with this challenge, to live that way under the influence.  He needed to experience of all that so that he would know how to free people when souls stuck in thick addiction to offer help.  He would know instinctively what and how to do it because he has been in the trench, so to speak.

He gained the knowledge, has an ability to release human soul from reptilian influence and be able to aid to the Earth ascension.

Now Tim is free from all addictions.  It may take a while the energy immerse into this reality in human body.  He will notice huge improvement within a week starting to feel positive domino effect of the healing.  Never again require to go to the rehab.  Reptilian attachment drove him to all that addictions. There has never been any danger to him, always he was and is protected.

I wondered if he had any reptilian life, to that the HS said “no” and he is a light being, never incarnated as human being as well.  This incarnation is his first here to experience reptilian influence.  He wanted to learn how reptilian influence works so that he can remove them.  He will work on energetic level, getting download, once he has, encoded, understood, instinctively know how to work.  If they are caused by reptilian influence, he has sympathy and empathy. 

In order to complete Tim’s healing, I called His HS to get clean bill of health and his HS said there is no brain damage.  His HS found his feet required healing.  The issue came from heaviness in his feet trying to move away from the reptilian energy.  His feet got healed with blue light and with white light for proper circulation to increase blood flow.  All healing completed.  Now he is ready for light work which is his life purpose: just help.  This means also he can enjoy his normal life basking and working in the beauty of the nature, and love from his family.

Fainting Spell

Ram has had many fainting spells since little boy.  It has been a huge concern for the family when he goes out.  For he fainted many times on the school ground, on the streets, and even on the stadiums.  Many fainting gave frequent visits to the doctors, but not one doctor gave him the explanation of the cause of his spell. 

Life was no fun after that.  On certain point, he decided not even going out altogether, of course that made him reclusive.  He lost his interest in pursuing academic life, rather sought the career in working alone.

His gentle and peace-loving nature with his love of being alone always makes him seeking trails of parks and naturally treed areas.

During the interview, he talked about his Mom was gravely ill when he was very young.  That shook him up greatly he said.

As like epileptic seizure, too much energy usually causes people faint, perhaps Ram’s case was from overloading energies in his brain might be the cause of it as well, but what kind of overloading.

All knowing Higher Self (HS) was waiting for the questions.

Soo     Could you give us some insight what was the cause of his fainting spell?

HS      Imbalance of energies is the cause.  His mind was very open to spirit world as a child.  Absorbing too much for a little body, so he fainted.  Many energies in a sense becoming imbalanced, within him.  Another word, conflicts within him making him imbalanced. 

Soo     What was the conflict you are referring to?

HS      Feelings he felt, such as fears, literally just thought of them, the possibilities of things, some more than others.

Soo     What kind of fears?

HS      Fear of loss.

Soo     What kind of loss, may I ask?

HS      Loss of loved ones, family.  Worrying on a loss daily basis, worried about losing around him. Worried about the future.

Soo     Where did this fear of loss come from?  As far as I know, this life he has every member of the family alive.

HS      It happened before in other lives in the past.  In some life, losing those close to him, it was hard for him to continue living.

Soo     Isn’t it how it is designed that we live together and depart one day?

HS      Yes, he does not want to live without his soul group. It was hard for him.

Soo     So what would you suggest for him then?  As his Higher Self, you know what is best for him.  How can he be free from feeling that and live life fully?

HS      We will rewire his brain to eliminate all that from his brain. 

Soo     Thank you for doing that!  What would he feel after rewiring done on him?

HS      He will realize he doesn’t really lose them.  And just feel happy what is, rather than what maybe.  It used to be that everything in this life he related has no values, rubs his happiness and pleasures. He lives in the past, and in the future. That weighs him down.

Soo     If there is any lesson for him after rewired, what could it be?

HS      He needs to wake up every morning, be grateful everything he has NOW.  Not to stress about what will happen in the future.  Find happiness in NOW.

His Higher Self said now that his brain got tune up, his mind is like a new computer.  He could feel more thoughts and feelings better suit him.  Old computer is gone.  He will feel calmer, and will have feeling of better connection with people around him.


Trannie has been wondering about several marks on her body all through her life.  They appear as bite marks, which she has no recollection of being beaten by any insects.  Also, she has some curiosities on UFO.  She doesn’t know why, but somehow, she is intrigued about them.

One important day, she found herself standing on a big mound which was in reddish color and dusty.  She was waiting for someone important.  She did not know who in particular, but she knew she had to be there.  She was 8 (eight) years old. 

They beamed her up to the spaceship.  The ship was round, and had the typical UFO ship features.   It was not vast, no bigger than a person.  It could have been a shuttle.  There were technologies, lights, boards and things.  They were mostly white and blue in color. There was a big shiny control board made of some kind of mineral from where energy came. 

She felt like being watched.  She kept looking around there, seeing lots of lights and things. In the shuttle, there was no one in control.  Out of nowhere, these beings appeared and were taking her to somewhere.  They were tall, much taller.  Couple of them were guiding her by putting their hands gently on her back to meet their leader.  They wore white robes, and they communicated with thoughts. The place had lots of blue light, and a hall way was also all in blue color.

They guided her to go on a chair and the leader asked her question: “what did you learn?”.  They wanted to know what she learned.  The leader said she was one of them, they changed her look like a human so that she could learn things by living as a human.

The leader said humans are unhappy.  They fight too much, argue too much, and eat too much.  They already knew everything about human, but they wanted her here to experience.  The leader said she is not the only one, they have others.  She realized that she was not telling them anything new.

They live in a planet called Argon, which is a large planet and much farther away from the Milky galaxy.  Argon is gaseous planet of blue lights.  They live simple in higher dimension, and their technology is far advanced.  They don’t eat.  They sustain themselves with thoughts and gas.  They are all beyond of any kind of physical needs.

They are very tall and have long, two (2) digits fingers, body is greyish in color and paler looking.  They walk like human, and have arms and legs.  They have long head like a bulb on top, no hair, no mouth, small slit for nose maybe.  They make no sound, and all communication is done by thoughts.

They are benevolent, and live in clusters around the planet.  They are connected each other through energy.  They have evolved that way and have their own family. There is no war, only to cooperate together.  They use their brain for things and they have finite number of their beings which they create their offspring by thoughts and of course, they never expire.

Argon Being schetched by Trannie

The planet has this energy source on it, and they use this energy force for travel, and they share the energy with other planets.  They just exist, they don’t do anything, maybe just gone past things of evolutionary process, even evolving to be just light, at some point they will just become light.

They have great curiosity about the Earth and humans, specifically, human feelings of love and hate.  They want to know what it is like living on the ground, because their planet doesn’t have ground like the Earth, for they are just gassy.  Hills or mountains are shaped that way, but lacking dense substance, but foggy with luminescent substances.

They don’t understand why humans are on hard ground, and they see us, humans as basic.  They have curiosity to understand why and how earthlings dig for attaching themselves to the ground.  They appreciate what we are doing, simply trying to figure out what is like living on the ground.

Trannie asked to the leader about the bite marks on her body, and the leader said they are for connecting thing to create an awareness inside of her, that she is in contact with Argon like a clue for her to discover and a sign that they really visited.  Also, they come sometimes too, understand that she is a part of their study.  The leader reminded her that she volunteered to do the job and though in reality, it has really been happening, but she would remember it like a dream.

The leader said it is her time to go back to the Earth, and finish her assignment, so they brought her back in the ship.  They downloaded her life, her experiences, and her feelings.  They watch and study her life and feelings on their TV like screen, more like she is the subject of their entertainment.  It is like seeing her on a movie.  The leader gave instruction for no interference what she experiences.

The leader said to her; “go, enjoy and live amongst them (humans)”.  She accepted the assignment with appreciation and gratitude.

I Am a Tree!

Linda had a past life experience of a man who lived in Europe, full of happiness and some sadness.  I was about to bring her to the spirit side to ask about the life purpose of the past life she just viewed.  Then suddenly, she uttered.

Linda             I am a tree!

Soo                Oh! Tell me about it!

Linda             I am a huge tree, probably a few hundred years old with so many branches and a huge trunk.

Soo                Wow!  That sounds huge!

Linda             Yes, I have been here for a while.

Soo                How do you feel to be a tree?

Linda             It is very nice, I get to meet people, chipmunks, squirrels, animals and birds.

Soo                You see those chipmunks busy looking for food?

Linda             Yeah… they are really running around so much, climbing me up and down.

Her beaming smile with affection spreads on her face like sunlight shines with its full glory.

Soo                Tell me some interesting stories of your life as a tree.

Linda             People come and talk to me.  Lovers promise their love for ever in front of me.  Some tells me happy stories; some tells me sad stories.  Some prays to me for their wishes.

Soo                Wow, that is very interesting life! What else do you do?

Linda             I take negativities and breathe out positives.

Soo                What do you mean?

Linda             I take carbon dioxide in and breathe oxygen out.

Soo                Thank you for doing that, you really help bringing oxygen to purify the air.

Linda             Yes, I came here to help Mother Earth.

Soo                You knew she needs your help?

Linda             Yes, people started abusing her land and I wanted to help her in some way.

Soo                How do you communicate with her?

Linda             My roots are in contact with her.  She always talks to me and tells me how appreciative of me.

Soo                When do you like people most?

Linda             Oh, I love them when they hug me and tell me they love me.

Soo                Oh you feel that?

Linda             Of course, when they hug me, I feel the love.

Soo                That’s so beautiful, so you wish people hug you often?

Linda             Yes, that would be so nice…

Soo                What was your main function, other than giving oxygen?

Linda             Give love to all.

The tree was not in a jungle, but on a hill of America, enjoyed the wind, cloud, dry or wet air, hikers, travelers, and animals of all sorts.  She lived very content, peaceful life and one day a bulldozer came; the tree was cut to make a way for a resort.

Love All Dogs

Rea has been suffering from right hip pain for almost of all her life.  Some years ago, she even has gone through an operation to insert a steel in her hip.  Now it is way overdue to replace for a new steel.  And she has been delaying that as long as she can, hoping her Higher Self (HS) says it is OK not to go through another operation and better yet get healed by her HS.

When she was in an early teen, a few members of her family went out for an outing in an open car.  On the road, they got hit by a drunken truck driver.  While some of her family escaped any damage, Rea had an impact of the collision on her right hip while broken glasses splashed on her face all over.

Several months during when she was in the hospital to recover, she missed her school so her learning was compromised.  That caused her losing the confidence in school work, later she completely lost her interest in learning all together.  Though she got a degree but it was an act, purely to obtain a necessary paper in order to meet a basic requirement to be qualified candidate for a future marriage.

Life went on, grew to be a woman to marry.  Met a fine young man, married, and raised her family.  But this right hip pain never really left her, finding herself taking pain killers often to soften the aches.

When I met her Higher Self (HS), I asked why the hip issue.

HS       The car accident was a fate.

Soo     What do you mean?

HS       It had to happen.

Soo     Could you elaborate on that?

HS       This is her debt payment of her past action.  In one of her past life, she had a dog that she loved.  But she hit the dog so severely for seven minutes continuously with a thick stick for many weeks.  The dog finally gave up its life.

Soo     Why hitting the dog?

HS       Her mother in law gave her rude treatment, out of anger she hit the dog.

Apparently, Rea had no one to turn to release her anger, every time she received cruel treatment from her mother in law, she chose her dog to release that emotion.

Soo     Why right side?

HS       Because the way she stood; the right side of the dog was the target to hit.

Soo     Are you trying to say hitting the right side of dog’s leg has something to do with her right hip getting hit by the truck?

HS       Correct.

So, all these times, she has been paying the debt and her HS did not allow healing her pain due to the debt which has not been all paid back.  Her HS said, she still has to have one more hip operation, after a little after that, the karma will be completely resolved and there will be no more pain.

The HS advised her to love all dogs.

In this current life, she met the dog again who belongs to someone Rea knows.  Rea noticed the dog met her with loving greeting, but stayed in distant.  Now she knows why.


Betty has many health issues I don’t not know if we have enough time to cover all that in one given time.  We might have to leave the rest of her questions to some other time.

One of her curiosities is her birthmark on her left leg radiating from ankle upward to one third of her leg.  It is quite large size, and looks splashed around and upward as if a painter intentionally brushing up.

She went into a past life where she was a mother of a beautiful little girl and had a loving husband whom she married, came from outside of her local area.  Beautiful life continued until one day, she found her husband and daughter disappeared!  Through neighbors, she learned they were sent over to the outer area where locals were not allowed.  Political uproar was everywhere, government officials were barring anyone crossing over the line.  She cried in desperation to let her join her husband and child.  The officials promised her to let her cross, but she got tricked and never allowed to go!

Sorrow and tears continued, now she had no husband and a little girl, her parents urged her to move in at their place, which she did.  Time went by, she sustained herself by growing vegetables, and sold them at the market.  Parents aged and died later, she became all alone and in deep grief, which never grew less.

From time to time, she heard news of her daughter, now all grown woman living with her paternal grandparents, for her dad died of sickness.

One day in deep grief of missing her dear family, she kept walking, not noticing a train moving forward fast.  The train ran over the exact part of the body.  She died instantly!

Out of her body, she cried “I am not feeling pain anymore!  I am not feeling pain anymore!”, so much more tears flowed over and streaming down to her ear lobes.  She watched from above as a spirit, town people gathered her crushed body and gave her body a nice burial.

When I met her Higher Self (HS), I gave the HS a choice to remove the birthmark or leave it, up to the HS whatever decision was best for her.  Her HS chose to leave the mark for her to remember the love and joy she felt at that life every time she touches it.

In that life, she learned the feeling of the most love and joy.  Her HS said It would be a nice gift for her to remember every time she touches it, and it will make her feel the love and joy all over again.

Her HS removed the train accident trauma from her, and the restless leg syndrome, which came from the train accident also.  So now she is free from the trauma, no restless leg syndrome, only to remember the love and joy.

When she was brought out from the trance, the first thing she touched was the birthmark and I saw her lovingly caressing it.

My First Home

Where did I start my journey for the first time after being created by the Source? 

This question is asked by the clients from time to time, but they never asked to go back and see what that place was like until this client.

Young, smart, beautiful woman came in to have a session.  After looked after her physical discomforts, I asked her Higher Self (HS) about her first home after her being created from the Source.  Her HS guided her to a “no name planet”, where everything was very cold; just rocks, mostly white rocks; ground had lots of holes; and dust was everywhere and there was no life.  She saw countless stars in the dark sky.

She was wind in that “no name planet”, and she lived with her soul family.  A small group of her soul family lived just walking, more like drifting here and there.  There was no daylight in that planet, but just night.  All dark.  A black planet.

How long ago did she live up there?  She said she could see where she was what was happening on the Earth.  She even saw cars were being made.  It meant it was not that long ago.

After viewing the last day of her last life, she was in spirit world, when she was given choices between a brown dark planet on her left view and a planet with trees and rivers on her right view.  I could see she had to make a decision between the Earth and another planet, which I found out that planet was “no name planet”.

She lived only once on that “no name planet”.  The life was very short.  She did not like that planet because everything was cold and there was nothing on it to her liking other than rocks, ice and darkness.

She felt she had something uncomfortable in her chest to release, could it be karma, we don’t know so she met her soul family.  They all came to see her, hugged each other, then said sorry to each other; her soul family understood that she had to leave, and they were not holding any grudge against her leaving them.  In the beginning, they did not like her leaving the family, thinking she left them for she did not like them.  Therefore, by going back and saw them, she solved the biggest karma with them and released it for good.  They made a peace.  No more bad feelings.

No Name Planet Beings

Her soul family looked not at all like human.  They looked just like wind; hands were like wind blowing.  The body was white windy shape.  Face was one huge dark hole, cloudy like. She saw no eyes, ears, nose, nor mouth, windy shape of bodies, they were moving when they stood.  There was no density, but just etheric body.

Assignment up there in “no name planet” was; they were just communicating with the rest of their kind, all gather together, talking and enjoying each other’s company.

At the post talk, she said she saw them having individuality and felt all feelings even though they did not have any human features.  She was all smiles.

Fuller Volume Absolutely!

A beautiful middle aged woman said “hello” when she saw me, and this must be Zena who made an appointment for the session.  She was brimming with happiness and health you could not imagine she needed any help!   During initial contact for booking an appointment, she mentioned she had breast implants done many decades ago.

During the interview, I was curious what inspired her to go through the operation.

Soo     What made you decide to have implants done?

Zena   I wanted fuller volume absolutely!  I felt mine was too flat.

Soo     After the implants, how did you feel?

Zena   I never looked back.

Soo     Curious, why do you consider removing them now?

Zena   It created some health issue.

Soo     What kind of issue?

Zena   I have this high pitch ear noise and aches on both upper chest area.

Life has been satisfactory for Zena.  Children grew up nicely and they are doing fine.  Her husband is all supportive for her, she feels quite content, but just this nagging feeling that she’s got to do something about the implants.

Other than two discomforts she mentioned above, in the beginning she said she felt all right.  The more she talked about her health, the more she realized that she was unaware of her body aches throughout.  Being busy with the family, thinking maybe she was getting old and those aches were just a part of life.  But generally, she always felt malaise over all.  She could not pinpoint before, but now she recognized she has had fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches; skin rash, insomnia; gastrointestinal and digestive issues; persistent viral infections, headaches; anxiety, and symptoms of fibromyalgia.


These implant bags are such large foreign bodies which are made of compounds not produced by her body naturally and it would be a marvel if she does not get sick at all.  Her body has tolerated for so long, now they are giving her massive signals to rid of them!

Her Higher Self (HS) has been patient for her all these years and kept giving her physical pains, finally they have access to her to impart what they want to say.

Soo     She wants to know what to do with the breast implants. Could you tell her your wisdom?

HS       She should remove them as soon as possible!

Soo     May I ask why?

HS       From breast implants, toxins are triggering immune disruption and developing degradation and cytokines around the bags.  In the bag itself becomes sticky, dissolves, and those particles find a way through the different parts of the body.

Soo     She said her breast areas are achy.

HS       Because of how the immune system works around and particles move around in the area create inflammation, virus thrive in the area which caused the breasts aching.

Soo     She also mentioned she has ear aches with high pitch for so many years.

HS       That high pitch ear ringing is caused by breast implants.

Soo     Oh is that right?  I was wondering whether it has something to do with frequency upgrading.

HS       No, it is from physical reason.  Once removed, the pitch will be decreased. 

Soo     Thank you!  What about the empty space when the implants are removed?

HS       Naturally body will refill the space.

Soo     She was wondering about fat transfer.

HS       It is best to wait, let the body does its job.  Later she can use fat transfer if necessary.

Soo     Anything else is required for her to do after the removal?

HS       Lymphatic system will clear.  Just drink a lot of water and eat nutritious foods.

She received a green light from her HS and all left is to remove them as soon as possible, which she said she will.