I Am a Tree!

Linda had a past life experience of a man who lived in Europe, full of happiness and some sadness.  I was about to bring her to the spirit side to ask about the life purpose of the past life she just viewed.  Then suddenly, she uttered.

Linda             I am a tree!

Soo                Oh! Tell me about it!

Linda             I am a huge tree, probably a few hundred years old with so many branches and a huge trunk.

Soo                Wow!  That sounds huge!

Linda             Yes, I have been here for a while.

Soo                How do you feel to be a tree?

Linda             It is very nice, I get to meet people, chipmunks, squirrels, animals and birds.

Soo                You see those chipmunks busy looking for food?

Linda             Yeah… they are really running around so much, climbing me up and down.

Her beaming smile with affection spreads on her face like sunlight shines with its full glory.

Soo                Tell me some interesting stories of your life as a tree.

Linda             People come and talk to me.  Lovers promise their love for ever in front of me.  Some tells me happy stories; some tells me sad stories.  Some prays to me for their wishes.

Soo                Wow, that is very interesting life! What else do you do?

Linda             I take negativities and breathe out positives.

Soo                What do you mean?

Linda             I take carbon dioxide in and breathe oxygen out.

Soo                Thank you for doing that, you really help bringing oxygen to purify the air.

Linda             Yes, I came here to help Mother Earth.

Soo                You knew she needs your help?

Linda             Yes, people started abusing her land and I wanted to help her in some way.

Soo                How do you communicate with her?

Linda             My roots are in contact with her.  She always talks to me and tells me how appreciative of me.

Soo                When do you like people most?

Linda             Oh, I love them when they hug me and tell me they love me.

Soo                Oh you feel that?

Linda             Of course, when they hug me, I feel the love.

Soo                That’s so beautiful, so you wish people hug you often?

Linda             Yes, that would be so nice…

Soo                What was your main function, other than giving oxygen?

Linda             Give love to all.

The tree was not in a jungle, but on a hill of America, enjoyed the wind, cloud, dry or wet air, hikers, travelers, and animals of all sorts.  She lived very content, peaceful life and one day a bulldozer came; the tree was cut to make a way for a resort.

Love All Dogs

Rea has been suffering from right hip pain for almost of all her life.  Some years ago, she even has gone through an operation to insert a steel in her hip.  Now it is way overdue to replace for a new steel.  And she has been delaying that as long as she can, hoping her Higher Self (HS) says it is OK not to go through another operation and better yet get healed by her HS.

When she was in an early teen, a few members of her family went out for an outing in an open car.  On the road, they got hit by a drunken truck driver.  While some of her family escaped any damage, Rea had an impact of the collision on her right hip while broken glasses splashed on her face all over.

Several months during when she was in the hospital to recover, she missed her school so her learning was compromised.  That caused her losing the confidence in school work, later she completely lost her interest in learning all together.  Though she got a degree but it was an act, purely to obtain a necessary paper in order to meet a basic requirement to be qualified candidate for a future marriage.

Life went on, grew to be a woman to marry.  Met a fine young man, married, and raised her family.  But this right hip pain never really left her, finding herself taking pain killers often to soften the aches.

When I met her Higher Self (HS), I asked why the hip issue.

HS       The car accident was a fate.

Soo     What do you mean?

HS       It had to happen.

Soo     Could you elaborate on that?

HS       This is her debt payment of her past action.  In one of her past life, she had a dog that she loved.  But she hit the dog so severely for seven minutes continuously with a thick stick for many weeks.  The dog finally gave up its life.

Soo     Why hitting the dog?

HS       Her mother in law gave her rude treatment, out of anger she hit the dog.

Apparently, Rea had no one to turn to release her anger, every time she received cruel treatment from her mother in law, she chose her dog to release that emotion.

Soo     Why right side?

HS       Because the way she stood; the right side of the dog was the target to hit.

Soo     Are you trying to say hitting the right side of dog’s leg has something to do with her right hip getting hit by the truck?

HS       Correct.

So, all these times, she has been paying the debt and her HS did not allow healing her pain due to the debt which has not been all paid back.  Her HS said, she still has to have one more hip operation, after a little after that, the karma will be completely resolved and there will be no more pain.

The HS advised her to love all dogs.

In this current life, she met the dog again who belongs to someone Rea knows.  Rea noticed the dog met her with loving greeting, but stayed in distant.  Now she knows why.


Betty has many health issues I don’t not know if we have enough time to cover all that in one given time.  We might have to leave the rest of her questions to some other time.

One of her curiosities is her birthmark on her left leg radiating from ankle upward to one third of her leg.  It is quite large size, and looks splashed around and upward as if a painter intentionally brushing up.

She went into a past life where she was a mother of a beautiful little girl and had a loving husband whom she married, came from outside of her local area.  Beautiful life continued until one day, she found her husband and daughter disappeared!  Through neighbors, she learned they were sent over to the outer area where locals were not allowed.  Political uproar was everywhere, government officials were barring anyone crossing over the line.  She cried in desperation to let her join her husband and child.  The officials promised her to let her cross, but she got tricked and never allowed to go!

Sorrow and tears continued, now she had no husband and a little girl, her parents urged her to move in at their place, which she did.  Time went by, she sustained herself by growing vegetables, and sold them at the market.  Parents aged and died later, she became all alone and in deep grief, which never grew less.

From time to time, she heard news of her daughter, now all grown woman living with her paternal grandparents, for her dad died of sickness.

One day in deep grief of missing her dear family, she kept walking, not noticing a train moving forward fast.  The train ran over the exact part of the body.  She died instantly!

Out of her body, she cried “I am not feeling pain anymore!  I am not feeling pain anymore!”, so much more tears flowed over and streaming down to her ear lobes.  She watched from above as a spirit, town people gathered her crushed body and gave her body a nice burial.

When I met her Higher Self (HS), I gave the HS a choice to remove the birthmark or leave it, up to the HS whatever decision was best for her.  Her HS chose to leave the mark for her to remember the love and joy she felt at that life every time she touches it.

In that life, she learned the feeling of the most love and joy.  Her HS said It would be a nice gift for her to remember every time she touches it, and it will make her feel the love and joy all over again.

Her HS removed the train accident trauma from her, and the restless leg syndrome, which came from the train accident also.  So now she is free from the trauma, no restless leg syndrome, only to remember the love and joy.

When she was brought out from the trance, the first thing she touched was the birthmark and I saw her lovingly caressing it.

My First Home

Where did I start my journey for the first time after being created by the Source? 

This question is asked by the clients from time to time, but they never asked to go back and see what that place was like until this client.

Young, smart, beautiful woman came in to have a session.  After looked after her physical discomforts, I asked her Higher Self (HS) about her first home after her being created from the Source.  Her HS guided her to a “no name planet”, where everything was very cold; just rocks, mostly white rocks; ground had lots of holes; and dust was everywhere and there was no life.  She saw countless stars in the dark sky.

She was wind in that “no name planet”, and she lived with her soul family.  A small group of her soul family lived just walking, more like drifting here and there.  There was no daylight in that planet, but just night.  All dark.  A black planet.

How long ago did she live up there?  She said she could see where she was what was happening on the Earth.  She even saw cars were being made.  It meant it was not that long ago.

After viewing the last day of her last life, she was in spirit world, when she was given choices between a brown dark planet on her left view and a planet with trees and rivers on her right view.  I could see she had to make a decision between the Earth and another planet, which I found out that planet was “no name planet”.

She lived only once on that “no name planet”.  The life was very short.  She did not like that planet because everything was cold and there was nothing on it to her liking other than rocks, ice and darkness.

She felt she had something uncomfortable in her chest to release, could it be karma, we don’t know so she met her soul family.  They all came to see her, hugged each other, then said sorry to each other; her soul family understood that she had to leave, and they were not holding any grudge against her leaving them.  In the beginning, they did not like her leaving the family, thinking she left them for she did not like them.  Therefore, by going back and saw them, she solved the biggest karma with them and released it for good.  They made a peace.  No more bad feelings.

No Name Planet Beings

Her soul family looked not at all like human.  They looked just like wind; hands were like wind blowing.  The body was white windy shape.  Face was one huge dark hole, cloudy like. She saw no eyes, ears, nose, nor mouth, windy shape of bodies, they were moving when they stood.  There was no density, but just etheric body.

Assignment up there in “no name planet” was; they were just communicating with the rest of their kind, all gather together, talking and enjoying each other’s company.

At the post talk, she said she saw them having individuality and felt all feelings even though they did not have any human features.  She was all smiles.

Fuller Volume Absolutely!

A beautiful middle aged woman said “hello” when she saw me, and this must be Zena who made an appointment for the session.  She was brimming with happiness and health you could not imagine she needed any help!   During initial contact for booking an appointment, she mentioned she had breast implants done many decades ago.

During the interview, I was curious what inspired her to go through the operation.

Soo     What made you decide to have implants done?

Zena   I wanted fuller volume absolutely!  I felt mine was too flat.

Soo     After the implants, how did you feel?

Zena   I never looked back.

Soo     Curious, why do you consider removing them now?

Zena   It created some health issue.

Soo     What kind of issue?

Zena   I have this high pitch ear noise and aches on both upper chest area.

Life has been satisfactory for Zena.  Children grew up nicely and they are doing fine.  Her husband is all supportive for her, she feels quite content, but just this nagging feeling that she’s got to do something about the implants.

Other than two discomforts she mentioned above, in the beginning she said she felt all right.  The more she talked about her health, the more she realized that she was unaware of her body aches throughout.  Being busy with the family, thinking maybe she was getting old and those aches were just a part of life.  But generally, she always felt malaise over all.  She could not pinpoint before, but now she recognized she has had fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches; skin rash, insomnia; gastrointestinal and digestive issues; persistent viral infections, headaches; anxiety, and symptoms of fibromyalgia.


These implant bags are such large foreign bodies which are made of compounds not produced by her body naturally and it would be a marvel if she does not get sick at all.  Her body has tolerated for so long, now they are giving her massive signals to rid of them!

Her Higher Self (HS) has been patient for her all these years and kept giving her physical pains, finally they have access to her to impart what they want to say.

Soo     She wants to know what to do with the breast implants. Could you tell her your wisdom?

HS       She should remove them as soon as possible!

Soo     May I ask why?

HS       From breast implants, toxins are triggering immune disruption and developing degradation and cytokines around the bags.  In the bag itself becomes sticky, dissolves, and those particles find a way through the different parts of the body.

Soo     She said her breast areas are achy.

HS       Because of how the immune system works around and particles move around in the area create inflammation, virus thrive in the area which caused the breasts aching.

Soo     She also mentioned she has ear aches with high pitch for so many years.

HS       That high pitch ear ringing is caused by breast implants.

Soo     Oh is that right?  I was wondering whether it has something to do with frequency upgrading.

HS       No, it is from physical reason.  Once removed, the pitch will be decreased. 

Soo     Thank you!  What about the empty space when the implants are removed?

HS       Naturally body will refill the space.

Soo     She was wondering about fat transfer.

HS       It is best to wait, let the body does its job.  Later she can use fat transfer if necessary.

Soo     Anything else is required for her to do after the removal?

HS       Lymphatic system will clear.  Just drink a lot of water and eat nutritious foods.

She received a green light from her HS and all left is to remove them as soon as possible, which she said she will.


Through a spiraling tunnel, Tulinda came down and landed on a deserted dirt road, found herself to be a healthy young male wearing Roman soldier uniform, sandals on his feet, carrying a ragged sack contained apple, bread, a water pouch and some cheese.  He headed to the city, for he was called for a war.  He saw a gathering point of all soldiers.  The war between Roman and foreign invader from the North.  To protect the land, soldiers were given weapons and new rubber boots.

The soldiers had no fear, because they were all happy believing doing the right thing and their faith in knowing that they go to their God when they die.  The enemy were very well armed with metal weapons.  T, (for this story I am using initial T to represent the client in the past life) saw no chance of winning this war, and definitely no chance of going home alive.  The enemy deserved to win.  They were so well prepared.   At the battlefield, people were dying around him front, back, left and right.

Papa sketched by Tulinda

Instead of dying, T found himself was alive and stood in front of more than a 2-meter tall man with broad shoulders and flowing long black pony tail reaching to his waist.  T noticed this tall man had very strong physique, yet his dark skin shined beauty.  This man was indeed an imposing figure, however T felt only peace and love from him.  The tall man said T was a good material, and T felt there was a mutual admiration between he and the tall man.

The tall man brought T to his city and introduced his family and the house where he lived.  Incredibly wealthy, well respected, number one army general, leader and he had several wives.  He loved T and treated him like his own son even though he was not much older than T.  Tall man sent T to school to learn their language, math, astronomy which taught a different way of counting time and drew different universes.  The tall man needed T to communicate with the universes.  T called him, Papa.

Papa took T to a spaceship, which was made of light, and showed half-moon sign of the portal to the other universe, and the space people opened the door for T to enter which could accomplished only by spirit.

In spaceship, there was some kind of a meeting.  T saw many powerful spirits, men and lots of women. They called T, a messenger.  Even though T was much lower in spiritual evolution, space people respected T for his importance of the mission.

The space beings put messages into his brain, uploaded on all spiritual information, about food, energy, sexual reproduction, chemistry of how to use water, body cells, and something of healing.  To protect the information to retain the memory in T’s brain, they put some kind of different energy to seal and they said he was ready to go.  The space people came from planet Pasala of our solar system in different dimension from parallel universe.

Papa was happy to see T back after the spaceship visit.  T’s duty was to teach people telepathically on all things that he learned from the space beings, but T found people were closed minded, save most women and kids.  People Papa led were regular human including his human wives, only Papa was different.  Papa sent T to all over the world.

Papa was demi god from Pasala and his mission was to absorb negativities. He transferred negative energy to positive to help people raise their vibration.  Papa had been doing this over 2000 years.

T taught people on healing which had to go through skin openings, that was purposely designed to take in the information, energy and healing.  People covered them with clothes, so could not take the energy in.  Openings behind ears, on top of the head around crown chakra, forehead, around the mouth, where our pores including wrinkles are, really good to expose to the sun.

Another teaching was on the water and this teaching applies today as well.  We have to change the water.  The water is dying and or dead.  To make it alive, using some purple energy from our minds; project purple energy to the water, heal it and water will heal the ground.  Whatever we grow, and we have to grow our own food; use that purple water to the soil, it will yield 100 million times more nutrition; for example, one blueberry is good for all day grown with that water.  This is the solution to free the starvation problem of the planet.  With small amount of food packed with nutrition will provide satisfying ample food to so many.

T’s last day in that life showed it was his time to leave the body because though he was not that old, his bodily energy got depleted by going up to the spaceship often to get uploaded.  His job was done.  His assignment was to help raise people’s frequencies, but people were not ready.  They had opportunity to move up to higher dimension at that time, they could not because they did not have enough people to move up.

These space beings are still performing the same mission as before, and Tulinda was being initiated on the spaceship in this current life when she was a little girl; received energy and the information uploaded again to continue what she stopped 2000 years ago: which is to teach people free from fear of starvation by showing to grow special food; start with the water charged with purple energy.  She is still in communication with Papa who never left her.

The best time to project the purple energy from the brain to the water is in early morning or sunset, just think purple energy.  This purple energized water dissolves all plastic out as well; though taking time, in 20 years we will see complete dissolution of all plastics.

Water is living organism, has soul, and soul leaves water because they cannot live. <

Why Can’t Get Pregnant?

I hear usually women get pregnant quite easily.  Some people require only one activity to become a parent.  Therefore, we have such abundant population around the world.  Some small percentage of the population, no matter what the technology of the world offers, they simply can’t get pregnant.  Why?

This is a story of Abbey who desperately wants to have children.  Her husband and she have perfect health.  Financially they are doing excellent.  They have satisfactory career where they feel content at work.  They have great belief system fit to be an excellent parent.

The fertility clinic where they go, they checked their health for pregnancy announced them that they lacked nothing.  He was perfect in all scores, so she was.  She told me they have gone to the clinic for the last several years, but no pregnancy resulted.   Meantime, she feels her biological alarm clock is ticking, making her nervous, now they even toy the idea of adoption. 

Her burning question is “Why can’t I get pregnant?”.  I feel so bad for her.  Here she is young, vivacious, intelligent, attractive and more than anything else she wants to become a Mom.  She mentions that her husband also feels ready to be a Dad.

During past life regression, she had a life of beautiful family with children and the opportunity arrived to ask her Higher Self (HS) about her burning question.

Soo     How come Abbey cannot get pregnant?  What is the reason, could you tell her please?

HS       She really must want it!

Soo     I beg your pardon?!  She said she really wants to become a Mom.

HS       She wants to, but does not want to.  She wants freedom also.  If you know to raise a child, you lose and sacrifice some of the freedom.  We don’t know what she wants. 

Soo     Could you explain more? 

HS       Her body vibrates at different frequency compare to her mind and her soul.  There is a disconnect in that.  Her body is a medium between her soul who she really is and this third dimension.  If there is any disconnection in terms of vibration, it is like an Earth; you will have storms; you will have disintegration of matter; nothing can live in that type of environment.  You can conceive, but you can’t hold a life inside the vibrational equilibrium.

Soo     And?

HS       Within the same body, there are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 different dimensions.  They are all within that same diameter.  So, it is difficult to keep an equilibrium.  Especially someone so sensitive like her.  She is too vulnerable to the outside and to her internal as well.

Soo     So what must she do to achieve the goal?

HS       First she must decide.  Speak it out loud.  Needs to tell herself out loud; that she wants to conceive naturally; that she wants to have a healthy child.  Then dream it.  Imagine it.  She needs to feel the conception process.  Feel the labor process.  Feel holding the baby in her arms.  She needs to smell it; taste it; sense it; live it; hear it before she lives it.

Soo     Wow!

When she came out from the deep relaxation, I conveyed her the message received from her HS.  The beaming smile on her face told me she would be a Mom soon!

Once BBB Is Broken

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) has vitally important function for protecting the brain against toxins and pathogens while allowing vital nutrients to the brain, so they are tightly guarded by tight junctions.  The tight gap only allows small molecules of nutrients.

Tight Junction-image courtesy of Wikipedia

How Tim’s BBB has broken?  His work called for him living in a remote place while city dwellers enjoyed the comfort of clean water, and easy access for hygiene.  For many years with his colleagues, he had consumed water, filled with heavy metals and even fecal matters.  Those days he and his colleagues were not aware they were consuming those compounds, only a few years later, an inspection of that living quarters revealed the damage done to people.

He has noticed his body showing signs of various discomforts such as irritable bowel syndrome; indigestion; itchy face, headache; anxiety; insomnia, and his memory seems to be slipping as well.  To be alert on the job, he drank large quantity of coffee throughout his day.  Also, he has had frequent infections, which made him take huge doses of antibiotics often.   He simply wanted to be free from all aches and pains throughout his body, but doctors seemed unable to locate the real cause of his trouble, eventually he ended up carrying bags of medication to quell his pains.  In-spite of his being extremely health conscious lifestyle and effort to consume so call “good” foods, his body did not show any improvement, but felt worsened.  Time to find out why, what, how and when with his Higher Self (HS).

Soo     How such block can occur in his cells?

HS       Cells supposed to receive certain compounds, in certain metals mimic those compounds and take the place of them, prevent the transmission of those substances.

Soo     So that could be an explanation why his body did not improve?

HS       Physical body is aware of toxins which damaged entire cells.  There is a lot of conflicts going on in the body.  That naturally creates over reaction to stress.  Under stress of toxins, receptors of every cells get blocked to receive from different compounds.

Soo     What about the BBB malfunction?

HS       Foreign invaders are there.  Lots of heavy metal exist in his brain.  Even if taken mineral supplement which he religiously has been.  There is no way of attaching minerals to cells, because viral thrive on some of heavy metal environment.  Therefore, that creates all mineral deficiency due to heavy metals get attracted by different types of receptors.

Soo     Is that why his memory loss happened and anxious about everything?

HS       Correct.  Stress mostly from toxins affects neurotransmitter which creates anxiety, and they change people’s behavior.  It blocks ability to think.  Without proper synapses, his cells get buildup of plaques and miss firing of neurons.  Thus, erratic thinking and behavior of his occurs.

Soo     It is very clear the reason of his health issue and is there any reason why he has to go through this much of trouble?

HS       He wanted to learn the hard way.

Soo     Learn what, may I ask?

HS       He wanted to learn to teach people to awake.

Soo     So how is he going to do that?

HS       By communicating with people.

Soo     Via what method would you suggest him to connect?

HS       Any method he feels comfortable with.

Soo     All right, now he knows why he is going through all this, could he get the healing so that he can enjoy healthy body from now onward?

HS       Yes, we are working on it.

Soo     All right I will leave you a while.  Please let me know when you are done.  Thank you!

For a while the HS was quiet, doing healing on him apparently.  Simply I had no idea what kind of method and how his HS was working on where.  Little later the HS said “OK”.

Soo     His health issue is now all cleared?

HS       Yes!

Soo     Could you explain how you healed for him?

HS       We used magnetic force to pull heavy metals out from all receptors of cells. Also pulled all heavy metals including lead from lymphatic system, blood and bone, so that we made sure no redistribution again of these heavy metals to the brain and bones.  

Soo     And?

HS       We pushed and flushed them to the kidney, to the bladder and to the bowel.

Soo     What about the broken BBB?

HS       Certain compounds supposed to open tight junctions in the brain are over-reacting, keeping the junctions open too long and weak, allowing those particles which should not pass through.  So, by calming it down; tightening and strengthening junctions; only nutrients, and smaller particles to pass into the blood; thus, no more immune system gets attacked.    So now tight junctions are all shielded in the brain and the guts as well.

Soo     Oh?  The guts also have tight junctions?

HS       Correct.  They are all tightened, strengthened, calmed, and shielded.

Soo     How did you work on them?

HS       The same way as we did on his brain.

Soo     So then, what kind of good side effects will he experience after the healing done by you?

HS       He will have clarity, there will be no cognitive problem.  He will have sound sleep from tonight and don’t be surprised to see his bowel color green and red tomorrow.  He will feel good overall.

At the post talk, he mentioned his face stopped itching and he said he was looking forward sound sleep which he hasn’t been able over a decade.

The Sound of the Universe

Sound is the vibration, something we can feel very deeply.  Depending on what kind of sound, it has the quality to make us feel happy, sad, uplifted or anything you are able to feel.  For example, we find our chests swell up with power and enthusiasm when hearing a marching band, feeling uplifted by lofty music, or get frightened by horrifying sounds.

Through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), I have had opportunities asking clients when they viewed their past lives for recognition of people who were in the past life scenes. The Higherself (HS) of a client said:

HS      When you ask to your client if they recognize anyone in this current life, they recognize them by the vibration of the person, not the face, nor clothes.

Soo     There are several kinds of vibration, I believe?

HS      Correct, sound has the frequency people can remember easier.  For instance, music.  Beautiful music people respond better.

Indeed, every Christmas we get to watch the movie, “The Sound of Music” and enjoy beautiful songs and watch happy children singing.  Also, we find ourselves humming Do, Re, Me, with seven children and our minds are stepping up and down the stairs with them.

In the session, the HS was describing how beautiful the sound of the universe by describing: 

HS      Vibrations going through each planet, each star, each galaxy, each Milky Way.  I see its movements like waves, as each reaches its destination, and color changes.  Oh, it is so beautiful…

Soo     And tones?

HS      Yes, beautiful tones too.

Soo     I know you hear and see, but I don’t.  Could you share the beauty with us?

So here HS is sharing the sounds with us.

And here is an arrangement, “The Sound of the Universe 2”, made by musician Mayank Tripathi solely using the few tones from the HS sang,

A Star Traveler

From the moment when Taku laid down on the bed, his body started in a motion of something. Barely a few minutes into the relaxing words that I used for him to totally relax and ready to visit a past life, Archangel Metatron announced himself that he is “here to help Taku and I am his Higher Self (HS)!”.

So, I asked Metatron that; can he answer and heal all of Taku’s requests, he said “Yeah sure, carry on”.

Soo        Why he has so many bumps on his lymph nodes?

During the interview time, when he complained of so many painful bumps on his body. I did check ones on his head with my hands, just to find out how it felt like. Indeed, they were hard and quite big enough to feel. Taku had to leave his work because some of those bumps really got big; it even interfered to his walk for work as well; too young only in 20’s to have so severe disease. With his diet, he reduced them to the manageable size recently he said.

HS         Why lymph nodes? All the drainage for toxins, if we place where he could notice to a degree so severe, he knew he could have died if he did not fix them. Pain was necessary, he wanted to know what it is like.
Soo       He asked for it?
HS         It is his first time on the Earth. He wanted to feel what is like being a human. Human body and mind are foreign to his soul. He asked to feel what is like to know to be a victim and a perpetrator. What it feels like to be compassionate and have empathy. He lacked the human feeling.

Then Taku started crying.
Soo        So you feel like crying?
Taku      Yes, I need to purge with tears!
Soo        Sure, let it all out.

He howled, cried to his heart’s content. It was short, intense and loud! Then Taku said it was “good for now”. I did encourage to purge more but he sure said it was “OK now”.

Soo        Metatron, please continue explaining.
HS          Him being first time here, he kept feeling pain, but could not feel grounded.
Soo        How can he ground himself?
HS          He needs to eat meat for grounding.
Soo       What kind of meat, do you suggest him to take?
HS          Venison, elk, the sweet meat. About 20% of his diet should be meat and the rest, vegetables.
Soo       Why he needs to be grounded. Are we not all grounded?
HS          His energy is too light, too high for the pain.
Soo        You said it is his first time being on the Earth, where has he been?
HS          He is from stars.
Soo       Stars? Which one?
HS         All of them. He is a traveler. He doesn’t have a home. He is a star man.
Soo       What has he been doing while roaming around?
HS         All sorts of trouble shooting, singing and dancing.
Soo       What kind of trouble shooting?
HS         Technology trouble shooting; and doing healing and teaching.
Soo       So then why is he here?

I was thinking to ask to the HS if he was a “volunteer”, before I even mentioned, Metatron uttered.

HS         He is not a volunteer. He did not want to come. He got asked and reluctantly came.
Soo       What is his purpose?
HS         He only came in last year. We had many troubles for him to enter.
Soo       Please elaborate.
HS         He is a walk-in. The energy of the host body was way too dysfunctional for the coming energy, after several attempts we only made it last year.
Soo      So the experience of being bullied when he was in teen was really an imprint.
HS        That’s right, that is a memory of a memory. Imprints connected to other people’s lives, so that he can identity other problems.
Soo       Now that he’s got all memories of memory, what is he going to accomplish in this life?
HS        To heal the Earth from inside out, down to deep, deep to ancient civilizations.
Soo      Which one?
HS        So many of civilizations there are. It is very subtle. Beings don’t want them to be known. He will harness the energy from all stars, heal the Earth.
Soo      Wow that sounds so huge! A whole lot of work is ahead of him.
HS        Oh it won’t be a huge work for him. He is a trouble shooter and with this sacred healing done now, within a few weeks, he be ready to fly on a surfboard!

Mind you, the movements and sounds of healing done by Metatron only ceased with one big long exhale when I thanked and said good bye to Metatron. It was a non-stop wild healing ride!

With Taku’s endeavor, we who live on the Earth are truly blessed being able to enjoy beauty and bounty! Thank you Taku!