I am Pretty

At a mere word of herself often being called “pretty”, Lisa showed contempt to that vocabulary, and her brows frowned.  She would rather look like an ordinary looking woman, who nobody took a note of.  Lisa complained why don’t they mind their own business.  She felt offended by it and tired of hearing it.  As she was talking about it, I noticed she was wrapping her sweater around her body, sat back a little, defending body sign clearly was shown. 

As a whole, fashion, cosmetics, all the aesthetic arts we put so much effort in it for women to be “pretty”, but not to Lisa.  She would rather be left alone, not being commented on her looks, let her live her life “please”.

She wore no makeup, loose clothing of plain colorless fabric, spent least amount of money on her outfit, plain sneakers and loose hair.  Make it very plain was her philosophy of dressing herself, she said. 

One of her questions was her having ovarian cysts and swollen lymph nodules around the reproductive system.  I asked her Higher Self (HS) why.

Her Higher Self explained and did the following for her:

Not that long-ago past life in North America, she was also “very pretty”.  Young and pretty, young men in her neighborhood noticed her.  These men gathered and planned to enjoy her.  One day, when she was alone in the house, the group of men entered the place, raped her:  group rape.  She lost consciousness and families of these men did not know what their sons did to a neighborhood girl. 

Because of that trauma, when Lisa came to live in the North America in this current life, the past memory of living on the land awoken to her, and her body started making ovarian cysts as well as her lymph nodes swell: Inflammation, that means the sign of anger.  The solid message from her Higher Self to her was to look after the issue now.

Not only that, she also blocked her feeling of totally letting go when it comes for the intimate relationship with her husband.  Needless to say, it has not been so fulfilling.  Emotional blocking has been the classic result of being violated of feminine right. 

Her HS released all the traumas and took the cysts out as well as the lymph nodes swelling.  She would experience heavy period the first month, and all be good.

Not only her health is back to optimal level, also her ability to embrace herself has been restored.

A Promise to Keep

People come for a QHHT session wanting to eliminate some habit, such as smoking.  While they love smoking and wanting their Higher Self (HS) do the work to delete that from its brain.  Do you think you can fool your Higher Self?  You know deep in its heart, you love and want to continue smoking, and ego says quitting is a good thing.  Any benefit you get from continuing some habit while they want it go, they are not honest to themselves.  The healing does not work that way.  Your congruity within and without is a  MUST to bring healing.

The following session is not about the smoking, but quitting his profession for good in order to get healing.  The story of Jack, a personal support worker (PSW).  He loves his work, looking after each patient’s need is such a joy to him.  He told me he really loves his job.  For years, he has been serving and was feeling all right for the compensation he has received with occasional promotions.

In strange work environment we are in nowadays, his work load has been slowly piled up for the last few years without proper respite, reward or appreciation.  His employer promised to pay more for what he provides.  He has waited, served, waited, and served people.

Some months ago, his right arm started aching.  Went to the doctor, he was told that he has tendonitis.  Immediately he started physio therapy and still did his usual work.  The pain got worsened, still he continued to do his load.  Now his left arm started aching also, and shooting pain radiated to the neck to the back.

By the time he came to me for a QHHT session, he has been on medical leave for a few weeks.  Now he is in dilemma what to do.  He loves what he does, that is his passion.  And his arms are not happy with him for doing what he loves.  He needs money, wondering how to support him and his family.  Wonderful challenge having a body, experiencing human life on the Earth, you all can relate to it.

His HS said they will heal him on one condition that he never goes back to that profession again.  Why, I asked.  His HS said the people who he works with has no respect of his contribution and Jack needs to learn to love himself.  His HS requested him to “letting it all go”.  His conscious mind came up and told to his HS that he loves the work, that‘s all he knows and asking how to support his family. Then his HS said he has to let that go, otherwise no healing.

The phenomena where conscious mind interacts actively with its Higher Self is happening here and there in my practice; definitely a good sign of our human conscious mind is able to work at a close level with its Higher Self.  I am finding it much more fun to work in this state of awareness, thus conscious decision is present in healing process and the person takes full responsibility of the outcome.

Now, I as a facilitator, was in between negotiating the best route for Jack.  A few more details were looked after between his Higher Self and his conscious mind.  Interesting situation!  His conscious mind finally saw more benefit to let that profession go and get the healing and said “yes, I promise” to his HS.

Then his HS started healing his tendonitis with massaging the areas being affected with high energy.  I saw his right hand was moving around vigorously under the blanket.  Later he mentioned he felt his bones around arm were rotating, feeling hot energy coursing through.

His HS healed all, advised him to love himself and provided detailed information for him to create his own business to bring abundance while he can serve fellow humans.

This session was very unique in that, his Higher Self wanted Jack’s promise to let that profession go before healing can be accomplished and there were three (3) way conversation between his Higher Self, client’s conscious mind and me, the facilitator.

As a facilitator, it has been an honor to witness and was a part of decision-making process.

Arthritic Left Big Toe

Steve wants to find out what is his life purpose and hoping to receive the answer through the QHHT session.

Now that he has reached to the top of the ladder in a corporate world and there is no more left to climb, wondering where to go next.  he has been told by others that he is successful, everybody tells him that they envy him, yet he feels total void within.  Also, he notices more gray hair coming; some more wrinkles; he feels urgent need to find that out before it is too late.

He said to me, “What is it that I am seeking?  Why am I feeling so unfulfilled”.  You guessed it good.  My answer to him was, “Let’s ask to your Higher Self (HS)”.  He grinned.

His HS showed an opulent past life.  Being born as a prince, he had lavish lifestyle; wore top of the world fashion; satisfied his palate with out-of-worldly cuisines. He spent days with dancing and singing.  Still, bored to tears; he ordered his people to build monuments to show off his power, and to fill the void he had been feeling, and he did not know any better.

Nobody came to him asking what they wanted from him.  People and his subjects were scared of him.  He was unapproachable, self-centered, and selfish.  In the world where people were scared of authority, such a high prince, now king he became, not a single soul dared to ask.  Steve had no friends.  His subjects did only one thing: obey.  His close confidants were all busy protecting their own status and power, brown-nosing him crazy.

One day when he was out walking in the garden; suddenly he felt a big whack on his back; tripped forward; fell face down to the ground; dead.

His subjects killed him.  They could not tolerate any more to those silly monuments that the king had been ordering to build, and wasting all state treasury while people were hungry, and sick.

Looking back, he wasted his life as a king.  His Higher Self (HS) said he could have asked people what they wanted.  But those things never even occurred to him that he needed to do that as a king.  He thought people were doing all right, what could he do for those people, he surmised.

His behavior was not that unique in the human history that it has been repeated over and over again everywhere.  Power is very sweet, hardly can get out of it once you get caught in its snare, his HS said.  His HS continued and saying that we are given discrimination power within us to discern what is right, and wrong.

One of the Steve’s physical complaints was that he has arthritis on his left big toe, been bothered by it for a long while.  His HS said that toe issue came from the past life when tripped forward by wacked on the back, his left big toe got broken.  Thus, for a reminder for him, he has been carrying that discomfort from the past life.  The reminder is: “Don’t be like that jerk”.

His HS said they started healing for that toe and asked him also to contribute healing by picturing the healing energy to it.  The HS told him really get in there, send the powerful energy to the toe, all will be fine.  This was an exercise for him to discover the joy of healing; understands why he has this discomfort; how to heal; to realize his own power.

In the past life, in spite of having everything, he did not do anything for helping his people as a king.  He was not connecting with people, nor understanding the feeling what people were going through.

In this life, to make up things that he did not do in the past life, he needs to make the personal connection with people, show his kindness.  See what he can offer for them once he finds out what they need.

With open and compassionate heart, pause and listen to people whoever comes across to his life is his current life purpose.

Ancestral Curse

Nayan looked worried sick, his face was sullen and gloomy.  “Tell me why you are under the weather” was the beginning of my questions to him.  He was telling me how his stomach has been bothering him and “definitely think it is the ancestral curse working on me”.

“What do you mean by that”, I asked him.  Many of his family members have had stomach cancer from his grandparents’ generation and may be even before, he said.  A few members of the family died already from the stomach cancer and the entire clan believed that those people were gone because of the curse.

I asked him what kind of diet he has been on.  He talked about how good he has been eating all vegetarian because that was the right thing to do.  He basically consumed grains, beans, flour products, and vegetables.

His stomach issues were bloating, gaseous, cramping and sometimes indigestion.  Who other than his Higher Self (HS) could better enlighten on this subject of ancestral curse.

“Nayan thinks his stomach discomfort comes from ancestral curse. What is ancestral curse?”, that was how my question started to them (HS) for Nayan. 

This was how his HS explained:

“When you say ancestral curse, ancestral DNA link to every person who has a lot of information they brought with them through their DNA.

You as a soul chose this specific body because on a physical level your ancestry has chosen to deal with certain way.  Now your job as an individual is to go against that, the way they did it before and introduce something new, so that your soul bringing new information to re-code what is in your DNA.

So that you bring your children, or you put out new information to the next generation.

There is no such a thing as a curse, because you chose your body.

So, information there is just your challenge in this life.  The thing you need to work through is not a curse, it is what inspires you in this life.

Seeing all the stuff they did it before, you chose to come here to try to fix it.

Once you are aware of that, none of your ancestry information matters, because you have access of your own information, then you are over the curse, if you want to call it a curse”. 

Nayan’s stomach issue was basically from overconsumption of beans which produced lots of gas, something his body was not comfortable to work with.  His HS cleared all the discomforts and advised him to reduce bean consumption. 

The belief system that he has had through family conditioning on his ancestral curse, his HS cleared from his memory bank.

Now Nayan realized why he chose his family and his purpose of this current life is to help the family to understand the conditioning they were put under for generations, and teach them how to overcome it, or “re-code” it as his HS called.

Nayan felt tremendous zest for living after learning what he found out from the session and told me “I feel so invigorated!”.


This is a session story of Aiko.  Her major reason for coming to a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session is to heal from Crohn’s disease that she has been suffering since teen and to find out why she has it.

Aiko has lived her life as best as she can.  Many ups and downs, her life has been.  Now in her 40s, she finally finds time to look back and wondering what was that all about.

In her teen years, she developed nausea, diarrhea, and terrible cramps which made her and her mom panicked and rushed to see a doctor.  Her doctor diagnosed her having Crohn’s disease and put her on steroids.  The steroids made her weight ballooned and her body formed many stretch marks all over her body to just name a few side effects. 

The medication controlled her pain to some degree, but never be able to get rid of the disease.  Often, she has had no energy to even get out of the bed, let alone go to work.  But she has braced with all that and continued to make good attendance to her work.

Several men came into her life as partners.  Some good, some poor.  Now she is fine being alone and she is willing to wait for the right partner, and she wants to know if someone is for her in the future.

” I will ask”, I said.

She also showed me red cherry marks all over her body.  So many!  Another important question to find that out from her Higher Self (HS).

During the deep relaxation, her HS showed her a scene of a birthday party.  She was dressed all pretty and her mom invited all her friends, made a beautiful pink flower birthday cake with five candles on it.  But no one was talking, she felt she was all alone in the whole wide world because her dad was not there for her birthday.

Her parents had always argued on everything.  Screaming and loud noise were constant.  Aiko remembered her hearing her dad’s yelling even in her mom’s womb and did not like that at all.

When her dad left them behind, the devastation she felt was indescribable to Aiko.  She loved his hugs and remembered feeling happy when he smiled at her.  Her dad was her world to Aiko.

Her Higher Self (HS) gave her clarity on why she has Crohn’s disease.

She has been punishing herself because she felt she was not good enough to keep her dad stay with her.  It all started at the age of five when her dad left her. She blamed all on her.

Also, she wanted everybody should make her feel happy.  In that way she has been selfish, her HS added.  Her HS asked her to let go of grudges against all people whom she felt did not help her feeling happy, that includes all her family members and males whom she has known and interacted.

She needs to forgive and love them.  Grudges, she is holding it too tightly.  It is not their responsibility to make her feel happy, it is her responsibility to make her own happiness.  Her HS said finally today through this session, she learned the lesson of taking responsibility of her own happiness, not expecting others to make her feel happy, so she no longer needs to suffer from self punishing disease. 

She also learned that it was not her fault that her dad left, who had his own issues to deal with.  So, her HS healed the Crohn’s in her.   

They (HS) took all the damaged scar tissues, scraped them all out from inside of her body and they made a promise to her that Crohn’s disease will never return to.

Chery marks all over her body is resulted from the side effect of the medication that she has been taking, and they will be gone in one month.  She is to take just one more anti-inflammation medication that she has been taking, and no more after that.

She is to exercise love to all and believes in herself who can do anything.  And she is going to meet her soul partner in two years, her HS told her the signs to recognize him as her partner when she sees him.  He will be an excellent companion and a good friend for her.  Her HS said she will feel happy and content with him.

Excess Information

One particular house was drawn to Amelia’s curiosity, entered the house, found the place that had not been occupied for a while because the musty smell of the house gave her that information.

Looking odd long runaway carpet on the main floor, she decided to go upstairs to find out more. There was an old man crouched on the floor in the corner of the room.  He was skinny; gray looking; skin was decayed almost became a skeleton; eyes were open and now finding him been dead for a while.  Why no one was here to collect this body, she thought.

Her job was to pray for the dead, took a book of life from the person and record everything on her book, what she did and happened.  She hesitated a bit to take out the book from his firm grip of it which the dead man wrote his life on that book and she had to return it to the library where she worked.

She wore a uniform for the job: brown shoes, one long blue dress fell to her ankle, and wore black veil covering on her body on top of the long dress save the face.

The library in other dimension where she lived and worked was so huge, walls lit by faint light from lamps, high ceiling with so many shelves with many books: all books of dead people.  The receptionist of the library greeted her with warm smile and acknowledged her doing a good job.

She went into her room in the library, dusted off the smell from the smelly place.  Her room was small with one single bed, one wall lamp, and a small sink to wash her face and to drink the water from and she said the water tasted sweet and cold.

Sitting on the bed, wondering about the dead man whom she just prayed for and took his book, how he died, what he knew and wanted to read his book of life.  Her curiosity was overpowering, and decided to venture out secretly.  It was a forbidden rule to find out more details of the dead and to go out from the library.

Back to the dead person’s house, she picked up another book on his book shelves.  The body was no longer there. She was scared to be found by the library people that she was out and she knew well she should not be at dead person’s place.  Now she felt she had to return to the library before she got caught.  But she got caught, another higher personnel called her and gave her warning not to repeat that action again.

She got bored of the same job though she was born to do that job, and did not want to live in the library any more. This library was one of the main libraries, unlike Akashic Records, which she said it was one branch of the many libraries.  Back to her room, sitting and mulling over about the dead person, she decided to turn the lamp out which was never allowed to do, considered as a sign to tell them that she did not want her job and not happy of doing it.  She sneaked out of the place.  She wanted to explore outside, dying to know what other people do.

It was very dark night, the first time venturing out of the library, not knowing what to do.  She felt terrible being out, she wanted to go back but she extinguished her lamp, so she could not go back.  She needed to find out her friend who should live somewhere nearby, but could not find her.

Walking on the street, regretting badly that she left the place wondering around in this dark night on the street where she knew no one.  Walking and walking, she started feeling cold, and hungry.  She knocked some houses for food, but sooner they saw her uniform they shut the door abruptly.  No one wanted to open the door for her.  Who would want to invite the lady of the dead?

Exhausted and hungry, she needed a place to hide so she walked into the forest where dried fallen leaves could provide her warmth.  A bit later into her resting, she felt tall tree people poked her face to see if she was alive.  They were curious who she was.  Now many tree people surrounded her and she kept pretending to be dead and she died there eventually.

In this current life, she has attractive young body and had many sexual partners to satisfy her desires.  She was curious why all her partners have birthdays fall on certain dates of a certain month.  Her physical issue was vaginal yeast infection. She has tried many prescribed creams, but did not find any relief.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed her the past life as described as above.  Her curiosity to know lives of people she prayed for, she abandoned her task and crossed over her boundaries.  That tendency continued in this current life.  She has hurried in relationships and skipped the process of knowing her partners, jumped right into the sexual activity which her HS said the fastest way to get to know the personal truth.

She used sex to know their truth, she wanted to know them right now.  Excess information she did not need, and excess information she got from many different sexual partners are the cause of her vaginal yeast infection.  It was too much information for her body to handle.

The current life partner was the man in the past life from whom she took his book and returned to his place wanting to find out more.  In this current life, she is getting to know him more in detail having somewhat steady relationship according to her standard.

All the males in this life whom she has encountered sexually were the people whom she was going to pray for when they died in that past life as a lady of the dead.  Now she has satisfied her desire to get to know them in this life, received the information she dearly wanted to get then in the past life.

Her HS advised her to take time to get to know people.  Do not rush to the conclusion in haste.  Enjoy the process, stay in one relationship, thoroughly understand the person and always respect their privacy not crossing over the personal boundaries.  She is to never to assume she knows everything about the person’s truth.

Her HS advised her to stay in her truth with herself and with others.

Her HS cleared all the vaginal yeast infection from her body.

Never Again

The following session story is a very familiar case what I have noticed happening frequently throughout the human history and in my practice as well.  Why this case to my care often with QHHT recently?  I gave some time to have my quietness to gain better understanding.  Obvious answer was to address again for the benefit of others.  People need to read again to remind them what not to repeat.  Repetition is the key to solidify the understanding.  So here goes the case story.

A fine young lady came seeking for an insight.  She needed a clarity of her confusion about a man whom she loves.  Let’s give her a name: Terry.  She has been thinking that she has loved this man for several years, whose interest went to male partners.  She has been aware for some time, that his interest left from her totally.  Surely, her logical mind told her to end the relationship would be the answer, but her emotion still strongly ties to this man blurred her discrimination power.

They have not had any intimate relationship a long while now.  Her tears freely flowed while she spoke of him, and her story to me.  She kept saying why he is like that.  That was the perfect loop that caught her in forever to bring no solution.  Deep down she knew why, but her attachment was in the way.  To me her dilemma was crystal clear who listens her story.

After looking after all of her other questions, Terry relaxed herself to go under a deep relaxation to receive healing and answers.  She went easily into the deep trance.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed a past life as the following:

In a past life, she was a fisherman.  While he worked under the water to catch fish with his harpoon, he was beaming with joy.  What kept him in this beautiful feeling was that he loved a girl who loved him back.  Life was beautiful.  Blue ocean, plenty of fish, beautiful breeze, and a lovely young woman he loved.  What more could he ask for, he was saying to himself.  He dreamt a life with her, living a wonderful life and his imagination spread wings:  feeling the joy of living in a simple but beautiful home, smell wife’s cooking, hear his children’s laughing and playing happily.

When he asked for her hands for marriage, her father gave him an ultimatum that he could not marry her, for he was an only poor fisherman, not a rich noble.  His world collapsed!  Eventually he married someone else, whom he could not even care for.  The marriage was utterly unhappy for him.  Since then, he shut himself down from any joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Now old and his time came to pass, finding himself in the spirit side, looking back his life, he could not help but feeling sorry for himself, wondering what that life was all about, save sadness and unhappiness.  Mind you Terry shed bucketful of tears from sadness during the life review from the day he received the refusal to marry that lady.

But he realized something else while looking back to that life, which never dawned on him prior.  He not only was unhappy, but also, he made another person miserable because of how he treated the person:  his wife in that life.  Consider, what it was like being unloved, knowing her husband’s heart  was with someone else.  They had a boy in that life.  What about the emotional damage to that boy growing up in arid atmosphere of no love.  The boy would need to work out his own emotional issues as well.  The cycle continued.  

He learned and resolved “Never Again” to marry anyone whom he does not love!  He promised himself never to repeat.

Okay, here in this current life, Terry was about to make the same mistake.  Not only making herself miserable first, but also her partner, and her children if they create some.  Her HS showed what she should do and reminded her resolution she made in the past life.

Terry realized after the session, the man she attached her emotion to now has to be released from her heart, and free herself from it.  No reason to repeat the same unhappiness, she was talking to me.   

Terry needs time to make a decision and the sooner she decides to leave the current dysfunctional relationship, the better her life will be moving forward to a happier state.

Time and time again, I am amazed how brilliant people’s Higher Self!  They  know exactly what people need to reexperience.  They even bring any lives that they have lived from several million years ago somewhere in the universe, if that is applicable to their current life issue.  You cannot argue with their logic.  They are so wise.

A Star Seed

Handling so many tumultuous human relationships, Sam feels totally worn out of living.  Throughout his life, he has been a loving husband, good father to his children and an excellent contributor for his employer where he dedicated his talents, time and care to.  What went wrong, he asked to himself, for everything went to all other directions that he never even planned, nor expected to arrive to.

His entire family member has some sort of mental health issue.  If not bipolar, they have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  He has been the glue to all his family, have tried to cater healthy and happy life to them.  Not only worn out, he totally feels he does not belong to this world.  He has been feeling that since little that he is in the wrong place.  His inner feeling told him that he was from some other star.  Though he has tried to work in, do the right thing the society wants or expects him to do, but feeling like he never can fit a circle in a square box.

Sam slipped into the trance easily and deeply.  His Higher Self (HS) showed a life in Atlantis, where he was a young female priestess and a healer.  She wore a special headband with a large circled crystal falls onto her third eye area to protect it, the sign of distinguished achievement of knowledge, which was bestowed by her masters.  Purifying her heart and in deep meditation to connect with the Source, her heart was ready to help others.  Only helping others was her desire and she did.

One day, she comfortably sat on top of the mountain in deep meditation, soaking up the warm sunlight and completely absorbed in love, joy and happiness.  All of a sudden, the golden sun was replaced by the dark clouds, multiple beautiful colors of nature turned into black and she left the world.

The end of the Atlantis came upon, where humans were at the peak of indulging the pleasure of ego.  They gave in the unquenchable desire of power.  For that, a beautiful Atlantis was no more.

The life of Atlantis was shown to him the true nature of him: love.  More revealing information was brought out through his HS.

Before the life of Atlantis, he came from Arcturus, a planet in another galaxy, where only pure love resides.  His HS told him that he only lived on the Earth twice, this current life being the second, and the first was at Atlantis.

He wanted to help others on the planet Earth.  In order to do that,  first he needed to experience all the difficulties:  betrayal, doubt, fear, mistrust, bodily sickness, mental health issue, and you name whatever difficulties we all human go through.

He was also gently reminded a few times during this current life, that his home planet beings, Arcturus, has always been present with him.  One night when they visited him, inserted implants into him to help him to raise his vibration up and to protect him.  He screamed murder to them, scared of them, for he forgot them.  Since he agreed to  become a human, he had to observe the rule to “forget” everything from being Arcturus, the knowledge and the Source.  The veil came down, amnesia set in to him.  He became one of us, no memory of who he is.

With the session of QHHT, his memory has been resurfaced so that he remembers who he was, why he is here, and what he has to do in this life.

Along with his memory being refreshed, some of his physical issues were addressed, healed, and even got a promise from his HS that those discomforts would never return!

He was quite delighted that his body received healing and actually he felt altogether.  When I went over what has been said and done during the trance, he was examining his  body and said, “yeah, it feels good, no pain”.  I saw the satisfying grin on his face.

He was fully rejuvenated and I was as happy as he was that all things are going to work out for him.

Just Do

Standing on deep brown sand and Uman is looking up pinkish green sky, he is seeing many little floating balls in the sky circling around him.  A whole lot of them.  Wondering what are they and feeling excited somewhat. 

By my asking him looking down his feet, and describe them to me what he has on, his face creases a bit and saying:

U         I have claws!

S          What do they look like to you?

U         They are peach color, and dirty claws.

S          Tell me how your body looks to you?

U         It is skinny and I am not wearing anything on it.  I have two (2) long arms and fingers are like claws as same as my feet.

S          Tell me more about your body.

U         I have four (4) eyes, no mouth, no ears and I think I have a hole for nose. And I have a square face.

S          How do you hear?

U         I hear feeling.

S          How do you breathe?

U         I breathe energy.  Simply get more energy.

S          Do you feel you are a male or female?

U         No gender. 

So, more questions and answers continued.

He is a robot, somewhat worn out he feels at the moment.  He is carrying metals or elements on its back and upload them to the spaceship when they come and get the materials.  There are a whole bunch of them doing the same job.  They all look similar, they are “robotics people” according to Uman.  His people need metals for building more spaceships or structures.

The spaceships are cargo ships carrying metals from the work place where Uman and other robotic people work and carry them once the day job finishes to the resting place.

Inside the cargo ship, three (3) different races work side by side.  One kind has such a huge head and a small body, wondering how it carries its own head!  The other one is tiny, wearing nothing on the body.  Another has red, and bronze shinny body.  All work together harmoniously for the same goal.  There are quarters and they can hang out.  None of them eat nor sleep, just resting which is the equivalent of sleep for human. 

When night comes, they all go to their quarters, resting on standing.  Then the day breaks; they; the robotic people go out to the same place; do the same job.

One day, Uman finds white flashes swooshing by in his eyes.  Knowing tells him that he is malfunctioning, feels weird, not able to move his body and limbs.  He cannot see anything, but white flashes.  Nobody cares about him; nobody has any feeling for him.  He knows he is going to end.

Now it is all black.  He is no more.

This was the life of Uman, hundred million years ago as a robot in Andromeda galaxy.  His main job was to collect metals to build more spaceships for his creators.

His Higher Self showed this life to him “just do” like a robot.  In this current life, he is a man of many thoughts.  His brain has been busy analyzing what people say, why they say, what are their intentions and so on.  Bombarded by so many information, he uses  weeds and sweets to relax his nerves.  His Higher Self recommended him to wean them out to rid of it all together for good.  Since they are health hazards to him, his HS said.

His HS continued: “You have a task, just do.  Do not overthink on everything.  Stop worrying.  Life can be simple like a robot”.

Feeling? What is That?

A tiny woman with hearty laughs, Cherry could easily sweep people into whatever she believed good was good for them.  A born salesperson!  Young, attractive, vivacious woman on the way to succeed in life: money, love, happiness, all things most people wish to attaining them.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed her a life in Europe about a century ago, where Cherry was a dude (Cherry called himself a dude).

He was tall, strong, had a big chest, good looking and had a healthy body like an ox  So much of a masculine power in him, the dude’s chest heaved high when he took breaths.  I, the practitioner, even felt a surge of energy coming from this embodiment of a dude from Cherry’s tiny current body.  Even this small body of her all of a sudden looked so huge to me!  Was this a magic in display?  With intense curiosity, I observed the  transformation of one energy into another in front of me.  Wow!

He had a small farm and built his house and a small shed.  His overall was all dirty with soil.  He tilled the land, planted the crops, and fed the animals.  His farm kept him busy all day.  He had a horse helped him to plow the land.  Hunger he knew well.  After working at the farm, he came home to eat and to sleep.  He could hardly wait for a dinner, sat around the dining table, impatiently cutting an apple with his tool knife to appease his hunger, and ate while his wife prepared for his dinner.

His wife was much younger than him, had beautiful blonde hair with blue eyes, slender and a good cook.  Life in the farm was not of abundance.  His dinner was composed of some soup made from potato and carrot grown from his own farm, no meat in sight, and some plain rough bread.

After dinner, he went to bed and slept leaving his wife cleaned the place.   His wife had always sought for his love, but never received it from her husband .  Like all the other women in her area, she also wanted to have a few children.  But her husband knew nothing of telling her that he loved her, nor touched her hands to show any affection.  She was a dutiful wife, but yearning for his love feeling so forlorn.  Even when the dude went to the town for a beer, he never took her with him.

The dude had no notion of what to do with showing any interest in any intimate moments of love to his wife.  He did not know what love was, nor sharing moments with her.  Wife, to him, was a person who cooked, cleaned the place and someone all men supposed to have.  Nothing more than that. 

He had no friends either.  Even when he went to a pub, drank some beer alone, came home with something to eat because his wife asked him to buy them.

Then the war broke; he went to the war; fought; tank ran over him, and lost two legs.  In the hospital bed, lying there, just stared at the empty space.  A nurse fed him some porridge and he ate.  When I asked him how he felt losing his legs.  That was a wrong question to ask him, since he was a guy with no feeling.  He asked me: “Feeling?  What is that?  What am I supposed to work with?“.    To a person who had no notion of feeling, how could I explain what feeling was like.  He said “I am lying here and waiting for a discharge from the hospital”.  I saw no emotion on the face. 

That was a real good example of what somnambulistic state was like, when Cherry became that person.  It was unreal to see expressionless face where in this current life of Cherry was always bubbly with many laughs.  In just a few hours, I was seeing bubbly woman turned into an expressionless guy in front of my eyes!  Wow again!

His life was just that.  He lived, and died when the time came.

So of course, I was curious why her HS showed that life.  Her HS said that she needed to see the life what it was like having no feelings on anything.  What it was like the life of just ate, worked, lived and died.  And her HS added it is okay to have feelings.

In this current life, Cherry expressed once in a while she experienced not feeling anything, thinking feeling was just a nuisance to be interfered, and just wanted to do the things that she loved to do: make more money.

After the session, she realized how important to feel, express her feelings to experience being a human and then she laughed out loud.  She came back!

What a beautiful thing to FEEL.