It is unusual to have people come with pages of list of fear and anxiety alone.  Bochen is definitely the unusual person.  They come with a few issues at a time such as anxiety of something, or fear of something.  Some of the fear and anxiety she has are:  being seen, speaking with people, not knowing enough at work, intimate with friends, judgement, not liked, authority, not being perfect, not good enough and low self-esteem, anger, resentment, not able to sleep and the list goes on and on.    

As you surmised already, one root cause of it creates so many varieties.  I literally stopped her reading the rest of the pages, because that is just the variety and we have to find out what is the root cause of all dysfunctions.  It is miracle that she sits in front of me and able to calmly narrate her life story. 

In a past life review, her Higher Self (HS) showed the life of Mayan many thousand years ago where she was the mother of a baby (her current life mom) and enjoyed a peaceful life and she was a medicine woman helping her tribe. 

One day, a rock giant came from another dimension smashing all the area, and crushed people.  Entire village was roared with screaming from people and they all scattered looking for safety.  In that incident, the right side of her body and little baby’s entire body were crushed and killed by the rock giant

They both carry traumas from that past life to this current life.  Specifically, her mom carries all the fears and anxieties Bochen narrated to me, and Bochen has been absorbing all of that from her mom without knowing it.  Her HS said they both are very loving and have close relationship and Bochen being empath, she became her mom in every sense of it.

Also, her HS gave her experience being her mom dizzying in like a torpedo, so that she can feel what her mom feels in the deep pit of dark emotion of not being worthy, mom’s physical pain, and not able to think clearly.  At this point, Bochen has deep compassion for her mom and tears were flowing profusely.  She kept saying “I’m sorry, I am so sorry mom”.   

Bochen fully understood how her mom has been feeling, why and what she has to do to ease mom’s issues. 

She dearly loves her mom now more than ever without any reservation, and the HS healed her right side of the body with sending energy, flushed out from the brain to the toes.  Also, she needs to eat good wholesome foods instead of junk foods what she used to hug around.

The HS said Bochen is a healer and to help others using her many gifts and abilities. 

In a few months, she will meet her soul partner, raise a family she has desired, will move to a quite area and she will be busy helping people using her gifts.


This is a session story of a young lady who has been suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) for many years.

The excruciating pain and cramps are so intolerable, hardly she can function normal during her menses and taking pain killer medication doesn’t do much for her, on top of that she gets premenstrual symptoms with tender breasts, mood swings, and fatigue.

During an ultra sound, she found out that she has a few cysts (fluid-filled sacs) that form in the right-side ovary only.  Left side ovary has no cyst, but she has been feeling pain.  Since then, she pays more attention to have a good diet and exercise.  Still the pain has never decreased though. 

Image courtesy of Ameya Clinic

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown and correct treatment is also unavailable at the moment.  The best way I know is to get the information directly from her Higher Self (HS).

The HS showed her a past life where the cause of the discomfort came from.  Many lives ago, her parents married her off at a very young age, she got pregnant immediately.  she had a very hard life, struggled to make her ends meet.  She received love from her husband, but his love did not fill her hunger in the stomach, it was a very sad difficult pregnancy, and the baby was born dead.

She felt tremendous guilt for the baby being born dead, she blamed everything to herself.  All these emotional guilts, she carries to this current life so her womb feels guilty, and sadness.  In this life, she wants to experience motherhood again.  She wants to have children when she meets the right partner and enjoys fullness as a woman.  Her HS showed the right man whom she has never met is coming in a near future, and they will have children together.

Her HS said the pain from the left side ovary is from her grief that she may not or cannot have ability to have children.  The past life experience has been totally influencing her entire womb. 

Her HS saw that she learned the issue was from the past, no need to suffer any more and healed her womb with lots of white light, showered warmth to that area and filled her heart with love.  Also, her HS advised her to feed her body with wholesome food and love herself.

The side effect of the healing will cause her purge.  She will experience lots of stool, some nausea for a few weeks.  The HS advised her to drink green juice twice a day.  And, she is going to feel from now being more of a woman such as: being fertile, feminine, intuitive, and loving.

Now onward, she is to use all her gifts that she knows she has, embracing her gifts, combining with the healing arts she has been learning, acquainted with, and inspired by her HS. 

An Experiment

“Messages from Water” by Dr. Emoto left an awe-inspiring imprint in my mind.  Last year, a friend of mine showed me the jars of “I love you” and “I hate you” with grain experiment.   Looking at the hate jar, covered by several spots of thick blackness in it, you can’t help feeling tremendous compassion toward to the hate jar.  The love jar meantime showed white blossoms.  That inspired me to do my own experiment.

I poured 10 Table spoonsful of brown rice in two separate glass jars, labeled one “I Love U”, the other, “I Hate U”.  Nicely left them on windowsill for a little over three months.  Occasionally looked at them, but I did not notice any activities from the jars.  All these times, I simply looked at the jars here and there, did not apply any feelings of “love”, nor “hate”.  I figured the labels itself would be doing the job.


      The first day of the experiment

One day, the friend made a visit, mentioned to me that I had to put the cooked rice in the beginning, so that I could observe their fermentation!  Well, the rice was in the appropriate jars already; I would not be cooking them together from love and hate jar; that would make them (the rice grains) confused; so instead; I poured equal amount of boiled water into each jar.

In one week, I saw the noticeable difference in each jar.  The love jar showed white blossoms and the hate jar showed spots of dark green formation. 


O ne week after the boiled water.  Love jar

One week after the boiled water-Hate jar

Another week later, the two jars have manifested totally different world in it!

2 weeks later-Love jar
2weeks later-hate jar


For all those three months where they did not have any water to create visibly their world of “Love” and “Hate” for me to see, I would surmise they indeed absorbed the vibrations of each word; and when the circumstance became favorable (after I poured boiled water); they showed to the world what the words meant to them.

It might be an excellent practice to hold the appropriate jar when you feel extreme joy and happiness to your love jar, and extreme negative emotions to not liking someone, hold the hate jar.  The grains will show even more their responses by creating thick blue-blackness to the hate jar, more white blossoms to the love jar.

When you become more ambitious, you could make jar for each emotion, such as:  jar of peace, jar of thank you, jar of anxiety, jar of depression, jar of compassion, and so on.  That would be an exciting and eye-opening experiment!  Not only they are exciting experiment but also you have a jar to release any of your intense feelings.  That would be a marvelous experiment.  Using grain is easier to use for ordinary people than water molecule, which requires microscope, something most people do not have easy access. 

If you continue this experiment for longer period of time, they might show you something else.  In my experiment, I simply labelled them and you saw the result of it as seen in the photos shown here.  

It has been an awe-struck moment of realization how important to use loving words.

I have read, heard and watched articles on the power of words, there is no better way of indelibly ingrain in my mind the reality when I see for myself doing my own experiment.

Totally got it!

It has been a valuable experience that I have done this experiment.  There is no better way.  I highly suggest you experiment it for yourself; you will feel all over in your being what words feel to you and to others.   


Back when he was about two, his memory is vivid that he was in a playground on a spaceship playing with other little kids in the center of the spaceship floor.

His Higher Self (HS) showed one of his past life, where he was so bored to tears, for his father was incredibly wealthy and he had nothing to do!  He described of his huge home contained a water pool of the shape of round circle in the middle of the main floor for his children to play.

Later we found out his past life home was akin to his memory of the ship where he was taken up in this current life.  He was amused of how similar the structure of the pool was with the spaceship playing ground.

The following is what we found out through Cory’s Higher Self (HS).

When he was about two years old in this current life, he was disappeared from the place where he was playing near to his family, and was taken up to the spaceship.  The space ships from the Semu planet that are patrolling the Earth, and there are hundreds of them.

He was from the planet called Semu, his HS spelled it for me so that I clearly get the name.  The planet is in closer proximity to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Many many light years away from the Earth.  The Milky Way Galaxy has about 100 billion planets, about 500 million out of them support life which our scientists estimate.

The Semu is one of the planets that has life, not seen in any star maps that we have in our current star knowledge.  The Earth is just in one of the outer arms of the galaxy, where darkness prevail for it is far out from the light core of the galaxy.

                                                 Image courtesy of

The Semu planet is very far advanced by million years ahead of the Earth.  They specialize in Intergalactic travel.   Their body genetics allow fast healing that explains why Cory has experienced fast healing if any part of his body got hurt.

Cory had lived in the planet 1400 years ago just before he decided to have some Earth experience and Sahara Desert life was the first one of the many of his Earth life experiences and he has been learning very well what are Earth life like.  He is here to learn love, helping others by being good to others.

He lived up there in the Semu mostly doing research plants as a scientist via inter galactic research, to find food for other life in other planets in the galaxy like human species on the Earth.  He grew plants for food.

Semu beings do not eat food in general.  They live in dimension between three and four, they use energy and only some eat.  Being abundant with energy so close to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is much easier to use the energy.  That is why they are in white light, unlike the Earth which is in the outer arm of the galaxy where the planet is in dark, in lack of energy and limited.

The Semu being has the body of dark hard shell-like blue skin, very tall, skinny, big round eyes with two antennas on its head.  They stand on two feet, 2 fingers and 2 toes.   Their skin is blue due to their blood does not need oxygen, when it needs oxygen, it is red like human’s.  The drawing below shows how tall they are.  The little box on the right bottom is the height of Corey.

            The Semu being drawn by the client

Their planet looks like the Earth.  But most of them live in ships.  Unlike many of the beings from other planets, Corey does not receive downloads from them though his family is up there in Semu, not much communication with him, because they know it does not do any good if they have an ongoing communication with him, for they want him to focus on this current life.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Becca is in medical field helping people understand what is COVID-19 and what are the benefits of the vaccination.    She finds people get confused which vaccine is better for them, and what are the side effects.

It seems only natural why the public is so concerned, after all we have been in so many lockdowns for so long and been wearing masks about a year, got deprived of our time together with friends and loved ones.

We cannot even enjoy a cup of coffee sitting down, we have to bite our lunches standing on feet on a cold snowy street, gulping down the coffee not knowing where you can put a cup while you have sandwich in your other hand.  This does not definitely portray of enjoying life scene.

She informed me that she received the vaccination some time ago.  Of course, my first curiosity was how has her body been feeling after the vaccination.  Becca said “no difference”.

She was curious more about the vaccination, so I asked questions to her Higher Self (HS).

Soo      What are the benefits of taking vaccination?

HS       Stop the spread.

Soo      Anything else?

HS       That’s it.

Soo      What are the effects of taking that?

HS       There are some physical damages on physical tissue, lymph nodes and arm pit.

Soo      How to heal the damages?

HS       Eat food that are non-toxic and exercise.

Soo      If the person follows the advice of yours, how long will it take to complete recovery.

HS       7 to 8 months.

Soo      What if a person decides not to take the vaccine?

HS       The person might get sick.

Soo      From where you see things, do all older people require vaccination?

HS       Some need.

Soo      How can you tell certain older folks require vaccine?

HS       You cannot distinguish.  But the damage will heal.

Soo      What about the talk making it mandatory to take the vaccine?

HS       Not mandatory.  Most people do not need it.

Soo      What about travel limitation.  If not taken the vaccine, you cannot aboard the plane I hear.

HS       That might affect about 1-2 years, more like 2 years.

Soo      You mean we cannot get on the plane unless you are proven that you took the vaccine?

HS       In some countries, it might take about 2 years, after that no more vaccine requirement.

Soo      What about wearing masks, for how much longer?

HS       For 2 more years.

Soo      What is the difference between flue and COVID-19?

HS       COVID-19 is more contagious.

Soo      What about the variants?

HS       Not all to worry. 

Soo      Any difference in vaccines on the market?

HS       Mostly same.

Soo      What is the teaching of COVID-19?

HS       People spread fear.  Some make money through fear and greed.  People learn about money, greed, obedience.

We are on the same page

Conversation on Jen’s experience before the session, during the trance, after the trance, effects of the session. Benefits of listening the session recording often.