A Blind Trust

This article is not about investment, nor a movie.  It is about a session I conducted recently which I was actively involved in helping client’s healing.

Raphael is handsome, tall, and has long dark hair.  He can make a great fashion model.  I said he should be thankful to his parents for giving him such a beautiful vessel.  To that he agreed with a big broad smile.

Details of his life were brought out, talked about, some tears were shed and much understanding was realized during the conversation and a whole lot of negativities were released.  Talking about release, he certainly accomplished!  During the interview, his visits to the washroom were far more frequent, felt almost like every other minute.  I have never had any client going to the washroom that many times so far.  It was a good indication that he was relaxed and his Higher Self (HS) was working on him already.

More surprises were in store, which I never even guessed.

He was in a nice relaxation, deep in trance with his HS who was already actively healing him and told us the information that we needed to know.

In the middle of healing, he said “I have to go pee”.   All right, with closed eyes, I guided him to the washroom, back to the bed, continued healing and information was given.  Again, he said he needed to go to the washroom.  Closed eyes, I guided him to the washroom, back to the bed and continued the healing again.  After the third washroom break, I asked his HS help him hold the washroom business until the session got completed.  Instead of telling me “yes”, his HS told me that this was his training to trust others with closed eyes, and for me this was teaching of being patient.

His HS asked him one more time for washroom break and by this time, he and I were synchronizing our steps in perfect dance movement in harmony in closed eyes.  He succeeded in trusting me.

His childhood memory was not happy one.  The parents were from certain cultural conditioning that they received, specifically his Dad:  work hard, save money, have a good education, get a good grade in school, be a doctor or lawyer, and so on.  While he just wanted to be free, go places, meet new people, expand his views and laugh freely.

With Dad kept watching his progress in life, overwhelmingly suffocated, he left home as soon as he was able after schooling.  In foreign countries, he felt free and able to be himself.  It was easy travelling and earning money by teaching English.  He loved and experienced the life in his way; good and poor.

With pandemic, pulling him back to his home country again, he was faced with the issues that he had to face on after long years:  himself and his parents.

His feeling toward his Dad was one of that repelling his value system.  He felt Dad made him small which he carried a deep emotional scar.  After gone through a few relationships, he experienced of getting hurt by people who happened to have similar characters of his own Dad.  He acquired a huge mental block in trusting others.

His Dad was the catalyst for him to go within, his HS said.  In order to find the joy and truth, he learned he had to go within.  He could not get happiness from others, only from himself.  Of course, many past life experiences, also he carried forward to this life to work things out.  A few past lives, his HS showed were all unhappy in restrictive life, where he had been yearning for freedom.

His HS saw his restoration in trusting others is vital in order to reestablish his power.  As you know, his HS made him exercise many times in the trance with me via the washroom trips.  I felt he really was getting comfortable walking with a blind trust.  He even mentioned later that he was getting very good at walking in a blind trust, “almost fun” he said.

It was a good lesson for him.  He may not know yet the full impact of that exercise, but it was nicely designed for the maximum effect with the least resistance.