Blinding Road Rage

Tom has unusual road rage unlike we all have sometimes on the roads.  I was curious to find out the origin of that issue.

He went back 600 years to a life as a Native American in Amazon.  Handsome, tall, and had muscular well built body.  Young male with long black braided hair, dark red skin, adorned with piercings on face, nose, and ears.

He was the second son of the chief.  Madly in love with his older brother’s wife, and did not hesitate to make love with her.  His Higher Self (HS) was showing him the graphic moment of blissful love making.  They were in bliss!  She loved him too!

You can imagine how his elder brother felt!  One day his older brother ambushed, waited a moment, and hit Tom’s neck with a hatch with tremendous force.   Tom felt the thud on his neck, then piercing pain on his back of a knife.  His brother killed him in a blinding rage.

Neck and back pain were one of his physical issues, the origin was shown and his HS released the trauma and pain as well and the release looked as if all of the pains were blown away like pixelated form.

When Tom was dying at that time, he saw his brother was in remorse, deep regret and anger at himself to kill his beloved younger brother.  And Tom took his brother’s blinding rage with him, carried over to this current life.

The road rage that he has been feeling has not been his, it was his brother’s and all the people on the road.  He being feeling for other people, he has been feeling theirs all these time.

Good understanding of why he has it and also pain got all released for good, now he is happy that he is finally free from that discomforts.

Good for him!

Cat Allergy

We are going back to Egypt about 1000 years ago to find the origin of Nick’s cat allergy.

Life was good, enjoyed the luxury of the life offered, working as a healer for royalty.  Also blessed with a loving wife, adorable children, and a few cats.

Good looking male, bald head, amulet on his neck signifying the important status of his ability.  Wore woven gown with golden trim, leather sandals on his feet.

His married life was good, really not much to complain.  One thing he was craving was he was never totally satisfied with his wife for intimacy.  He did not get what he needed or wanted.  He could not express whole heartedly to his wife.

There were rules and regulations he had to abide; he could not repress any longer.  He wanted more.  He found another woman with whom he could be himself, felt the freedom to express his desires, he did not have to be somebody what the society expected of.

He loved his wife, but something more the other woman completed for him.

Unfortunately, his wife found that out, and she fell deeply sunk into sorrow and sadness.  She cried, he felt awful, and guilty of his doings.  He apologized and told her he was sorry.

One of the cats, the Siamese cat growled and hissed at him.  It said to him:

“You hurt her, you bastard!”.  He agreed he made it wrong.  But deep inside of him, he was not really sorry, because he loved the feeling of completion by another.

The cat put a curse on him.  The Siamese cat had very special telepathic ability and he heard it saying: “You love me, but you can not have me, because you hurt me, I don’t trust you.  I am not going to hurt you like you did to her, but you are not going to enjoy me”.

Now he understood why and where the allergy came from, his Higher Self (HS) cleared the allergy without any hesitation.

The Siamese cat is now nodding to him, laughed “hahaha” to him and said “it is about time”.

Why do I have Albinism

What is albinism.  The science says it is a disorder passed down in families where the body makes little or none of a substance called melanin.

The type and amount of melanin in your body determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes. Melanin also plays a role in the development and function of the eyes, so people with albinism have vision problems.

The following session story will shine some light on albinism.

A very charming young lady walked in, she has pink hair to my eyes but her hair is blonde!  Further more she has pale skin with African curly hair and lips.

The reason I was so intrigued of her appearance was something about her appearance was surreal to me.  Beyond the usual norm of fair skin people who I have acquainted with prior.

Her life story started from Africa, born with African parents.  Her skin tone was so pale, she was a subject of a ridicule to neighbors and classmates. 

She was telling me her school years were somewhat scary and alone, for people always made a fun of her skin tone.

Some years later, she came to Canada where pale skin people are appreciated and her career has blossomed with no more ridiculing comments of her skin color.

Somehow with pale skin, she has unwanted eye sight issues where her eye sights are not clear even with the glasses.

She slipped into a past life very nicely, describing all the details of the life.  The life of a soldier, young healthy male with family.  Very loyal subject to his king.

One day neighboring village attacked and he had to go for a war.  Safely tucked his family in a hiding place and he left them. 

Now done up with armors on the body, metal helmet, a spear and armor on the hands as well, and the boots.   Riding horse along with his comrades, battle was fierce.  One by one his comrades fell to the ground and died.

All of a sudden, he fell on a ground, found his stomach was stabbed by enemy spear.

Looking back that life he just left, he felt sadness over that his life was not well lived.  He spent all his life, serving the king, always wanted to be appreciated but never ever received that from his king.  He felt sad what was he living for.  Thinking back some tears dropped, could not help but to realize his life was wasted, this feeling was strong on his mind when he left that life.

His mind was now wanting to be seen, appreciated, no more hidden and no more being never appreciated of his service.  

This life was the result of that decision where having albinism gave her distinct recognition where everyone can see that she is very different from all black community!  Now she is seen.  Now she is recognized.

Her Higher Self (HS) calmed the pressure in her eyes, added melanin in the gene of her eyes, connected to her vision and her eyes starts working with new melanin gene.  Entire restoration will take a few weeks, then her eye sights will be functioning normal.

Oh, about being stabbed in the stomach in the soldier life trauma also has been healed by her Higher Self (HS).

I am only 19, Why did I have a Heart Attack?

A young man in early 20’s came for a QHHT session to solve his heart problem.

The doctors went through rigorous tests and found nothing wrong with his heart save a little inflammation in it.  They found no plague, neither any cut in the organ.

He has had about five or six heart attacks since 19.  He noticed the heart attack occurred only in April and in July!

On top of that he had a stroke a few years ago, lost speech ability so he had to go through speech therapy for a while.

While he was talking about his life experiences with me, I noticed he straightened his back and neck quite often, and told me his back has given him spasms.

Apparently, the spasm starts from the back, moves to the neck then his chest where his heart sits around gets hurt.  He takes several medications due to his heart issue.

He went into a past life around 12th century in Southern Europe, where people were living quite poorly.  They used horses, carriages to transport people or stuff on cobblestone roads. 

With a little coin he had in his pocket, he bought a beautiful bouquet of tulips to his lady, asked her hand and turmoil in the place they had to run away to other areas.  Those were the time of crusades where Europe was unstable for many centuries.

On the way, they had to manage with what they knew with people and his skills.  They, he and his wife kept running away, not feeling safe at any one place.  Eventually they arrived to the place now calls Russia. 

One day out on the street, he was observing whole crowds protest for more food, for they did not have anything to feed the families.  Soldiers were equipped with weapons like spears, heavy bats, arrows and bows.  But people kept marching on and there were many causalities laying on the ground.

One woman with a little baby was shot by a soldier, begging him to save her baby.  He did not know how to help the woman and her baby, for his body was not strong enough to carry them both, so he chose the baby and ran to hide into an ally.

A soldier caught him, threw a spear which went through his back, pulled him out the ally, hooked into the carriage where a horse dragged him on a street.  Apparently, the spear had 6 spokes, hooked his back like a meat hung on a butcher shop.

He died looking up the blue sky, that was his last memory.

His Higher self (HS) told me the reason of showing the life was to tell him, that was the cause of his heart attack and back spasm.   Now that incident happened about nine centuries ago and he was still carrying that trauma to this life!

His HS took the memory of trauma out from his brain and body, put new cells in his heart, removed scar tissues, healed and told us the complete healing will be done in two weeks, he can safely throw the pills after that, and also promised the heart attack and the spasm will never happen again.

So, I asked why he had attacks only in April and in July.  To that the HS said the incident happened in July in Russia, and also in April where the weather of the city he is living now is similar to July in Russia, so his heart remembered and acted accordingly.  Of course, that memory also removed from his heart when the HS was working on his heart. 

About the stroke, the HS said they wanted a “reset” for his system, which took five days, while the HS put him in coma.

Now he understood why spasm started from his back, went up to the neck, came to his heart to feel the attack.

As the entire trauma got healed, he is going to feel strong, ready to live, on top of that he can even run!

Sirian Mom and Reptilian Dad

Fatima is in her 50’s but looks only in 30’s.  She has done extremely well when it comes for her look but I found that she has so many health issues once she started talking about her life.

She has Hashimoto thyroid issue, and CPTSD due to complex long-term traumas with many other health problems.

One thing noticeable is her immense interest in DNA since little.  She tells me encyclopedia was her book to go everyday to look at DNA strands for hours.

Now that’s unusual for a little child’s curiosity that much focused on DNA!

Her Higher Self (HS) explains the Hashimoto is caused by an energy blockage by a device installed by alien grey when she was three (3) years old without her soul consent.  They just installed on her to block her from speaking the truth.  The HS dismantled that and disintegrate them. All gone!  Now she can speak freely.

Regarding CPTSD, she has gone through many traumas caused by her own Earth father, who was Hyde and Jekyll.  Endless nights she was shivering from terror from him by just listening his thumping foot steps, yelling, punching walls or screaming mom.

What we have found out from her HS, her dad agreed with Reptilian to climb up his status in their ranking of hierarchy to allow walk-in from Reptilian daily.  So nice good daddy became nasty offensive devil daily, so entire family gone through hell in that small house producing all children to have CPTSD.

Unbeknown to her mom, dad is Reptilian and agreed to have a daughter seeded from Sirian mom with Reptilian dad, who is Fatima.  Her dad gets brownie points by allowing that in Reptilian world!

An experiment with DNA from Sirian mom’s egg and Reptilian dad’s sperm implemented to create Fatima, installed in her Earth mom’s womb to grow her body. 

As her HS reminded me, not all Reptilians are dark.  Sirian and Reptilians are friends and agreed to experiment to produce a child, later they harvested eggs from Fatima during her years from 20 to 40.  With that they produced many hybrid children.

The experiment produced 12 kids in Reptilian of Orion system, and 9 kids in Sirian system.  They are all in various ages and growing.  While Fatima went up to the ship 9 times to get her eggs being harvested, she has no memory to recall.   

When she was 12, mom and dads’ team installed a honing device after they learned that the grey installed a shackle device on her throat.  So, they can monitor what’s happening to her.  The device was installed through her nose to her head.

The honing device is for them to watch Fatima and her life and it is one way device meaning Fatima can not interact with them.   Even the session that we were having has been also watched by them, and her HS said they are very OK and happy with it. 

Going back to CPTSD, her HS healed her traumas on all levels, wiped and cleansed.  Now she is totally clean.  Now she can sleep well and rested, always feel safe and sound.

Side effects of the healing would be that she will feel tire for two (2) days and there will be no more joint pain or soar body.

Her obsession with DNA is naturally inclined character since she is the product of two (2) geneticist parents:  Sirian mom and Reptilian dad.


Lupus is known as an autoimmune disorder.  Many doctors were describing all the symptoms of the disorder and they all say the cause is unknown.

This is the session story of a woman in 40s who has had lupus since 2021.

More conversation revealed that she was diagnosed by her doctor since she took COVID vaccination.  Not only she trusted in the vaccination, she also allowed her children took that as well.

During the month following after vaccination, she noticed she was losing energy which was unusual, for she used to feel like energy bunny.

Then she started having pain in all joints and they became swollen.  Especially her fingers became like an arthritic and crooked. 

The worst thing she said was not feeling any energy no matter how well she ate or slept.  Oh, and she said her hair started falling, the volume has come back a little bit nowadays but never nearly as before.

Also started noticing her memory failing, not remembering things just happened recently and her eye sights also gets dimming.

This sounds like a story of an old lady whose body is failing everywhere.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed just beautiful purple colors and black void in the space where stars were twinkling.  She felt peaceful and comfortable.  She stayed in that space for a while and her HS never showed any past life.

Later I asked her HS why they never showed any past life.  To that they said she has a fear of seeing any past life, so they never showed any, but helped her relax in a beautiful space where she can relate.

When it comes for the subject of lupus, her HS said she is stubborn to see the world as she wants.  Vaccination effect is to teach her to pursue spiritual way.

In fact, while she was struggling with the lupus, she learned meditation, diligently gave some time to do it daily and has asked answers for her health issues.

According to her HS, she learned the lesson of suffering from the lupus, and her HS healed her which took some time to rid of all those toxins from her body.  And they said all will be good in two (2) weeks.

I asked the HS what about the memory loss and the vision deterioration.  Her HS said that these two issues are side effect from taking the medication.  She needs to stop the medication immediately.  There will be no side effect of stopping the medication, but will feel only better.

Also, her HS said her children’s menstrual cramps are the effect from the vaccination.  Her HS went right into heal their bodies as well.  Shortly after, the HS claimed that they are all well.

I asked what are the side effects of the healing just being given.  To that the HS said they will only feel better and more energy to do the work and study.

Travel Light

The past life of a lady was absolutely “love” itself.  Her Higher Self (HS) described it as a paradise of the Earth.

The Northern Europe about 16th century, as a wife of a sheep farmer with many children, she was busy working, cooking, making cheese, raising children and tending flocks of sheep.  People there all help each other, cooperate, no fences, all think for the group benefits.  That’s why it was called the paradise of the Earth.

Life was great until her husband never returned from a trip to buy a cow to replace the one died.  He slipped, fell into a gorge, gone from her.

From onward, her life was full of grief of losing her husband whom she loved so very much, carrying responsibility of raising children, and did the chores with the help of her neighbor ladies.

When she was sharing of her life story, she was very articulate and chronological way loaded with lots of the usual human dramas.

She had common female physical discomforts as well as emotional issues such as panic attack, scarcity mindset, anger, loneliness including not belonging in this world, neither in her family. 

Her HS was absolute delight to talk, and has full of wisdom.

Her HS’s frequent words being used were “travel light” and “galactic fire pit”.

Each issue, her HS was explaining the cause, which we found most of them from many past lives, have been stuck in her body.

When it comes for loneliness, her HS was explaining we are never alone, we are surrounded by many souls working for one common purpose for God, who wants to experience Oneself.

Becoming a human, nicely we were arranged to forget, anger arose out of not remembering, we indulge in anger which created high blood pressure in her case, in others, cancer.

Her HS was saying she was angry at movies, lots of traumas of movies.  No need to carry so throw that baggage into the galactic fire pit.  Her HS saying “we are doing a clean sweep; we don’t leave anything behind”.  Also, when anger comes, smell the rose, anger will go away.

Her HS was doing a big sweeping work on her every part of the body, nothing unturned.

“We travel light”, and continued sweeping all the luggage in every part of the body.

Even her HS said we unpack everything in this room where we are conducting the session also goes to the galactic fire pit.

At this moment I had a question that I have experienced for sometime that after sessions I say goodbye to clients, my memory goes out with them.  To that the HS was saying “We clean all baggage from people, in the room nothing remains, we clean everything to the galactic firepit, nothing stays here.  We make it clean, empty everyday, so you live new, ready for the next one”.  So, I said “anything to do with my memory”, to that the HS said “nothing to do with your memory, the baggage is not yours, no need to carry them with you, we, galactic council, masters, make sure they are gone.  You are not supposed to remember, they are not yours.  No need to get stuck with other people’s luggage.  We make it clean, nothing remains here, you travel light, we do a clean sweep.  We make it empty cup, empty vessel everyday”.

Metal Allergy

Highly intelligent young lady was wondering why she has been allergic to metals.  I found this allergy issue absolutely interesting, for most people have allergies to foods, but metal?

She was telling me when she was 23 years old, her skin started developing rash over her body and her left middle finger’s skin started to feel dry and itchy.  She finally found that any necklace, rings or ornaments made in metal on her body only had reactions but even without metal, her body still rashes on and off, though much less reaction nowadays she said.

Huge credit goes to her keen observation on her body.

Interestingly to her intelligence, still her left finger’s itchiness and dryness did not leave her how little metallic substance ornaments she has had on her body; made no dent in the symptom.  

Her Higher Self (HS) was eager to show her many lives in short snippets to deliver her the origins of all her issues.  She was busy describing images flooding to her, and I was busy asking her questions throughout.  We worked great as a team!

She saw a small town, a lot of people were running around on streets, screaming, obviously chaos was evident.  Some dead people on streets, and burning smells.  A young teenage boy was running toward her, now noticed herself as a young male, wore black booths, green and brown sort of army uniform, right hand was in trouble, painful.

The young teenager helped and carried him by arms to his house, laid him on the floor.  He wrapped the soldier’s right hand with some clothe bandage, left him on a floor, and gone to somewhere.  The soldier was exhausted, closed his eyes, felt pain on right hand waiting for the boy returning to him.

Next thing he noticed was he was dead there on the floor. 

Her HS came without any hesitation, explained why all the different scenes were shown, and the healing work also followed with them.

When it came to the soldier life about right-arm injury, her HS revealed that that’s where her metal allergy started.  “Please tell me more”, I asked.  The HS said a bullet went through the right arm and at the time it exploded into many pieces, a small piece of metal flew and lodged in her left third finger made her feel itchy and dryness on it in this life. 

Then I asked:  Why the allergy started at the age of 23?   To that question, that’s the age she died at that life which was WW II in Europe.

Also, I was curious about the young teenage boy who helped him is whether in her current life, to that her HS said he is not in her current life.

Now, her HS showed the origin of the issue, no more reason for her to suffer any more, willingly healed her from that discomfort.

After she was brought out to full consciousness, her attention went right to the troubled body parts, and noticed that they were free from rashes, itchiness and dryness.  She was so grateful for the happy result.

Her HS healed all her other physical discomforts.  Interesting thing was her discomforts originated from all different life times and yet, healing was all accomplished in one session completely.

Good for her!

The Solar Flares

Solar flares are happening all the times, big or small.  The solar flares that I am going to address today is the big one coming in about 20 years from now.

Science tells us it is when the energy stored in the Sun’s magnetic fields explodes and these explosions are called solar flares.

Higher Self (HS) of a client said the purpose of solar flares being created due to the Source wishes to experience another way than the current situation. 

Then what are the effects of the flares.  Needless to say, our power grid will go down, anything electrical will be out and disrupted:  GPS systems, communication with planes in flight and satellite-based technologies, car, internet, phones, mobile phones, fridge, stove, dryer, washer, TV, A/C, heating and the list goes on.

Also affecting water and food distribution, sewage disposal and a whole lot of other aspects of the infrastructure we take for granted daily.

The heat from the Sun flares will be melting all glaciers, snows, shifting the tectonic plates will create floods, water everywhere, chaos, earthquakes, and natural disasters.

Then how does solar flares make that effect?  To that question, the HS said solar flares carry energetic imprints or patterns with them tend to create some change which was needed on the Earth.

Energetic patterns or imprints carry certain code in order to maintain the balance in the dimension.  The pattern/imprint contains the message of destructive, empower or harmonious.  When it hits, depends on imprints, the result will be created.  When the code does not match, detoxing occurs.

For example, we, all are effects in the range of meeting point or energetic check-in:  the energetic imprints say, hey, I’m currently here, where are you, are you going to meet me there, if not, then this is the impact, or consequence.  This is an energetic check in.

The Sun and the Source energy directly are connected with each other.  The Source wishes to experience a certain way, the Sun receives that energy, sends that energy off to everything else.

The Source wants to experience Itself in a way where a life is catered to, life to flourish.  If not matching, bring them all back to the Source.  The Source is constantly upgrading and shifting.

The next reset will occur around or before 20 years from now and the Source is making the shift again.  The huge jump pulls us the Earth, to a new different vibration, which the Earth has never experienced before.  It will be a huge jump to repurpose for something else.

To the planet, it will be a bit of shock to the system, and it has never experienced this before.  However, it is meant for highest good for all, the Earth.

So, are we all going to die, I asked.  The HS said: to prepare for the big shift, we are to go inward.  Meeting the Source energy within us.  Focus on that vibe.  Accepting what’s coming, and moving to that direction.

People who are evolved, they will have a choice to stay to help build the life again or return to the Source, and people who are not evolved, they all go back to the Source.

Awakening will take place.  Huge shift will occur. Guidance from other planets, and ETs to more humans, that will create to speed up this vibration.  Lots of benevolent ETs are protecting, helping, assuring, and preparing us.  We will be well prepared.

All right, the big shift happened, then what are the changes are we going to experience in the future.  To that HS said: We won’t need food to sustain.  Humans will consume liquid-like sustenance.  Water, a different form that will energize the system.  Some grains or vegetables exist, however not much food is required to sustain, and will be reduced to minimal. 

Humans find no need to call someone or text to communicate.  Humans will tap into other ways to communicate.  For example, use the psionic abilities we never bothered to improve.

Now we use electricity extensively but, in the future, we will do a lot with water which will act as energy to transform to create the form required.  Water powers everything.

Now I delivered the message to you all.