An Experiment

“Messages from Water” by Dr. Emoto left an awe-inspiring imprint in my mind.  Last year, a friend of mine showed me the jars of “I love you” and “I hate you” with grain experiment.   Looking at the hate jar, covered by several spots of thick blackness in it, you can’t help feeling tremendous compassion toward to the hate jar.  The love jar meantime showed white blossoms.  That inspired me to do my own experiment.

I poured 10 Table spoonsful of brown rice in two separate glass jars, labeled one “I Love U”, the other, “I Hate U”.  Nicely left them on windowsill for a little over three months.  Occasionally looked at them, but I did not notice any activities from the jars.  All these times, I simply looked at the jars here and there, did not apply any feelings of “love”, nor “hate”.  I figured the labels itself would be doing the job.


      The first day of the experiment

One day, the friend made a visit, mentioned to me that I had to put the cooked rice in the beginning, so that I could observe their fermentation!  Well, the rice was in the appropriate jars already; I would not be cooking them together from love and hate jar; that would make them (the rice grains) confused; so instead; I poured equal amount of boiled water into each jar.

In one week, I saw the noticeable difference in each jar.  The love jar showed white blossoms and the hate jar showed spots of dark green formation. 


O ne week after the boiled water.  Love jar

One week after the boiled water-Hate jar

Another week later, the two jars have manifested totally different world in it!

2 weeks later-Love jar
2weeks later-hate jar


For all those three months where they did not have any water to create visibly their world of “Love” and “Hate” for me to see, I would surmise they indeed absorbed the vibrations of each word; and when the circumstance became favorable (after I poured boiled water); they showed to the world what the words meant to them.

It might be an excellent practice to hold the appropriate jar when you feel extreme joy and happiness to your love jar, and extreme negative emotions to not liking someone, hold the hate jar.  The grains will show even more their responses by creating thick blue-blackness to the hate jar, more white blossoms to the love jar.

When you become more ambitious, you could make jar for each emotion, such as:  jar of peace, jar of thank you, jar of anxiety, jar of depression, jar of compassion, and so on.  That would be an exciting and eye-opening experiment!  Not only they are exciting experiment but also you have a jar to release any of your intense feelings.  That would be a marvelous experiment.  Using grain is easier to use for ordinary people than water molecule, which requires microscope, something most people do not have easy access. 

If you continue this experiment for longer period of time, they might show you something else.  In my experiment, I simply labelled them and you saw the result of it as seen in the photos shown here.  

It has been an awe-struck moment of realization how important to use loving words.

I have read, heard and watched articles on the power of words, there is no better way of indelibly ingrain in my mind the reality when I see for myself doing my own experiment.

Totally got it!

It has been a valuable experience that I have done this experiment.  There is no better way.  I highly suggest you experiment it for yourself; you will feel all over in your being what words feel to you and to others.   


Back when he was about two, his memory is vivid that he was in a playground on a spaceship playing with other little kids in the center of the spaceship floor.

His Higher Self (HS) showed one of his past life, where he was so bored to tears, for his father was incredibly wealthy and he had nothing to do!  He described of his huge home contained a water pool of the shape of round circle in the middle of the main floor for his children to play.

Later we found out his past life home was akin to his memory of the ship where he was taken up in this current life.  He was amused of how similar the structure of the pool was with the spaceship playing ground.

The following is what we found out through Cory’s Higher Self (HS).

When he was about two years old in this current life, he was disappeared from the place where he was playing near to his family, and was taken up to the spaceship.  The space ships from the Semu planet that are patrolling the Earth, and there are hundreds of them.

He was from the planet called Semu, his HS spelled it for me so that I clearly get the name.  The planet is in closer proximity to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Many many light years away from the Earth.  The Milky Way Galaxy has about 100 billion planets, about 500 million out of them support life which our scientists estimate.

The Semu is one of the planets that has life, not seen in any star maps that we have in our current star knowledge.  The Earth is just in one of the outer arms of the galaxy, where darkness prevail for it is far out from the light core of the galaxy.

                                                 Image courtesy of

The Semu planet is very far advanced by million years ahead of the Earth.  They specialize in Intergalactic travel.   Their body genetics allow fast healing that explains why Cory has experienced fast healing if any part of his body got hurt.

Cory had lived in the planet 1400 years ago just before he decided to have some Earth experience and Sahara Desert life was the first one of the many of his Earth life experiences and he has been learning very well what are Earth life like.  He is here to learn love, helping others by being good to others.

He lived up there in the Semu mostly doing research plants as a scientist via inter galactic research, to find food for other life in other planets in the galaxy like human species on the Earth.  He grew plants for food.

Semu beings do not eat food in general.  They live in dimension between three and four, they use energy and only some eat.  Being abundant with energy so close to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is much easier to use the energy.  That is why they are in white light, unlike the Earth which is in the outer arm of the galaxy where the planet is in dark, in lack of energy and limited.

The Semu being has the body of dark hard shell-like blue skin, very tall, skinny, big round eyes with two antennas on its head.  They stand on two feet, 2 fingers and 2 toes.   Their skin is blue due to their blood does not need oxygen, when it needs oxygen, it is red like human’s.  The drawing below shows how tall they are.  The little box on the right bottom is the height of Corey.

            The Semu being drawn by the client

Their planet looks like the Earth.  But most of them live in ships.  Unlike many of the beings from other planets, Corey does not receive downloads from them though his family is up there in Semu, not much communication with him, because they know it does not do any good if they have an ongoing communication with him, for they want him to focus on this current life.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Becca is in medical field helping people understand what is COVID-19 and what are the benefits of the vaccination.    She finds people get confused which vaccine is better for them, and what are the side effects.

It seems only natural why the public is so concerned, after all we have been in so many lockdowns for so long and been wearing masks about a year, got deprived of our time together with friends and loved ones.

We cannot even enjoy a cup of coffee sitting down, we have to bite our lunches standing on feet on a cold snowy street, gulping down the coffee not knowing where you can put a cup while you have sandwich in your other hand.  This does not definitely portray of enjoying life scene.

She informed me that she received the vaccination some time ago.  Of course, my first curiosity was how has her body been feeling after the vaccination.  Becca said “no difference”.

She was curious more about the vaccination, so I asked questions to her Higher Self (HS).

Soo      What are the benefits of taking vaccination?

HS       Stop the spread.

Soo      Anything else?

HS       That’s it.

Soo      What are the effects of taking that?

HS       There are some physical damages on physical tissue, lymph nodes and arm pit.

Soo      How to heal the damages?

HS       Eat food that are non-toxic and exercise.

Soo      If the person follows the advice of yours, how long will it take to complete recovery.

HS       7 to 8 months.

Soo      What if a person decides not to take the vaccine?

HS       The person might get sick.

Soo      From where you see things, do all older people require vaccination?

HS       Some need.

Soo      How can you tell certain older folks require vaccine?

HS       You cannot distinguish.  But the damage will heal.

Soo      What about the talk making it mandatory to take the vaccine?

HS       Not mandatory.  Most people do not need it.

Soo      What about travel limitation.  If not taken the vaccine, you cannot aboard the plane I hear.

HS       That might affect about 1-2 years, more like 2 years.

Soo      You mean we cannot get on the plane unless you are proven that you took the vaccine?

HS       In some countries, it might take about 2 years, after that no more vaccine requirement.

Soo      What about wearing masks, for how much longer?

HS       For 2 more years.

Soo      What is the difference between flue and COVID-19?

HS       COVID-19 is more contagious.

Soo      What about the variants?

HS       Not all to worry. 

Soo      Any difference in vaccines on the market?

HS       Mostly same.

Soo      What is the teaching of COVID-19?

HS       People spread fear.  Some make money through fear and greed.  People learn about money, greed, obedience.

We are on the same page

Conversation on Jen’s experience before the session, during the trance, after the trance, effects of the session. Benefits of listening the session recording often.

Setting Healthy Boundary

Without conscious effort, able to set the healthy boundary, providing help and understanding for others instead of absorbing other’s energy. Enjoy the moment of what life offers. Respecting more, and loving self more. Appreciate life journey. Finds less ego, less reaction, less selfishness, less analyzing, more feeling, and kinder to the self. Sleep better, feeling refreshed, more being in a peaceful state of mind.

Second Session

Ayanda shares her experience on having her second session.

Coming from having one session already, on the second time around this was how her mind, ego and her Higher Self were chatting inside of her.

A Blind Trust

This article is not about investment, nor a movie.  It is about a session I conducted recently which I was actively involved in helping client’s healing.

Raphael is handsome, tall, and has long dark hair.  He can make a great fashion model.  I said he should be thankful to his parents for giving him such a beautiful vessel.  To that he agreed with a big broad smile.

Details of his life were brought out, talked about, some tears were shed and much understanding was realized during the conversation and a whole lot of negativities were released.  Talking about release, he certainly accomplished!  During the interview, his visits to the washroom were far more frequent, felt almost like every other minute.  I have never had any client going to the washroom that many times so far.  It was a good indication that he was relaxed and his Higher Self (HS) was working on him already.

More surprises were in store, which I never even guessed.

He was in a nice relaxation, deep in trance with his HS who was already actively healing him and told us the information that we needed to know.

In the middle of healing, he said “I have to go pee”.   All right, with closed eyes, I guided him to the washroom, back to the bed, continued healing and information was given.  Again, he said he needed to go to the washroom.  Closed eyes, I guided him to the washroom, back to the bed and continued the healing again.  After the third washroom break, I asked his HS help him hold the washroom business until the session got completed.  Instead of telling me “yes”, his HS told me that this was his training to trust others with closed eyes, and for me this was teaching of being patient.

His HS asked him one more time for washroom break and by this time, he and I were synchronizing our steps in perfect dance movement in harmony in closed eyes.  He succeeded in trusting me.

His childhood memory was not happy one.  The parents were from certain cultural conditioning that they received, specifically his Dad:  work hard, save money, have a good education, get a good grade in school, be a doctor or lawyer, and so on.  While he just wanted to be free, go places, meet new people, expand his views and laugh freely.

With Dad kept watching his progress in life, overwhelmingly suffocated, he left home as soon as he was able after schooling.  In foreign countries, he felt free and able to be himself.  It was easy travelling and earning money by teaching English.  He loved and experienced the life in his way; good and poor.

With pandemic, pulling him back to his home country again, he was faced with the issues that he had to face on after long years:  himself and his parents.

His feeling toward his Dad was one of that repelling his value system.  He felt Dad made him small which he carried a deep emotional scar.  After gone through a few relationships, he experienced of getting hurt by people who happened to have similar characters of his own Dad.  He acquired a huge mental block in trusting others.

His Dad was the catalyst for him to go within, his HS said.  In order to find the joy and truth, he learned he had to go within.  He could not get happiness from others, only from himself.  Of course, many past life experiences, also he carried forward to this life to work things out.  A few past lives, his HS showed were all unhappy in restrictive life, where he had been yearning for freedom.

His HS saw his restoration in trusting others is vital in order to reestablish his power.  As you know, his HS made him exercise many times in the trance with me via the washroom trips.  I felt he really was getting comfortable walking with a blind trust.  He even mentioned later that he was getting very good at walking in a blind trust, “almost fun” he said.

It was a good lesson for him.  He may not know yet the full impact of that exercise, but it was nicely designed for the maximum effect with the least resistance.

Pleiadian Hybrid

Her giggles and smiles were contagious.   Before I realized, I was giggling and smiling with her. She exuded happiness.  Finally, my brain told me to ask her reason for coming in for a session and started earnest questioning.  Her giggles had that much impact on me.  If you meet her, you would fall in her magic spell as well, I am certain.

Lily had no physical issue; healthy and vibrant.  Her interest on finding out why her dreaming of spaceships happened often.  She was wondering what was that all about or was it a product of her imagination.

She had another interest to find out was her feeling guilty when she bought things for her.  Why?  She was asking.  She said she earned her own money and spent on her, and why feeling guilty.  Very interesting indeed, we shall find it out, I said.

After her Mom’s remarriage, her grandparents looked after her many years until she became an adult. Grandpa dotted her, and only loving her was all that he did for her.  Grandma took over the discipline, for the purpose of molding her into a responsible adult.  Among her Grandma’s utterance were:

Your needs are not that important.

Always consider other’s first.

Sit straight.

Be a good girl.

Don’t be heard, nor seen.

Quite familiar disciplinary words coming from certain cultures.  Those words were imprinted on her mind and affected her feeling when she spent money on something for her.  Lily said when she spent money for others, there was no guilt trip.  You can see now why.

Another interesting aspect of Lily’s life was something to do with aliens.  Like most of the population, on the view of extra-terrestrials (ETs), or aliens, she had some fascination and fear of them.  Interestingly, I found her history of contacting aliens had been often, even in her past life, she was taken to the spaceship.

In the past life, ETs took her up to the ship and they downloaded her brain activities.  Grey, the ETs of the life, they lost ability to reproduce their children, who are now all produced in the lab.  Also, emotion is rarity for them.  To educate their children on emotions, they need human’s help, thus downloading was necessary task for them.

ETs always obtain prior consent of the people who help them.  ETs adhere to that protocol.  Again, in the creation, we are reminded that free will is the most important thing and “no interference” is the golden rule of the Cosmos.

The contacts with ETs are always done with people’s permission, quite often the approval had been obtained before they came into this life.  So, people’s mind knows no surprise.  If surprise gets into human mind, get agitated and frightened, it is because the memory was hidden.  Using QHHT modality, we can find that very easily.  You can imagine the relief of the clients, if they came from agitation and fear, only realized they had given the permission prior.

In this current life, she dreamt seeing spaceships but I found out that she had a real encounter with a Pleiadian ship when she was having a holiday at a resort.  This is how ETs are working for the subject to forget the incidence only to remember it as a dream if they remember.  Quite often they don’t even know that they were taken away for a while.

Her Higher Self (HS) said she has deep connection with the Pleiadian.  Not only she lived in the planet, also, she agreed to contribute her egg to create a hybrid in Pleiades.  When she was at her resort, they came and harvested the best egg from her.  The harvesting procedure left no scar, using very gentle method.  I asked if she could see the child, to that her HS said it was not the right time to see the child, nor get any information on the child yet.  They assured when the right time coming, they will let her meet the child.

More interesting thing is in the current life she was conceived of Pleiadian’s seed which was inserted into her Mom’s egg.  So, she is a Pleiadian hybrid.

Usually, hybrids are known for their special abilities, such as Clair: senses, voyant, and many more psychic abilities, and she was looking for any of those abilities in her.  At the moment, that is not her purpose.  She is here to live everyday in happiness.  When people see her and feel the joy of just being with her, as I have experienced when I met her.

Her HS removed her grandma’s conditioning from her brain.  At the post talk, I informed that news to her, she was in such a joy and exclaimed that “Now I am going to go out and spend some money on me today!”.

The drama of the Cosmos continues.