Pleiadian Hybrid

Her giggles and smiles were contagious.   Before I realized, I was giggling and smiling with her. She exuded happiness.  Finally, my brain told me to ask her reason for coming in for a session and started earnest questioning.  Her giggles had that much impact on me.  If you meet her, you would fall in her magic spell as well, I am certain.

Lily had no physical issue; healthy and vibrant.  Her interest on finding out why her dreaming of spaceships happened often.  She was wondering what was that all about or was it a product of her imagination.

She had another interest to find out was her feeling guilty when she bought things for her.  Why?  She was asking.  She said she earned her own money and spent on her, and why feeling guilty.  Very interesting indeed, we shall find it out, I said.

After her Mom’s remarriage, her grandparents looked after her many years until she became an adult. Grandpa dotted her, and only loving her was all that he did for her.  Grandma took over the discipline, for the purpose of molding her into a responsible adult.  Among her Grandma’s utterance were:

Your needs are not that important.

Always consider other’s first.

Sit straight.

Be a good girl.

Don’t be heard, nor seen.

Quite familiar disciplinary words coming from certain cultures.  Those words were imprinted on her mind and affected her feeling when she spent money on something for her.  Lily said when she spent money for others, there was no guilt trip.  You can see now why.

Another interesting aspect of Lily’s life was something to do with aliens.  Like most of the population, on the view of extra-terrestrials (ETs), or aliens, she had some fascination and fear of them.  Interestingly, I found her history of contacting aliens had been often, even in her past life, she was taken to the spaceship.

In the past life, ETs took her up to the ship and they downloaded her brain activities.  Grey, the ETs of the life, they lost ability to reproduce their children, who are now all produced in the lab.  Also, emotion is rarity for them.  To educate their children on emotions, they need human’s help, thus downloading was necessary task for them.

ETs always obtain prior consent of the people who help them.  ETs adhere to that protocol.  Again, in the creation, we are reminded that free will is the most important thing and “no interference” is the golden rule of the Cosmos.

The contacts with ETs are always done with people’s permission, quite often the approval had been obtained before they came into this life.  So, people’s mind knows no surprise.  If surprise gets into human mind, get agitated and frightened, it is because the memory was hidden.  Using QHHT modality, we can find that very easily.  You can imagine the relief of the clients, if they came from agitation and fear, only realized they had given the permission prior.

In this current life, she dreamt seeing spaceships but I found out that she had a real encounter with a Pleiadian ship when she was having a holiday at a resort.  This is how ETs are working for the subject to forget the incidence only to remember it as a dream if they remember.  Quite often they don’t even know that they were taken away for a while.

Her Higher Self (HS) said she has deep connection with the Pleiadian.  Not only she lived in the planet, also, she agreed to contribute her egg to create a hybrid in Pleiades.  When she was at her resort, they came and harvested the best egg from her.  The harvesting procedure left no scar, using very gentle method.  I asked if she could see the child, to that her HS said it was not the right time to see the child, nor get any information on the child yet.  They assured when the right time coming, they will let her meet the child.

More interesting thing is in the current life she was conceived of Pleiadian’s seed which was inserted into her Mom’s egg.  So, she is a Pleiadian hybrid.

Usually, hybrids are known for their special abilities, such as Clair: senses, voyant, and many more psychic abilities, and she was looking for any of those abilities in her.  At the moment, that is not her purpose.  She is here to live everyday in happiness.  When people see her and feel the joy of just being with her, as I have experienced when I met her.

Her HS removed her grandma’s conditioning from her brain.  At the post talk, I informed that news to her, she was in such a joy and exclaimed that “Now I am going to go out and spend some money on me today!”.

The drama of the Cosmos continues.

The Bed

Her husband works hard in a mining field to support his family:  wife and two children.  His fellow miners and he wear gray overalls, all dirty with many dusts, and coals.

Corinne loves him, and he is her life.  When he returns from his work, she helps him unwinding with calming his worries of work or financial stress.  Though he is physically tired, he never forgets asking how has been her day and never forgets to play with the children.  His eyes are full of love.  The house is warm; and there is love; they are feeling safe.

They live in a mining town and her family is the only house around it.  No neighbors are close by.  Corinne sometimes worries about her kids not learning any social skills adequately, or not developing properly.  They have to be there because of his work and for financial reason.

They have a small two-story house, very plain house with fire stoves, one in the kitchen and the other in her bedroom upstairs.  Kids complain food being boring because they only able to afford vegetable stews or bread and no meat.  But it has warmth and love in it.

In her bedroom, she has a big, beautiful wooden bed with four posts covered with a canopy.  She loves this bed, it was a gift from her husband, who made it for her.

More special about the bed is; it is made of the tree where they shared the tender moments.  This was a very old tree, with big trunk and many big branches.  In summer it brought many green leaves, breeze through the leaves was so enchanting,

They met at the tree, talked hours together for anything and everything; sat and just watched the sky or the stars; her husband confessed his love to her; proposed to her; even on the wedding day they sat under the tree; and just looked at each other; only love was spoken through their eyes.

The tree is love for her; it represents love.  The tree knows them, about them, has memory of them too.  He made the bed out of the tree.  Only love she can feel with this bed.

Her relationship with her own family has not been harmonious.  Even wedding day, they did not come.  No guests were there, just two of them made a promise to love each other forever.  Her mother specifically selected a suitor, and wanted her to marry him from wealthy with high status in the society so that they could get benefit financially from in laws.  Her mother resented her wedding to her husband who did not meet any of those requirements.  Corinne has always been feeling cold wave from her mom.

Later in life, she finds herself alone.  Her husband passed away from lung problem; children grew up and moved away.  Reflecting on her life, she regrets that she did not make any friends.  She has been living in the same house; never worked; never invited her husband’s coworkers either.  She did not let anyone in.  She isolated her family from outside.

On the last day, old and sick, she is lying on the bed that her husband made of the tree, feeling in love and content. Because the bed contains so much of their love.  She feels him; love is everywhere.  The tree contains all of their love, his love, surrounding her with love and feeling protected.

Having seen how she managed that life; she recognizes many things more clearly:

Why certain people has pushed her emotions to extreme; made her go down to the road of depression; and doubt about her ability.

She learned who and what she has to work on to build better relationship.

She is able to get in touch with her emotions easily and spontaneously to release her pent-up tears to flow.  Wondering where so much tears have been stored!

She knows what is her life purpose.

She knows who is going to be her life partner and what kind of family she will be having in the future.

Her physical discomforts throughout her body, she learned what they meant, why she had to experience them, what was the cause, and what she has to develop to see her life in wiser perspective.

Life seems to be more promising, and plans to move forward without worries and fears.

Now she feels for the first time in her life that she can fully enjoy her life as is.

A Blue Baby

Alberto seemed a happy young man at a glance with good looks, broad smiles and kind eyes.  I asked him to talk about his life, as that is my work asking questions of people’s life so that I can address better questions when I meet their Higher Self (HS).  He was very annoyed and retorted back to me asking why did I have to know.

With some explanations why I needed to know, he relaxed a bit and told me that he felt he had to “go to a war and fight” whenever he exposed himself to another.  Now that was different!  So, I gave him a choice to go to a war with me, or he could go home.  At that, he changed his attitude drastically, and said to me he wanted to do the session and would go to a war.

All right, so his life story started to unveil.  His main issue was having huge fear with feeling unsafe, to the point of not investing any of his emotions on anything, be it relationship, or work.  Needless to say, he had been feeling empty inside as long as he remembered.

When he visited a past life, this was his experience:

He sees a grey plaine surface. There is nothing there, save everything is blue, all blue color even his own body. He has no gender (no gender, for the story I address his gender as he). He is not a human but an alien.  He feels he came home but doesn’t know what this place is.  He recognizes this is his home, but cannot recognize it as such.  He feels he is outcast though he is at home. Then tears are flowing and sniffling, keeps saying he does not belong there, feeling so sad.

He notices that he is young, and has healthy long thin body; skinny blue long thin arms and fingers; triangular head; big dark blue eyes; a little dent for nose and no opening of mouth.  Skinny Long back, and skinny long neck are all blue in color.  He has bug legs, and walks like a frog. When he puts his feet on the surface, it feels like clay, but not clay.  Not a pleasant feeling to be on.

He is looking at the base now where he is, and his home is somewhere else, where there is love, but has forgotten where that is.  Again, more tears and sniffling.

Next scene, he realizes that he is a little blue baby dropped from the spaceship which has been on expedition to the Earth to impart a technology for Earth people.  He got rolled out by accident from the ship, on the Earth ground, he is looking at a bunch of barbarians coming from a horizon.  These barbarians do the killing, rob, and do other horrendous things.  This is where the origin of fear imprinted in his soul.  He feels intense danger and fright.

The baby with no power, unable to do anything, not even able to walk or being groomed enough to do anything.  The baby knows he is going to die and died there alone, feeling powerless, and hopeless.

He is from the planet Sirius C, which is his origin, his home planet.  People in Sirius C are inventors, they invent and share them with other beings on other planets.  One of the clean technologies they want to bring to human at the time of expedition when the blue baby rolled out of the spaceship was to teach how to clean the Earth environment with free floating tool using the air and water only, leaving no pollutions, no disposables, and no need of power plants to do the job.  A few people know of this technology but majority of people are not ready yet to embrace it.

Since he got traumatized with the fear of feeling unsafe energy stuck in his body on his solar plexus, heart and sacral chakra, his HS has solved that issue by using golden hook.  With golden hook, place it through the spine, go down all the way to the root chakra, and start taking all the dark gunky energy from the root chakra, from sacral chakra, from heart chakra, and let them out through the opening of the heart.  All stuck energy was cleaned out.

Also, his HS planted seeds of bright light in his heart and solar plexus, advised him to give more air, so it will grow big, eventually the bright light overpowering the darkness in his chest by breathing the air into it, and give it attention. He will be free in six months from the issue.  Also, rub the rose oil on the chest every day, give loving thought of self-love to him.

When we were at the post talk over coffee, he mentioned that he could feel the bright seeds in his chest were growing bigger and beamed from ear to ear.

Recessive Gene

For a past life review, the client went about 4000 years back in Africa enjoying a posh and happy life. 

Born as a princess with robust and gorgeous figure; had deep sense of caring her people and wisdom beyond her age, she was much loved.  King, her father as her best supporter in all things that she did, life was perfect!

Her father arranged a marriage with a man who had blue eyes.  When she met him for the first time, she was very surprised and exclaimed a “black man having blue eyes!”.  That feature was the significance for her Dad choosing him as her partner.  She also saw many of her people having orange, and blue hair as well.  She felt that were very interesting features of her people.  She continued living as a princess; to a queen; to a mother; then as a grandma; her life was very comfortable, and lovely all the way to ripe old age of 200.

(Courtesy of

When I met the client’s Higher Self (HS), I inquired how the blue eyes with the black man came about.

HS       About 10,000 years ago, interbreeding human with ET (extra-terrestrial) entity in a galaxy created blue eye feature.  It has seen as people afraid of them with blue eyes.  Blue eye feature is recessive.  If feared, people are not going to have interest in you, thus less become prevalent in the society.

HS       White people with blue eyes was considered desirable.  You have to have both parents having recessive genes to get blue eyes.  But seen as feared, they are not going to interbreed much.  So, it becomes very rare.

Soo     Why scared?

HS       It looked scary.  They do not look human.  People were wondering where do you come from, and they don’t want to do anything with them.  In older Egyptian time, they communicated with ETs and they were open with them.  During dark ages, people got afraid of anything to do with ETs and removed all features from ET origin.

HS       Recessive genes, brought in from other being (ET) to interbreed with human.  Intergalactic breeding still happens.

HS       It has to do with bringing genes from DNA.  It can happen in three ways:  First, physical embryonic intervention. Human mother with ET father, or vice versa.

HS       Second, vibrational intervention.  Parents have normal conception, and ET beam to embryo carries new DNA come through, allow child to have out of this world feature.

HS       Third, with human parents; embryo forms normally; and ET material injected and modified by taken them on ship to get embryo has new gene or cell.  This intervention of vibration takes slowly, so as not to take free will entirely. But taking initial free will most likely, because these souls have connection with ETs.  They already agreed to go through this process.

Soo     What is recessive gene?

HS       Both parents sharing the same gene for you to have gene function.  Blue gene from both parents.  To save the race, they interbreed with the same.  We are creating new races altogether; interbreeding is encouraged to allow new race to emerge.  It is happening already in many cultures.

This was new to me and was not aware of that feature until much later the session was over and we, client and I, looked up the internet, found there are people who have that feature in the continent.

The definition of recessive gene from two different websites for your reference.


A recessive gene is a gene whose effects are masked in the presence of a dominant gene. Every organism that has DNA packed into chromosomes has two alleles, or forms of a gene, for each gene: one inherited from their mother, and one inherited from their father. A recessive gene is only expressed when an organism has two recessive alleles for that gene. This is also known as being homozygous recessive. If an organism has one dominant and one recessive allele, it will show the dominant trait.


Recessive is a quality found in the relationship between two versions of a gene. Individuals receive one version of a gene, called an allele, from each parent. If the alleles are different, the dominant allele will be expressed, while the effect of the other allele, called recessive, is masked. In the case of a recessive genetic disorder, an individual must inherit two copies of the mutated allele in order for the disease to be present.

Burst out!

Some years ago, Yuyan was in a big car accident.  Her body was in a total wreck with broken bones all over.  She did not remember how many days she was in ICU.  Doctors of all specialities were called in and repaired her body. 

Decades later, she finds her visits to the doctors have been her fulltime work.  During these years, she has studied on nutrition, human anatomy, psychology and more.  And she has implemented the knowledge she gained on herself and now consumes almost all foods from organic source.   In so doing, she has amassed huge amount of medical knowledge; she could easily be thought of as one of the medical professionals.  Since her body having gone through numerous operations and still take various medications is telling her that she is under intense discomforts.  During the interview with her, I saw her wincing often because of it.

With strong sense of keeping herself in a positive state, she has been seen as a person of strength, upbeat, and motivator.   She frequently gives out power talk to whoever she feels they need it.

Several years ago, her Dad passed away, which devastated her.  Her love for him was special; she’s been missing him; longing to see him.

So now she has burning question on why that accident occurred; help her body gets healed from all aches and pains; and pray to meet her Dad through the session.

With all that discomforts in her body, she managed to be free from it, and we were able to navigate a while.


Tears were flooding down from her closed eyes, as if a dam burst out and all that reservoir water was gushing out!

Something huge was happening!  I asked her what it was and what she saw.  Yuan saw her Dad and he told her something significant for her.  Also, he showed; and told her how much he loved her; and disappeared in a flesh!

Needless to say, she was terribly disappointed for not having him long enough.  She had so many things to talk about with him!  Since his passing, she’s been wanting to see him in her dreams, in visions, in whatever form he can manifest for her, to no avail.  This was the first time he came to her!

She was very grateful that he came.  It was such a blessing; she could hardly contain herself.  Joyful and feeling happy; as if she just received a precious Christmas gift; she carried a big smile long after the session.  Her Higher Self (HS) knew what was most important to her and what she dearly desired.

During her time of free from pain, we were able to get the information why she had the car accident and I requested healing to her Higher Self (HS).  Her HS said she signed a contract before she was born to the current life to offer her body for medical doctors to study for medical advancement.  Therefore, her HS had to honor her contract she signed up for to carry forward until it is the time to be released.

What a contract!  A brave soul to embrace all that pain for medical advancement!  Her contract calls for huge respect that the soul offers to such an extent for human evolution.  I sincerely am hoping our medical field has been advanced from her contribution.


The Higher Self (HS) of a client imparted understanding on what is soul and what we are all here to create if we choose to do it.

Memory became possible because the soul lived in the being.  Once the soul finished; upload the knowledge of the being to the memory bank of the universe; in turn they get to be transferred to other universes’ libraries and those information become part of the learning for all beings in the creation.

Being in the highest dimension such as the 9th dimension, they are omnipresent.  That means they can access to every experience ever lived in any possible mode in the creation; access to all of these; you become one with everything; every single experience ever existed.  You are fully experiencing every single experience ever existed in any universe, fully experiencing that reality. 

If there is a soul, the being is experiencing and records the experience.  But if there is no soul, there is no record.  Soul is the watcher, and the observer of the experience.  Soul’s purpose is being a centre of the universe that it resides, observing the universe it resides in, and to allow its desires to manifest.

For example:

Someone driving a car, if an accident of a car hit a pole.  Insurance people come and ask you what happened.  You say a pole suddenly appeared from nowhere, and I hit the pole.  Insurance person will say they need the proof.

When two people bump each other, and there are two observers.  Insurance person hears both stories, then potential reality, a proof of the reality happens.  Two observers make and enlighten this experience to be a reality. If you have only one observer, and not the other one, you cannot prove to anyone.  Having common ground, you can prove your experience, having the observers can solidify the reality.

You can run the whole universe without any soul, then it runs its possibility, not actuality. If you put the soul, the possibility becomes actuality.  The soul is the creator of solidifying what you observe.

Multiple souls all affecting the one universe they exist in, each observes differently, that would bring forth unperceived reality into reality in its own perception. Different souls collaborate, form, and create a link which reality looks more solid.

Assuming if I were not in this building; without my soul in it; if there is no soul living in this building; this building could have infinite number of floors; or any infinite possible layouts; but when my soul chose to come down into this reality; and observe the building; I collapse of way the function of different possibility of what this building is going to look like; made it match the possibility that most resonate with my personal experience of what it should look like.  This makes my reality unique, because I brought on my perception of my reality into existence, that’s why the cocreators come in.

If you live in the universe without any soul, it is fun to create new universe.  They create infinite possibilities; whatever reality you desire you want.  If you have cocreator, your vision and other vision get to have law, regulation placed, lots of learning happen.  When each looks differently, most learning happens.

That’s how this planet becomes unique; from all different souls from all parts of the universe; all see and try to create each reality differently of about eight (8) billion realities; coming from about eight (8) billions of us on the Earth now.  We end up creating breaking part of this planet; wars; all fighting all different concepts; now we are moving on having groups of people of the same; seeing same perspective; we cocreate blissful planet.   If huge portion of people observe the same reality it will be heightened by thousand times.  That’s why the importance of bigger number of meditators visualize creating of this planet a beautiful place, the more reality of creating beautiful planet possible. 

The client saw a Mandela, something akin to E8 that’s shown here.  Instead of lines, the client saw about eight billion circles, each circle of being with different energy create a beautiful art piece.  So many possibilities coming in one picture, more circles to add, more sophisticated observation of this reality becomes.

The project of this scale has never been tempted; bring all souls from all different parts of the universe into one space; that we call the Earth; that we want everybody cocreate this reality and using free will; which makes it very difficult; but once you see the outcome; you end up having a beautiful living picture with trillions of possibilities that all cocreate it in a new light.

It is very fun watching; fun for each one of us looking back; understand how things fallen apart; and rebuilt etc.; watching an art piece pulsating with energy being created; you are a part of the creation.  One of the most beautiful things you can do as a soul is to create a completely new vision put it out into the universe.

Every person on the planet has an effect of what happened, what’s perceived, the outcome of the art project.  Impact implication of it is so big, transferred over to all different portion of the universe, all coming together creating this beautiful art piece.  This art piece will be sent to all the regions of the universes, different cultures in different planets will look at this art piece.  They look at, learn, and they want to do it themselves as well to impact the entire universe.

This is an art piece of creating new universe, new world that look different than what we collectively have created before.  This project has started even before 13 billion years ago.  

Elephant Legs

A beautiful young woman booked a session to be free from swollen legs and feet.  When she was a teen, she did get bitten by a mosquito.  Her legs and feet were swollen to the enormous size, she literally could not do any sports what every teenager could enjoy.  There has been too much weight to carry.

Her parents took her to many different doctors hoping to find some cure for her.  Doctors ran many blood tests, x-rays for many different times of her young years, but they did not find any cause of her issue.  They found all the tests showed normal, there were no trace of worms, parasites or anything that would affect her symptoms persisting.  Doctors were baffled and could not offer any solution to her.

She has been carrying out her life as best as she can and made a huge success in her career, but now she wants to be free from swollen legs and feet for good.  Many tears were shed on talking about the difficulties of carrying the weight on her legs, while she was describing her life to me.

Her Higher Self (HS) has been guiding her and I started asking questions for healing.

Soo       How this mosquito sting cause so much swelling?

HS         It was not the real cause of the edema.

Soo       What was the cause?

HS         In one of her past life, she was a very wealthy man, but not so kind to dogs or people.  He was a snub, egoistical and very brutal to dogs.

Soo       And?

HS         Neighbors did not appreciate his attitude as well.  They tied his hands to the pole with rope.  The two (2) hungry stray dogs approached him where he was tied up.  They started snarling at him showing big pointy sharp teeth.  They started biting his left ankle, eating his leg flesh too.  The sepsis set in his leg, eventually he lost his life in great pain.

Soo       How did he feel when he was bitten by the dogs?

HS         He felt, how dare you are eating me!  Being tied, he could not fight back either.  He felt tremendous anger and fear and still carries those feelings to this current life.

Soo       What can you help her?

HS         It is the anger stored in her legs and feet that makes them swell to its size.  She has to learn patience in this life to wait for the right time to happen. 

Now her ever loving, compassionate and powerful Higher Self reveals the real reason why her body is in that state, they opened the blockage, removed all blockages, drained all the stored feeling of fear and activated lymphatic system to drain.  All the blocks melted, released passage fluid so that all body fluids flow effortlessly.  The entire healing will occur seamless, she will not feel any side effects.

Unnecessary luggage is gone.