Attention Deficit (AD)

Highly creative and loves arts, Sabrina came for a session to find out why her mind wonders all over the places.  She feels like there are too many things to do.  Life overwhelms her.  She finds it difficult finding what is more important task, since they are all important!  Also easily distracted, forgets the stuff, sitting at a desk and performing a job is not a thing to do.  That is way too boring for her, she says.

As I was talking with her during the time of getting to know her, definitely I had to take a rein to bring her back on track whenever she steered away.

Sabrina’s case is one of the many reasons why person has AD and as we are aware, everyone has its own reason and solution. 

Her Higher Self (HS) showed her three (3) different past lives.

The first life shown to her was a young, healthy, male slug living alone. It took me a while to get what the being was, for the description she was giving definitely not beings that I have been familiar with.  The life was short, simple, not eventful.  In that life, he had no need to make any choices and was absolutely boring.

The second life was shown a life of a middle age male, looking for a solution for his people who sent him to find.  He left his home and family.  He felt despair being lost in a place only dry sand and nothing else.  The journey had been a long, hard, lonely with no companion, and he did not have anything more to drink and eat.  Died on dry sandy place.  He should have found a solution but he gave up prematurely.

The third life was a young and healthy male.  His job was fixing a windmill looking below an old village.  He had pretty wife and a family.  One day he supposed to fix windmill again but this time he did not fix it, so he got in trouble with authority, and was sent to a prison.  Now his prison life gave him a routine where he did not have to think what to do next.  He liked it! He felt free!  No responsibility.

In this current life Sabrina needs to experience as many possible activities as she can.  Having more alone times in all past three (3) lives, she needs to be busy in this life to make up all those lost time of activities.

Her HS recommended her to focus one thing at a time and help people who wants to be alone.

You can see why she is busy all the times in this current life, and she will make great counsellor for whom has tendency to isolate themselves from any human.  Helping others not to repeat the same mistake that she had made.

Internet Outage

On July 8th, 2022 there was an internet outage for almost a day throughout Canada.  Whoever uses one the major communication companies in Canada, all experienced the inconvenience of not having it.

To some this outage were matter of life and death situation.  For example, police and emergencies were in extreme difficulty for not having the connection, where time was of the essence truly.

Most ordinary people like me had inconvenience of not being able to surf the net, watch movies, connect with friends, or some were not totally affected by it.

What was the cause?  The real root cause.  Was it an issue of technology, or power display of the controllers, or financial gains were on the stake?

Always go to the source of information is to ask to Higher Self (HS, Them) of clients.  In deep trance, the information flows out to benefit us to understand what is really going on.

According to Them, the Universe gifted us humans the internet to come together in three (3) dimensional concept of collective consciousness.  Like everything else, there are some who use to serve themselves, and others who use for benefit for all to raise vibration and/or help people to connect to the Source, the Divine.

Just an incident of the outage, if person was in lower vibration, they embraced fear.  If person was in higher vibration, they took the outage as a wakeup call to seek the Divine.

This outage will happen again according to Them. It does not mean the particular company again, it could be any of the communication company.  Next time when it occurs, it will be more than a day, but of 2-3 days.  All food supply will be affected, your grocery stores might not have these essentials in time.  They ask us to prepare food and water supply for a few days. 

Bad things to occur before good things to happen, They said.  Entire councils, ETs, light beings for us humans to evolve, exact time of future outages is kept confidential so to keep the damage minimum from the dark side.

You can sense intense, hard work is being progressed from light beings, and higher councils.

Meantime, They advised us continually connect and align with the Source, do the OM chants, meditate, and share your love with others.

What If

Eileen was wondering why her brother took her right of owning her condominium.  Her foster parents gave the down payment of the condo that was being built for Eileen and they put her brother’s name on the title instead of Eileen.  Favoritism in full display!

By the time the unit was ready to occupy, the brother sold the unit, took all the profit from selling the unit, not a penny given to Eileen from the profit of the unit.  So, she decided to sue her brother and still was in the legal tangle when she came to see me to have a QHHT session.

Among many questions, that was one of them, but it did not take the priority in her mind, because something else was more pressing than that.  Abandonment was.

Since very young, she learned she was adopted to this foster family.  Her birth mother gave her up to them to raise her.  Mind you, Eileen’s younger days were full of physical abuses coming from her foster mom, Kathy.  Kathy beat Eileen on almost every day, for whatever reason Kathy felt not good.  And, at teen, Kathy kicked Eileen out of the house, she was on street, became homeless.  Many months, Eileen lodged at her friends’ places and finally she got a job, started working to earn money. 

So having her own place is utmost importance for her, someplace to call home.  Therefore, owning the condo was her dream, and her brother took that happiness away.  I don’t blame her at all going for a lawsuit.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed a life where she is a bit older lady, but healthy in current life it seemed.  Having a nice cup of tea, looking over some houses below her condo unit, noticing a beautiful sun setting, pink clouds in the sky, feeling life is peaceful.  She has arranged her place beautifully with many plants, bookshelf is full of her cooking books.  Many collections of crystals on another shelf in the living room. 

Her bedroom is cozy, closetful of her beautiful dresses, dim bedroom light comforts her at night.  But she feels lonely somewhat.  No partner in her life.  Sometimes wondering how come no man in her life.

When the time came to ask question to her Higher Self (HS), I was wondering why the life is shown.  Her HS said it was her parallel life.  The life what if she owns the condo she wanted to have.  The life of owning the condo, living alone, and getting on age.  Peaceful but lonely.

In this current life, because she got kicked out, had no place to stay, one time she moved in a place where a bunch of young people shared a flat in downtown Toronto.  That’s where she met her current life partner.

Her HS said, he is her soul mate.  Also, we found out they had many lives together in the past lives, and they will have fulfilling life henceforth.

Now she saw what was going to happen to her, if she had that condo.  She is happy the way things turned around.

Oh, by the way her HS said her biological mom never abandoned her.  Her birth-mom gave her daughter to a lady whom she knew, the foster mom Kathy.  Because her birth-mom being a single parent struggled with many kids, she thought it would be a better solution for the little girl’s future.  Never abandoned her!

Eileen is content knowing her birth-mom’s intention was out of love, and the condo owning was not really led her better life.  If she owned it, she would have never met her soul mate!

The showing her parallel life was after all, present life she is living has been the best outcome for Eileen.

The wisdom of Higher Self has no bound.