A Blue Baby

Alberto seemed a happy young man at a glance with good looks, broad smiles and kind eyes.  I asked him to talk about his life, as that is my work asking questions of people’s life so that I can address better questions when I meet their Higher Self (HS).  He was very annoyed and retorted back to me asking why did I have to know.

With some explanations why I needed to know, he relaxed a bit and told me that he felt he had to “go to a war and fight” whenever he exposed himself to another.  Now that was different!  So, I gave him a choice to go to a war with me, or he could go home.  At that, he changed his attitude drastically, and said to me he wanted to do the session and would go to a war.

All right, so his life story started to unveil.  His main issue was having huge fear with feeling unsafe, to the point of not investing any of his emotions on anything, be it relationship, or work.  Needless to say, he had been feeling empty inside as long as he remembered.

When he visited a past life, this was his experience:

He sees a grey plaine surface. There is nothing there, save everything is blue, all blue color even his own body. He has no gender (no gender, for the story I address his gender as he). He is not a human but an alien.  He feels he came home but doesn’t know what this place is.  He recognizes this is his home, but cannot recognize it as such.  He feels he is outcast though he is at home. Then tears are flowing and sniffling, keeps saying he does not belong there, feeling so sad.

He notices that he is young, and has healthy long thin body; skinny blue long thin arms and fingers; triangular head; big dark blue eyes; a little dent for nose and no opening of mouth.  Skinny Long back, and skinny long neck are all blue in color.  He has bug legs, and walks like a frog. When he puts his feet on the surface, it feels like clay, but not clay.  Not a pleasant feeling to be on.

He is looking at the base now where he is, and his home is somewhere else, where there is love, but has forgotten where that is.  Again, more tears and sniffling.

Next scene, he realizes that he is a little blue baby dropped from the spaceship which has been on expedition to the Earth to impart a technology for Earth people.  He got rolled out by accident from the ship, on the Earth ground, he is looking at a bunch of barbarians coming from a horizon.  These barbarians do the killing, rob, and do other horrendous things.  This is where the origin of fear imprinted in his soul.  He feels intense danger and fright.

The baby with no power, unable to do anything, not even able to walk or being groomed enough to do anything.  The baby knows he is going to die and died there alone, feeling powerless, and hopeless.

He is from the planet Sirius C, which is his origin, his home planet.  People in Sirius C are inventors, they invent and share them with other beings on other planets.  One of the clean technologies they want to bring to human at the time of expedition when the blue baby rolled out of the spaceship was to teach how to clean the Earth environment with free floating tool using the air and water only, leaving no pollutions, no disposables, and no need of power plants to do the job.  A few people know of this technology but majority of people are not ready yet to embrace it.

Since he got traumatized with the fear of feeling unsafe energy stuck in his body on his solar plexus, heart and sacral chakra, his HS has solved that issue by using golden hook.  With golden hook, place it through the spine, go down all the way to the root chakra, and start taking all the dark gunky energy from the root chakra, from sacral chakra, from heart chakra, and let them out through the opening of the heart.  All stuck energy was cleaned out.

Also, his HS planted seeds of bright light in his heart and solar plexus, advised him to give more air, so it will grow big, eventually the bright light overpowering the darkness in his chest by breathing the air into it, and give it attention. He will be free in six months from the issue.  Also, rub the rose oil on the chest every day, give loving thought of self-love to him.

When we were at the post talk over coffee, he mentioned that he could feel the bright seeds in his chest were growing bigger and beamed from ear to ear.