At a distance, she saw a sphere, a round shape. I asked Flora go closer. She saw a clear bluish sphere, not solid, having crystal texture. Inside each of crystal fibre, she felt she was being part of the fibre. It gave her feeling, evoking emotional experience as if she felt like crying, felt like it was coming home after a long, long time.

This was the sphere where she got a particular training received. Principle colors of the dimension and principal colors of the sphere were crystal blue and emerald green. She mentioned this is the 5th dimension what people call it on the planet Earth.

I could see why she felt coming home feeling and evoked some emotional response in her.

“All this fibres are fractal. Background is black emptiness, black space is through the fractal direction, going into this blue crystal fibre. You follow the principle of fractal inside of the fibre, you end up in this black space”, she explained.

Soo     How do you feel being in that black space?
Flora   I feel comfortable in this black space
Soo     You are saying principle of fractal, what is fractal?
Flora   Fractal is the mathmatical principle that one thing contains a complete package of itself in it, it goes into this package and it has a complete package of itself again in it.
Soo     Could you tell me again in plain language which I can understand?
Flora   Fractal is infinity, not linear infinity. It is coming from one existence of one package of existence that contains a complete copy of package itself inside.
Soo     Please give me some examples which I can grasp the concept?
Flora   For example, birth of a child. A child contains within a life form which is mother with the help of a father, the being is complete on its own. Then with the ability of containing another perfect, complete life form in itself, it continues and to infinity.

The following clip helped me grasp the concept of fractal better.