It is unusual to have people come with pages of list of fear and anxiety alone.  Bochen is definitely the unusual person.  They come with a few issues at a time such as anxiety of something, or fear of something.  Some of the fear and anxiety she has are:  being seen, speaking with people, not knowing enough at work, intimate with friends, judgement, not liked, authority, not being perfect, not good enough and low self-esteem, anger, resentment, not able to sleep and the list goes on and on.    

As you surmised already, one root cause of it creates so many varieties.  I literally stopped her reading the rest of the pages, because that is just the variety and we have to find out what is the root cause of all dysfunctions.  It is miracle that she sits in front of me and able to calmly narrate her life story. 

In a past life review, her Higher Self (HS) showed the life of Mayan many thousand years ago where she was the mother of a baby (her current life mom) and enjoyed a peaceful life and she was a medicine woman helping her tribe. 

One day, a rock giant came from another dimension smashing all the area, and crushed people.  Entire village was roared with screaming from people and they all scattered looking for safety.  In that incident, the right side of her body and little baby’s entire body were crushed and killed by the rock giant

They both carry traumas from that past life to this current life.  Specifically, her mom carries all the fears and anxieties Bochen narrated to me, and Bochen has been absorbing all of that from her mom without knowing it.  Her HS said they both are very loving and have close relationship and Bochen being empath, she became her mom in every sense of it.

Also, her HS gave her experience being her mom dizzying in like a torpedo, so that she can feel what her mom feels in the deep pit of dark emotion of not being worthy, mom’s physical pain, and not able to think clearly.  At this point, Bochen has deep compassion for her mom and tears were flowing profusely.  She kept saying “I’m sorry, I am so sorry mom”.   

Bochen fully understood how her mom has been feeling, why and what she has to do to ease mom’s issues. 

She dearly loves her mom now more than ever without any reservation, and the HS healed her right side of the body with sending energy, flushed out from the brain to the toes.  Also, she needs to eat good wholesome foods instead of junk foods what she used to hug around.

The HS said Bochen is a healer and to help others using her many gifts and abilities. 

In a few months, she will meet her soul partner, raise a family she has desired, will move to a quite area and she will be busy helping people using her gifts.