Pleiadian Hybrid

Her giggles and smiles were contagious.   Before I realized, I was giggling and smiling with her. She exuded happiness.  Finally, my brain told me to ask her reason for coming in for a session and started earnest questioning.  Her giggles had that much impact on me.  If you meet her, you would fall in her magic spell as well, I am certain.

Lily had no physical issue; healthy and vibrant.  Her interest on finding out why her dreaming of spaceships happened often.  She was wondering what was that all about or was it a product of her imagination.

She had another interest to find out was her feeling guilty when she bought things for her.  Why?  She was asking.  She said she earned her own money and spent on her, and why feeling guilty.  Very interesting indeed, we shall find it out, I said.

After her Mom’s remarriage, her grandparents looked after her many years until she became an adult. Grandpa dotted her, and only loving her was all that he did for her.  Grandma took over the discipline, for the purpose of molding her into a responsible adult.  Among her Grandma’s utterance were:

Your needs are not that important.

Always consider other’s first.

Sit straight.

Be a good girl.

Don’t be heard, nor seen.

Quite familiar disciplinary words coming from certain cultures.  Those words were imprinted on her mind and affected her feeling when she spent money on something for her.  Lily said when she spent money for others, there was no guilt trip.  You can see now why.

Another interesting aspect of Lily’s life was something to do with aliens.  Like most of the population, on the view of extra-terrestrials (ETs), or aliens, she had some fascination and fear of them.  Interestingly, I found her history of contacting aliens had been often, even in her past life, she was taken to the spaceship.

In the past life, ETs took her up to the ship and they downloaded her brain activities.  Grey, the ETs of the life, they lost ability to reproduce their children, who are now all produced in the lab.  Also, emotion is rarity for them.  To educate their children on emotions, they need human’s help, thus downloading was necessary task for them.

ETs always obtain prior consent of the people who help them.  ETs adhere to that protocol.  Again, in the creation, we are reminded that free will is the most important thing and “no interference” is the golden rule of the Cosmos.

The contacts with ETs are always done with people’s permission, quite often the approval had been obtained before they came into this life.  So, people’s mind knows no surprise.  If surprise gets into human mind, get agitated and frightened, it is because the memory was hidden.  Using QHHT modality, we can find that very easily.  You can imagine the relief of the clients, if they came from agitation and fear, only realized they had given the permission prior.

In this current life, she dreamt seeing spaceships but I found out that she had a real encounter with a Pleiadian ship when she was having a holiday at a resort.  This is how ETs are working for the subject to forget the incidence only to remember it as a dream if they remember.  Quite often they don’t even know that they were taken away for a while.

Her Higher Self (HS) said she has deep connection with the Pleiadian.  Not only she lived in the planet, also, she agreed to contribute her egg to create a hybrid in Pleiades.  When she was at her resort, they came and harvested the best egg from her.  The harvesting procedure left no scar, using very gentle method.  I asked if she could see the child, to that her HS said it was not the right time to see the child, nor get any information on the child yet.  They assured when the right time coming, they will let her meet the child.

More interesting thing is in the current life she was conceived of Pleiadian’s seed which was inserted into her Mom’s egg.  So, she is a Pleiadian hybrid.

Usually, hybrids are known for their special abilities, such as Clair: senses, voyant, and many more psychic abilities, and she was looking for any of those abilities in her.  At the moment, that is not her purpose.  She is here to live everyday in happiness.  When people see her and feel the joy of just being with her, as I have experienced when I met her.

Her HS removed her grandma’s conditioning from her brain.  At the post talk, I informed that news to her, she was in such a joy and exclaimed that “Now I am going to go out and spend some money on me today!”.

The drama of the Cosmos continues.