Sirian Mom and Reptilian Dad

Fatima is in her 50’s but looks only in 30’s.  She has done extremely well when it comes for her look but I found that she has so many health issues once she started talking about her life.

She has Hashimoto thyroid issue, and CPTSD due to complex long-term traumas with many other health problems.

One thing noticeable is her immense interest in DNA since little.  She tells me encyclopedia was her book to go everyday to look at DNA strands for hours.

Now that’s unusual for a little child’s curiosity that much focused on DNA!

Her Higher Self (HS) explains the Hashimoto is caused by an energy blockage by a device installed by alien grey when she was three (3) years old without her soul consent.  They just installed on her to block her from speaking the truth.  The HS dismantled that and disintegrate them. All gone!  Now she can speak freely.

Regarding CPTSD, she has gone through many traumas caused by her own Earth father, who was Hyde and Jekyll.  Endless nights she was shivering from terror from him by just listening his thumping foot steps, yelling, punching walls or screaming mom.

What we have found out from her HS, her dad agreed with Reptilian to climb up his status in their ranking of hierarchy to allow walk-in from Reptilian daily.  So nice good daddy became nasty offensive devil daily, so entire family gone through hell in that small house producing all children to have CPTSD.

Unbeknown to her mom, dad is Reptilian and agreed to have a daughter seeded from Sirian mom with Reptilian dad, who is Fatima.  Her dad gets brownie points by allowing that in Reptilian world!

An experiment with DNA from Sirian mom’s egg and Reptilian dad’s sperm implemented to create Fatima, installed in her Earth mom’s womb to grow her body. 

As her HS reminded me, not all Reptilians are dark.  Sirian and Reptilians are friends and agreed to experiment to produce a child, later they harvested eggs from Fatima during her years from 20 to 40.  With that they produced many hybrid children.

The experiment produced 12 kids in Reptilian of Orion system, and 9 kids in Sirian system.  They are all in various ages and growing.  While Fatima went up to the ship 9 times to get her eggs being harvested, she has no memory to recall.   

When she was 12, mom and dads’ team installed a honing device after they learned that the grey installed a shackle device on her throat.  So, they can monitor what’s happening to her.  The device was installed through her nose to her head.

The honing device is for them to watch Fatima and her life and it is one way device meaning Fatima can not interact with them.   Even the session that we were having has been also watched by them, and her HS said they are very OK and happy with it. 

Going back to CPTSD, her HS healed her traumas on all levels, wiped and cleansed.  Now she is totally clean.  Now she can sleep well and rested, always feel safe and sound.

Side effects of the healing would be that she will feel tire for two (2) days and there will be no more joint pain or soar body.

Her obsession with DNA is naturally inclined character since she is the product of two (2) geneticist parents:  Sirian mom and Reptilian dad.