Stomach Bloating and Gas

Vibrant young woman came seeking a healing from the troublesome stomach discomforts.  Bloating, as if her stomach balloons to a huge size with full of gas!  Absolutely uncomfortable situation, specifically at her work.  Other than that, her body functions pretty all right according to her. 

Until a few years ago, she has been enjoying regular, ordinary diet consists of meat, vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits.  Basically everything, she consumed. 

Slowly she has gotten into the “spiritual awakening” according to her, she changed from her ordinary diet to the vegan diet.

She said she has been feeling absolutely good, except the bloating and the gas.

Going on vegan diet is something I hear often when people are on the spiritual path.  People expects you be a vegan, at least vegetarian if you say you are on the spiritual path.  If not, disapproving looks are generally there to you.

Who other than Higher Self (HS) of the client know better on that subject for the client?

Interestingly when I addressed this subject to her HS, the HS asked her to consume some meat of any kind, be it red meat, poultry, or fish.

I asked her HS that is it not spiritual to consume meat, to that the HS said it depends on each individual’s body type.  Some body requires meat to function better, which is her case.  With too much fiber, her body system has been having difficulty to digest.  Thus, bloating and gas have been created.   According to each body requirement of the body, it is wise to exercise moderation of food intake in variety, the HS said.

The HS said eating meat has nothing to do with less spirituality.  It is how you feel and think within, not what you eat.