The Moon

Today I am going to share about the question on our Moon.  You might ask “What do you mean by?”.

The Moon has been a part of our important farming almanac, daily activities of tides, and also the culture where I am coming from goes by all important yearly events including birthdays, have been based on lunar phases.

Recently a lady client had a curiosity because her feeling has been affected by Moon’s waxing and waning.  Indeed, our feelings have been toyed with the Moon. 

When I was little, I used to look up the Moon much like a silvery round ball marveling the beauty of it and wondering who is living up there.  My friend composed many beautiful poems about the moon, and she got the first prize in school poetry competition too.

The Higher Self (HS) of a client gave me a very interesting information about the Moon.  Where I thought the Moon is just silvery cold place where we humans are trying to make a home there one day.

According to the HS, the Moon has been created by Extraterrestrial beings (ETs) long time ago when the Earth had started populating.

I asked why, and the HS said ETs had a need to create the Moon, nearby to observe the Earth, because the Earth is one of the most beautiful planets, and an absolutely precious gem, a garden of Eden where many lives depend on.  They (ETs) wanted to make sure all life is having their days filled with joy and happiness.

The HS continued.  Inside of the Moon is hollow, many ETs are using the Moon as a meeting place to discuss important things.  Several ETs are residing in it, having their own camps with their own purpose for a very long time, and always has been that way.  They are beings of different dimensions, thus not visible to humans. 

Creating the Moon was not a part of the original plan of the Source.  It was artificially created by ETs of different races, to monitor the Earth, to understand the earthlings and the planet better.  

It is an observation station for the Earth.

Many benevolent ETs have cooperated to establish the observation station.  According to the past QHHT session information, Andromedans are an excellent ship builder.  One of the articles I have posted some time ago titled “A Beauty from Andromeda” explains the shape of the ship and the size with parks, waters, vegetations, trees, like a big city.

The same technology has been implemented in the hollow inner core of the Moon, made themselves a nice place to do their important works.

Here is the link of the session story:

The Moon is, has been and will be with the Earth nearby to influence what we used to get affected by, and will be used to help the Earth to make sure she is on the right path for her evolution.