To Track Reptilian

What if your life purpose is to track reptilian, what kind of ability and experience do you require to fulfill that purpose.

This is the session story of such a person: Igor.

The session was very different in so many ways that Igor did not have any physical issue, nor emotional baggage. None! When I asked total body scan just to make sure all were good, even though he had no issues, his HS took a second or two, then declared “All perfect!”.

Igor dressed perfectly for his profession as an executive accountant with quality suit. In 30’s, had lots of broad smiles, I found no guile, only felt purity. I was intrigued why he was sitting in front of me wanting to have a QHHT session.

He said that a psychic told him that he is a star seed from a Sirius and wanting to find out whether that information bore any truth.

His Higher Self (HS) showed him a past life of a warrior. He was in a battlefield, led his troop, lost his left 2 (two) fingers while he was doing his duty as a general and lost lots of his men. Bloody battle it was! Victory was on his side.

Now to his peaceful life after the war, life was shown with his loving wife and two children. Happy, fulfilling times with his wife, he was a true lover.

Time flew, his wife left him before, now he was alone reminiscing his life as a joy, but sad that his wife was no long with him. Time to go, he left that life of Europe in 1948. His Higher Self (HS) said he wanted to see, so they showed it to him. That’s all.

His HS said “yes”, he worked at Sirius A as an elder to fix the problem created by reptilians and monitored their doings in Orion star system.

As a Sirian, he was tall, slender, having 4-digit fingers, wearing a necklace of elongated head: a symbol of Sirian elder head.

In order to solve the problem, first, elders had to understand, simulated reptilian mind. They used the mental scan the place, and hearing reptilians were freaking out that something was up, so they just shoot the weapon everywhere but had no technology to locate elders.

All elders gathered for frequent meetings with the leader of the elders, making a report what each found, and planned to track the reptilians.

Elders considered destroying them, instead they decided form allies to tackle reptilian, so jointed the force with Arcturians, Pleiadeans, and positive Draconians. All were going to taking turns to watch and made sure the reptilians didn’t do too extreme.

Reptilians created the machine: cyborgs and converted certain humans to cyborg, so AI (Artificial Intelligence) can control them.

Reptilians are very aggressive, create havocs in the universe, not many members of Federation are in favor of their behaviors. Thus, Elders were/are always tracking reptilians, trying to stop them to prevent further troubles.

In the current life he is to continue doing the same job to track reptilians.

According to the HS, many reptilians are on the Earth having human body, they call it “cyborgs”, artificial intelligence (AI) human walking among us, we have no clue about them that they are AIs. AI controls all reptilian stuff, and they are into technology. Almost of them are cyborgs. Even reptilians are cyborgs.

They enjoy eating human as their food, take them to use as slaves to exploit minerals in other stars or planets. Many hundred thousand people a year are kidnapped by them. People disappear without trace is one of their works.

Reptilians are on the earth, underneath of ground, some tunnels and waters and he is here to track them. He needs to expose reptilians to humans. They know who he is, and know that he exists. To be open and being identified is not safe right now. There is a support system from Galactic Federation composed of positive allies such as: Andromedan, Sirian, Arcturian, Pleiadian, and positive Draconian to protect him.

Igor wanted to open ALL his psychic powers so that he can track reptilians, prevent them doing the things that they are doing. His HS asked him to eat high frequency food such as raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. His crown and 3rd eye are about to be opened fully in one year, so he will be equipped doing his life purpose. He is to meditate, yoga exercise, have enough sleep of at least 8 hours. He is to go to bed at the latest by 11 pm.

There are about 144,000 special task force on the Earth: task here to fight the darkness. They fight to eliminate, to evict the darkness from the Earth. By spiritual war to face them, confront them the dark force directly with psychic powers. He is already in the force. They are scattered all over the world. He will recognize them in his heart when he meets them.