6000-year-old Issue

This issue of pleasing people was brought from many clients who came for answers.

However, I am sharing a session story of this particular client from Betelgeuse of Orion constellation.  Traveling with a space ship to observe and to learn was her purpose.  She wore booths, space suit, helmet on head and a breathing device to breathe anywhere in the space and looked around planets and went back to the shuttle, and always working alone were her daily routine.  A young feline healthy body and blonde hair, she had.  The space was just for her.

While travelling, a very cylindrical light shone from below her craft, caught her attention, aroused her interest and went down to a brown planet where all cat beings were living.  A male cat King sitting on a throne, who apparently a leader of a planet called Lododre in Milky Way galaxy.  Our current map of the Milky Way doesn’t show the planet in our galaxy. 

Many cat people greeted her, she wanted to communicate with the King cat, but not had a chance to talk to him, because in a hurry she was ushered out of the place by other cats.  That was the origin of her issue which was to people pleasing.  A 6000 old issue.

Including her, many clients had the same issue of pleasing others.  For example, a male client who came recently said he always helps others, do for others, always others come first before him and now he found out that was not always a good thing for him and tired of doing that.

The feline client was respecting other’s opinion, pleasing boss by performing too many works, stays all night working through, gets tired, so on.  Common issues.

This issue was over 6000 years old, and that was very intriguing.

She never felt she was worthy of anything, automatic response to please others, a door mat, and she found she was lacking confidence and felt the emotion all in her stomach.  She had a habit of brushed off thinking what good was it even when she had good idea.  And ended up postponing of doing any plan.  Then ended up feeling something was not accomplished and started questioning herself what was wrong with her.  She talked to me: “Am I doing it right, what am I supposed to be doing” or not doing at all.  The never-ending circle of brain chatter.

What would happen if you pursue to the end, the world might applaud you.  But because of so many years of not dealing with, at this session, finally she came for a session to rectify her habit and change her feeling as well. 

The one incident where she did not strongly insist to express her question to the cat King and cat people in the planet, pleasing others tendency deeply been created in her ever since.  Wow!  Who knew!

Higher Self (HS) said now we know the origin of it, way back Betelgeuse, Orion star system and told her wisest thing in the whole world is to love yourself.  Know that you are as important as others.  God created you with love, no one is high, nor low.  We are here to experience, to contribute for each other.

Also, HS said to her start meditating, 30 min in the morning and in the evening.  Go within, start to find yourself, love yourself, appreciate yourself of what you do for the world.

HS said not loving yourself, she created all kinds of result such as: lack of confidence, feeling of not being worthy, not completing the project, poor digestion, overweight, feel always something is wrong in her heart and not feeling good, skin issue and so on. 

The message has been delivered via all physical symptoms for her.  Now when she starts loving herself, go within, start appreciate herself, all will be back to normal as intended.

When we travel by air plane, the attendants always say to us: wear your oxygen mask first before you help others.  What does that mean, you look after yourself first.  When you are suffering without oxygen mask then you collapse, how can we help others.  That is a very good teaching right there in front of us.  The wisdom is already there, and no need to look further.

This lady stood on her two feet, now that she knows how it all started way back, she was determined to correct her habit.

Her Higher Self said they are always with her, loving her, and encouraging her.  With that message she received, I saw her face beamed with smile.