Blinding Road Rage

Tom has unusual road rage unlike we all have sometimes on the roads.  I was curious to find out the origin of that issue.

He went back 600 years to a life as a Native American in Amazon.  Handsome, tall, and had muscular well built body.  Young male with long black braided hair, dark red skin, adorned with piercings on face, nose, and ears.

He was the second son of the chief.  Madly in love with his older brother’s wife, and did not hesitate to make love with her.  His Higher Self (HS) was showing him the graphic moment of blissful love making.  They were in bliss!  She loved him too!

You can imagine how his elder brother felt!  One day his older brother ambushed, waited a moment, and hit Tom’s neck with a hatch with tremendous force.   Tom felt the thud on his neck, then piercing pain on his back of a knife.  His brother killed him in a blinding rage.

Neck and back pain were one of his physical issues, the origin was shown and his HS released the trauma and pain as well and the release looked as if all of the pains were blown away like pixelated form.

When Tom was dying at that time, he saw his brother was in remorse, deep regret and anger at himself to kill his beloved younger brother.  And Tom took his brother’s blinding rage with him, carried over to this current life.

The road rage that he has been feeling has not been his, it was his brother’s and all the people on the road.  He being feeling for other people, he has been feeling theirs all these time.

Good understanding of why he has it and also pain got all released for good, now he is happy that he is finally free from that discomforts.

Good for him!