Attention Deficit (AD)

Highly creative and loves arts, Sabrina came for a session to find out why her mind wonders all over the places.  She feels like there are too many things to do.  Life overwhelms her.  She finds it difficult finding what is more important task, since they are all important!  Also easily distracted, forgets the stuff, sitting at a desk and performing a job is not a thing to do.  That is way too boring for her, she says.

As I was talking with her during the time of getting to know her, definitely I had to take a rein to bring her back on track whenever she steered away.

Sabrina’s case is one of the many reasons why person has AD and as we are aware, everyone has its own reason and solution. 

Her Higher Self (HS) showed her three (3) different past lives.

The first life shown to her was a young, healthy, male slug living alone. It took me a while to get what the being was, for the description she was giving definitely not beings that I have been familiar with.  The life was short, simple, not eventful.  In that life, he had no need to make any choices and was absolutely boring.

The second life was shown a life of a middle age male, looking for a solution for his people who sent him to find.  He left his home and family.  He felt despair being lost in a place only dry sand and nothing else.  The journey had been a long, hard, lonely with no companion, and he did not have anything more to drink and eat.  Died on dry sandy place.  He should have found a solution but he gave up prematurely.

The third life was a young and healthy male.  His job was fixing a windmill looking below an old village.  He had pretty wife and a family.  One day he supposed to fix windmill again but this time he did not fix it, so he got in trouble with authority, and was sent to a prison.  Now his prison life gave him a routine where he did not have to think what to do next.  He liked it! He felt free!  No responsibility.

In this current life Sabrina needs to experience as many possible activities as she can.  Having more alone times in all past three (3) lives, she needs to be busy in this life to make up all those lost time of activities.

Her HS recommended her to focus one thing at a time and help people who wants to be alone.

You can see why she is busy all the times in this current life, and she will make great counsellor for whom has tendency to isolate themselves from any human.  Helping others not to repeat the same mistake that she had made.