Internet Outage

On July 8th, 2022 there was an internet outage for almost a day throughout Canada.  Whoever uses one the major communication companies in Canada, all experienced the inconvenience of not having it.

To some this outage were matter of life and death situation.  For example, police and emergencies were in extreme difficulty for not having the connection, where time was of the essence truly.

Most ordinary people like me had inconvenience of not being able to surf the net, watch movies, connect with friends, or some were not totally affected by it.

What was the cause?  The real root cause.  Was it an issue of technology, or power display of the controllers, or financial gains were on the stake?

Always go to the source of information is to ask to Higher Self (HS, Them) of clients.  In deep trance, the information flows out to benefit us to understand what is really going on.

According to Them, the Universe gifted us humans the internet to come together in three (3) dimensional concept of collective consciousness.  Like everything else, there are some who use to serve themselves, and others who use for benefit for all to raise vibration and/or help people to connect to the Source, the Divine.

Just an incident of the outage, if person was in lower vibration, they embraced fear.  If person was in higher vibration, they took the outage as a wakeup call to seek the Divine.

This outage will happen again according to Them. It does not mean the particular company again, it could be any of the communication company.  Next time when it occurs, it will be more than a day, but of 2-3 days.  All food supply will be affected, your grocery stores might not have these essentials in time.  They ask us to prepare food and water supply for a few days. 

Bad things to occur before good things to happen, They said.  Entire councils, ETs, light beings for us humans to evolve, exact time of future outages is kept confidential so to keep the damage minimum from the dark side.

You can sense intense, hard work is being progressed from light beings, and higher councils.

Meantime, They advised us continually connect and align with the Source, do the OM chants, meditate, and share your love with others.