To Move Forward

Bora was on the way of viewing her current life, and not yet fully immersed in the current life, but on the way to it.  She was in full of tears and sobbing, telling me that she was looking down on pain from the space above in the sky.  Her heart was beating so fast, it was scaring her.  So much pain that she was seeing did that to her poor heart! 

When talking about her life in the beginning when she met me, she expressed many sad things happened in her life.  Where many of her close good friends whom she loved and shared emotions deeply with, all committed suicides.  

She developed a mindset that whoever is close with her will die.  So afraid of committing any deep human relationship, or else that person will disappear again!  After repeating the same experience like that, who wouldn’t formulate that type of thinking.

More crying, I encouraged her to cry it all out, to release all the sorrows and sadness that she has been keeping silently in her heart.  In more relaxed state, she let it more out loudly for several more minutes and said in between sobbing, “It is hard to be in human body, feel so heavy, I want to be on the cloud.  Such a density!”. 

More cries and more sobbing, then she looked around and said “I feel so lonely.  Where is everybody?”.  So, I suggested her to invite all of her friends.  Then one by one, all of her friends who ended their lives came.

Each one explained to her why they decided to go, and told her it was their time.  Bora explained to me on each one who meant so much in what way to her.  They all told Bora that there “is no need to concern” with them, for they ” are in a good place”.  Bora said she knew it, but so hard to acknowledge it.

Then her Grandmas from both parents came, telling her that they “are proud of you, let go, let go of pain of holding on to us.  It is not helping us;  your grieving is pulling us down to the Earth”.  So, she released them, let them go for their own sake.  Because she loves them.  And more sobbing and saying “it is so hard…”.

Then Archangel Michael came by with his blue wings, and in blinding white light.  The Angel said she needed to trust.  Her fears: the fear of unknown, feeling the bottom dropping out, the sinking feeling of not having anything to catch.  The Angel  assured her that he catches her at every time, at anywhere.  More sobbing…

The Archangel Michael said to her to trust and she agreed to trust. Then more advises came from the Angel for her:  He said to her, that she “doesn’t have to try so hard, flow like a river”. He loves her, has loved her, and will always love her.  The Angel further explained why holding on too tight!  Let go of her ego.  Then more cries, this time from intoxication of the Angel’s love.

So, I asked to Archangel Michael why he came.  He said he is her protector and to ask her “to move forward” in life.

Blushing Red

Sean has fair skin and while he spoke on something I noticed that his face blushed red from neck up!  Very curious, isn’t it?  When I mentioned that to him, he acknowledged that his face turns red when exerting, shy, or embarrassed.  He was intrigued as well, so we decided to ask to his Higher Self (HS).

His HS said the reason as the following:

This is from his ancestral fear:  The fear of being seen.  I asked his HS that while he was afraid of being seen, his face became red, people noticed him more.  I found that was quite humorous and his HS agreed by saying “the irony is rich”.  Indeed.

Back many lives ago, his ancestors were Druids, medicine people, healers, Irish Shaman.  They were feared when catholic church came in and were not suppressed by the church.  The church did not like Druids.   The church wanted everyone embraced the belief, unless they became one, they killed them. 

His ancestors even kept guns to protect themselves, and they were afraid of being killed for their belief.  They used hood to cover them extensively.

He carried that fear in him, prevented him from enjoying life fully.  Now in this current life, do they need to keep guns to protect for their belief, hiding, creating red face?   Certainly not, his HS agreed and willingly removed it from him.   Also promised for him his red face phenomena will never return.  With a big sigh, his body let me know that the healing was completed.

I asked his HS how they removed it:  HS told him while looking at the red face, that it no longer needed it.  And asked him to stand in his power.  So, I asked his HS to let him know how to stand in his power and teach him.  The HS said:  pull your shoulder back, head up, eyes forward, chest out, legs spread apart.   Allow joy of present moment, allowing in all experiences .

The HS further informed Sean, that this healing will open up to a lot of new relationships, opportunities, financial abundance, and deep ancestral healing.

Accomplished so much Already!

Peter came for a session, mainly curious on his career and relationships.  In his early 20’s, he was in perfect health, therefore no questions on the body.  By the way, career and relationship questions are the most popular subjects to people whom I have met.

After initial relaxation, he was viewing on one of those early days in this current life.  Through all investigations, he was not going to any past life/lives, but to the current life only.  Recently I find clients are visiting current life more often than the past, or parallel.

When his Higher Self (HS) was ready to answer questions, I asked:

Soo:    I am curious why you did not show him any past life?

HS:      Because he does not need to see any past life, for he has achieved so much already in this life.

Soo:    What do you mean he has achieved so much already?

HS:      In this life, Peter has made so much progress in his life, there is no need to look back.

Soo:    Has he ever had any past life?

HS:      Yes, he had many past lives.

Soo:    What did he do so much to progress so fast in this life?

HS:      All these little things you consider not important are utterly huge accomplishments.

Soo:    Like what? May I ask?

HS:      To show kindness to a stranger, tried to implement some idea to improve work condition for his fellow workers, to name a few.

Soo:    You mean that is more highly regarded than donating billion dollars to charities and so on?

HS:      Yes, all good thoughts are important and vital for progress.

And of course, all his career and relationship questions were answered and he was armed with wisdom, and foresight to work them out wisely to his favor.

During the interview, he talked about things what he did in schools, at home, at work, or, at outside of work activities.  I listened that he has been very considerate, caring and thoughtful to others.

His HS acknowledged all these little things that we think in this world are not that important have been noted as huge sums of deposit to his good karma bank account.

All good thoughts DO matter!


The following cases, you will find the reasons are different and yet symptoms are same.

Through the sessions for clients, I find the above finding applies to other physical discomforts time and time again: reasons differ, symptoms, same. 

Today we are discussing two (2) different cases of people who have epilepsy.

The first one is about a young woman in 30’s told me her experience having epileptic seizures throughout her life started from teen age years.

Her Higher Self (HS) explained her case as the following: 

When her physical body was changing in teen age time, the body was not ready to contain the energy in the body, her astral body left often that created a shock to the entire body.  To outsiders, she was having epileptic seizure.   To her body, it moved according to the brain electrical stimulations which were chaotic.  She was too young to understand how her body worked.

She has been empathic ever since she was aware of herself, been absorbing everybody’s energy around her.  She has been in wake state almost all her years and not being able to go to sleep.   When she was young and she simply stopped sleeping, and only concerned of others.  That helping others made her energy totally got drained and her body could not hold it anymore, so the astral body kept leaving .

The seizures were getting worse, she got scared, and tried to ignore.  But it only got worse.  So, she decided to stop seizures by becoming pregnant.  The baby helped with that, helped her grounding in the body, thus no more leaving as an escape. 

The astral body leaves when the body sleeps and is designed to naturally go in and out in sleeping state.  If not sleeping, astral body is not allowed to leave.  The astral body is hard to locked-in the physical body that long.  If the body is not strong, they just leave.

The HS told the client that she has to be conscious of her body by taking care of it.  She should eat more of natural foods and lots of green.  The toxins slow you down.  Detoxing will help her to flush out lots of toxins.  She no longer needs to take prescribed medication, and seizures will not happen again.

Now the second case.

This case was addressed by the daughter of a lady who has been taking epileptic control medication since her youth, now in her 70’s.  The following information came from the daughter’s session.

The client was viewing a past life scene where she was a little girl watching her older sister (her current mom) hung and dead.  She was horrified!  She loved her older sister dearly.  The world without her was inconceivable to this little girl.  The sadness and shock took the little girl into uncontrollable sobbing and her tears were streaming down profusely!  With gentle, calming consolation, her sobbing slowly got subsided and was able to describe the situation.

Her HS informed her mom’s case as the following:  During the duration of being hung, the electrical system in her brain went haywire.  It shot everywhere and anywhere.  The total chaos.  This took a while for her to expire.  This trauma she carried into this current life.

Her mom is very content to take the medication and not interest in stopping it.

Higher Self respect every body’s free will.

Stomach Bloating and Gas

Vibrant young woman came seeking a healing from the troublesome stomach discomforts.  Bloating, as if her stomach balloons to a huge size with full of gas!  Absolutely uncomfortable situation, specifically at her work.  Other than that, her body functions pretty all right according to her. 

Until a few years ago, she has been enjoying regular, ordinary diet consists of meat, vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits.  Basically everything, she consumed. 

Slowly she has gotten into the “spiritual awakening” according to her, she changed from her ordinary diet to the vegan diet.

She said she has been feeling absolutely good, except the bloating and the gas.

Going on vegan diet is something I hear often when people are on the spiritual path.  People expects you be a vegan, at least vegetarian if you say you are on the spiritual path.  If not, disapproving looks are generally there to you.

Who other than Higher Self (HS) of the client know better on that subject for the client?

Interestingly when I addressed this subject to her HS, the HS asked her to consume some meat of any kind, be it red meat, poultry, or fish.

I asked her HS that is it not spiritual to consume meat, to that the HS said it depends on each individual’s body type.  Some body requires meat to function better, which is her case.  With too much fiber, her body system has been having difficulty to digest.  Thus, bloating and gas have been created.   According to each body requirement of the body, it is wise to exercise moderation of food intake in variety, the HS said.

The HS said eating meat has nothing to do with less spirituality.  It is how you feel and think within, not what you eat. 


It is unusual to have people come with pages of list of fear and anxiety alone.  Bochen is definitely the unusual person.  They come with a few issues at a time such as anxiety of something, or fear of something.  Some of the fear and anxiety she has are:  being seen, speaking with people, not knowing enough at work, intimate with friends, judgement, not liked, authority, not being perfect, not good enough and low self-esteem, anger, resentment, not able to sleep and the list goes on and on.    

As you surmised already, one root cause of it creates so many varieties.  I literally stopped her reading the rest of the pages, because that is just the variety and we have to find out what is the root cause of all dysfunctions.  It is miracle that she sits in front of me and able to calmly narrate her life story. 

In a past life review, her Higher Self (HS) showed the life of Mayan many thousand years ago where she was the mother of a baby (her current life mom) and enjoyed a peaceful life and she was a medicine woman helping her tribe. 

One day, a rock giant came from another dimension smashing all the area, and crushed people.  Entire village was roared with screaming from people and they all scattered looking for safety.  In that incident, the right side of her body and little baby’s entire body were crushed and killed by the rock giant

They both carry traumas from that past life to this current life.  Specifically, her mom carries all the fears and anxieties Bochen narrated to me, and Bochen has been absorbing all of that from her mom without knowing it.  Her HS said they both are very loving and have close relationship and Bochen being empath, she became her mom in every sense of it.

Also, her HS gave her experience being her mom dizzying in like a torpedo, so that she can feel what her mom feels in the deep pit of dark emotion of not being worthy, mom’s physical pain, and not able to think clearly.  At this point, Bochen has deep compassion for her mom and tears were flowing profusely.  She kept saying “I’m sorry, I am so sorry mom”.   

Bochen fully understood how her mom has been feeling, why and what she has to do to ease mom’s issues. 

She dearly loves her mom now more than ever without any reservation, and the HS healed her right side of the body with sending energy, flushed out from the brain to the toes.  Also, she needs to eat good wholesome foods instead of junk foods what she used to hug around.

The HS said Bochen is a healer and to help others using her many gifts and abilities. 

In a few months, she will meet her soul partner, raise a family she has desired, will move to a quite area and she will be busy helping people using her gifts.