We are Pleiadeans. Part IV

Soo:  Changing the subject a little, why do we have to reincarnate with no memory?  We have to start from a clean state, what a waste!

HS:  Yes, we come to understand that this is one of the disfunctions, we call it a defect.  This is a defect of the species.  We are not helping as our mission is to help the species evolve.  We hope one day this species on this planet will work with us.  They will do what we do and be a part of flourishing other earths.

HS:  What we have come to understand, all the beings involved, that this wiping out of knowledge from lifetime to lifetime is not working well.  Not working well at all.  By the time you get smart, you are 40 years old.  It’s time to go.

HS:  We are not very smart as we paid too much attention to these apes and other creatures who are, and what we realize, is when you look at these species, they never evolved.  These species have remained the same as the day we planted them.  Why we don’t listen to this before, we do not know.  We had hoped, Source had hoped, that humanity would be filled with love and kindness.

Soo:  It will eventually?

HS:  It will but we came to realize is that the dark forces were very strong.  We realize that in a good way to make your planet healthy is you need more knowledge.  You need more knowledge, you need more memory, more understandings of who you are.

HS:  We believe very quickly with this new cycle that we can come to a new Earth very quickly.  Because the frequency is so high, darkness has to leave.  They can’t stay in this frequency because it is painful for them.  That is a very good thing and we have come to learn that if we raise the knowledge, raise the memory, then the frequency gets raised quicker.

HS:  You come in with higher frequency and this is a way to keep the dark stuff away from the beginning.  We learn.  You are like a garden.  We learn.  If we give the plants too much water they die, if we give them no water they die.  You are like this garden.  Trial and error.  So, we understand that we must make this adjustment and we are all very happy as we all feel this will be of great improvement for the planet.

Soo:  I think so!

HS:  We think so too!  We hear, we see, we all hear what the humans are thinking and doing.  What they fail to realize, which we understand, because they have lived in such oppression and darkness for so long that it is difficult for the people to believe that there is a different world.

HS:  We see great growing and changing and frequency raising, and we are all so excited because we feel that we are now progressing to a very beautiful garden.  We are seeing the flowers blossom and we are seeing more and more happening.  That needs to remain from beings here and now is that they must continue in positivity.

HS:  Going back to working together as we work in positive motion, we will see great changes in the Earth.  Humans are designed to live long time.  You can live 20,000 years in one body.

HS:  Yes, but our other problem has the toxification of your planet.  The planet, Gaia, she can handle, no problem, this is nothing for her.  These kids they worry about planet earth.  Ahggg!  She spits them out in one day and there is no more pollution.  No problem.  Gaia is always breathing and moving.  She shifts all the time.  We laugh because we say Gaia is getting itchy and there is a tidal wave.  Something she does not like and irritates her she moves and that is a Tsunami.

HS:  This is what the humans must understand that Gaia is so powerful.  They will never reach her power and they must respect her.  Gaia is fine!  She can do well but the humans, they have challenges adjusting to the galaxy changes, planet shifts, frequency levels, all kinds of things.  Sun, UVs from the Sun, all types of things.  What we need to do is we need to help in building humans so that they are less infiltrated by these toxins and issues.

HS:  If they can resonate higher, they will be healthier because they will not allow toxins in.  Like Gaia, there will always be toxins, toxins are like darkness as they will always be toxins in natural species.  In order for the humans to be less sensitized they must change their frequency.

HS:  Darkness allows toxins, light allows some to a biological balance, however, not to a detrimental.  Darkness allows disease, toxins, poisons, and all these types of things because it is part of its darkness.  We are working to make this better so that humans can remain in one body longer.  As originally the design was human could live 1000’s of years.

Soo:  That should be normal time!

HS:  Yes, normal time but belief, religion, emotion, culture, darkness, so many things infiltrated the consciousness of human and darkness did a very good job at suppressing conscious mind of human and erasing the powers.  Human believed we are slaves, we are going to die, we are going to get disease and we are not here long.

HS:  If you look at history, very interesting, you started living very long then as history goes by you died younger, younger, younger.  Now, we are going this way ( pointing upwards) you are living older, older, older, older.  Now you have people on your planet living 110 years.  If we go through history, you will see that not even 100 years ago, people were not living that long.  The frequency is changing.  You and Emma can live, you could live maybe 200 years.

Soo:  Yes, then we can accomplish so much more in one body.

HS:  Yes, this is what we have all understood.  One body, one conscious, will do so much work than going, coming, going, coming, going, coming.  Sometimes it is necessary to change the body, we understand this.  Basically, you are all equipped to live very long lives.

HS:  This is a good example of what we can do to help you live a longer life.  When your antenna is sharp and always open even when you are not consciously aware, it is always open.  When we see danger, or we need your help to make something better.  Or we see something that we all need to work together to improve, we can signal you.

HS:  This light will keep you healthy, it will keep you open, and it will allow you to continually cleanse, and it is the inability to cleanse toxins and toxic emotions, is what you know makes a body sick.

HS:  Everyone is sick because they can’t get over the traumas.  Getting rid of all this stuff, opening, healing, connecting, you can live very long time.

HS:  When we are all connected to you by your (motioning to forehead) this is a big antenna, yes? Third Eye! When we are all connected, Source, Pleiades, all the spirits, the angels.

HS:  And there are so many out there wanting to make your Earth and you beings wonderful and beautiful.  When we are all connected to you, we are able to help you the most.  In doing this you can know better ways to take care of this vessel (your body) and live much longer.

Soo:  In the Bible I read that people lived 1000’s of years.

HS:  Yes.  This is true!  Humans can’t actualize these numbers because they cannot believe that a body can live this long.  Your bodies were designed to be biologically, technologically, perfect.  We learned through our own species and through other species.

HS:  We are Pleiadeans so we learned with other species, Arcturians, Blues, Greys, and everybody.  We learned from dinosaurs, flowers, birds, fish, and birds, we learned with all the biological make-up in order to make a body that was an antenna that could live 1000’s of years.

HS:  This has changed. You don’t need to be concerned about Karmic past.  You can live longer, and you don’t need to die to reincarnate.  When you do pass, you will now reincarnate with all the knowledge that you have learned of the present life.

HS:  We are lifting, not we, the Source, is lifting part of the veil.  What we have come to understand, and it has been the judgement of the Confederation is that you as very powerful evolved human beings, you must have more knowledge to be of service.  The lifetimes are too short, and the lessons are too long, and we are not getting ahead fast enough.  We are not going far enough.

HS:  We wish the universal law, we wish now, that you will have much more knowledge when you come in.  You will be knowledgeable as a baby.  You will not require the amount of intensity that is required today.  You will see your young babies now are extremely wise.  They will flourish much faster.  They will often be put ahead because the systems are too slow for them.

Hope you received some benefits from this information shared by the Pleiadeans.

Soonja (Soo) Kim

We are Pleiadeans. Part III

HS:  We do many experiments, and we try to be as kind in experimentation as possible, but we have other beings.  Arcturians and Greys who are genius and masters at their talents.  We all work together to create a wonderful planet.  The thing that we have the most challenges with is the, we call the humanoids, (human) on the planet.

Soo:  like us.

HS:  Yes, the most complicated, the most sensitive but the most fascinating of the creatures.  We think we know but we find out we don’t know.

HS:  You both are very aware is the make-up of our universal existence is we must have light and we must have dark.  All things must exist with these two polar opposites: lightness, and darkness.  We feel as Pleiadeans we are lighter than we are dark, however, in order when creating and providing these sources that are the origin all of existence, sometimes the dark overrides the light.  We know as Pleiadeans and existing for so long that darkness is what makes the light even brighter.

HS:  It is in all humans to understand that darkness, what they say negative, bad experiences are vital to grow. We have no process to grow if everything is good and perfect.

HS:  This perfect, wonderful, utopia way of living, is we know as Pleiadeans is the root of laziness, complacency.  Boring! We do our best with the dark but we always try to find the lesson within the darkness.  That is always the key to understanding that in this darkness are always the lessons.

Soo:  When you create all these animals, or new creations, you stated you get the Source approval.  When you have completed creating something, how do you get approval from the Source?

HS:  This is a good question.  How we explain is not easy.  We are always… We are an extension of the Source.  Everything we do is always with the Source.  We never work against.  We are so old and so high frequency that we could say that many, many, billions of years ago we are like, you are today.  Fighting light and dark, doing all these things.

HS:  We have evolved so much that the Source is within our DNA.  No matter what we create it is always from the Source.  We don’t need approval.  Everything we do is with the Source.  We are the Source.  We are an extension of the Source.  We have nothing but love, joy, and compassion.

HS:  We have no darkness.  Our darkness has been shed billions of years ago.  Our species continues to evolve in more love and more compassion.  We have none of this in our DNA.

HS:  Where you as humans are still working to rid yourself of these lower frequencies, these darknesses.  You will!  Maybe it will take time.  Food and love and babies and these types of things.  We don’t have these things on Pleiades, we don’t need food.

HS:  That is also too the more you become there, the more the frequency, the less food you will need.  The less everything you will need.  That is why you will not age.  That’s why you will become very long living beings because you will not be the same type of being that you are today.

HS:  Yes, and it is also taking many billions of billions of billions of years to bring your species to ourselves or many of the star seeds.  Many of the…. We will say cultures, like us (The Pleiadeans), the Arcturians, the Reptilians, they too have all gone through the same evolutions.  And they too are very much like us.  They do not need high levels of nutrients and all types of things.

HS:  There are stories that certain beings required minerals.  We have heard certain stories about…We do not recall the name of the race but there was an Alien Terrestrial species that needed gold.  There are many stories of gold and the pyramids.  Gold was nutritional for this particular race.  We are not aware of this because all the beings (Star seeds) that are a part of your planet, helping to nurture you, none of us require nutrition.  We do not need food.

HS:  We all live on frequency, and we all have different frequencies.  We have no need for minerals and gold.  There are lots of stories of extra-terrestrials coming to planet Earth to mine specific minerals like gold for their own planet.

HS:  All we can say is if you have an entity that is looking for a particular mineral or food or anything, you know this is a super dark energy because no good energy requires nutrition. That is your sign that species is no good because all evolved species do not require the feeding of other planets to sustain themselves.  We are sustained as the Source is sustained.  All we need is love.

Part IV is coming soon.

We are Pleiadeans. Part II

HS:  We have struggled with this Earth at this time because of the suppression of everyone on this planet.  They have suffered so greatly into believing that they are slaves! They are not slaves.

HS:  They are powerful.  All entities and beings, star seeds, and so many planets are here helping and nourishing.  Everyone is so excited for the planet to be such a beautiful place that we created from the beginning.

HS:  So many things infiltrated our garden, and we are working so hard to make this garden flourish again.  We feel great new hope that this will happen, and we are here today to work with you and Emma because the more that we are able to teach you about your powers and your skills, the more beneficial we will all be in working together.

Soo:  Thank you for letting us to know the value of working together.  You said Emma is from Pleiades, could you tell us more about the Pleiades?

HS:  Pleiades is a star system made up of multiple planets.  They have 7, 9, 10, or 11 planets.  Every day, there is a new planet, and an old planet.  We mutate.  We see humans as they like to number, catalogue everything.  They like to label everything and put everything in boxes.  One day there are 7 stars in the Pleiades, then there are 9, soon they will discover more.  They will get bigger telescopes and they will say oh! We didn’t realize Pleiades has 22 planets.

HS:  Pleiades is a growing garden of itself.  This garden is made up of many planets and in these planets they change.  Our people change.  Frequency gets higher and we have many Pleiadeans that move to other planets.

Soo:  Oh, where do they go?

HS:  They remain within the star system, but they choose to go and begin a new planet because our beings, our people are the gardeners of the universe.  Our mission is to grow beauty, frequency.  We are like all living creatures in that we believe in reproducing.  We are happy, wonderful, light bearing beings full of much love.  And our instinct is to create more of who we are.

Soo:  You are creators of all these creatures of entire universe?

HS:  No!  We don’t create the universe.  God can only create these things; however, God has given our species the power to make gardens, make animals, make planets.  So, we can understand from your point of view that humans believe this is only a skill of making gardens, etc. of God.  It’s not.  There are many beings or races or star beings.  We know that you know Arcturians, Blues, Greys, and Reptilians.

HS:  One of our special gifts from the Source is we are very good at creating planets.  We are good at making mountains, rivers, animals and flowers.  These are things that we truly enjoy making on Pleiades.  So, we in combination with other star beings we created the Earth.  Pleiades’ job was to create nature.

HS:  We cannot create water.  Water comes from the Source.  Water is its own being.  Fire! Its own being.  Soil is its own being.

HS:  Water, these beings they are conscious, but they do not speak.  Only certain beings can resonate and communicate with these entities, because the frequency is so high that many beings are unable to reach this height.

HS:  Source can reach any frequency because Source is all frequency, however, we cannot talk to the water.  We can motion that we would like the water and we work with the Source to bring the water to the planet.  But we cannot communicate with water the way that we can communicate with the beings on the planet or the animals.

HS:  The Moon guards the water.  The moon is intricately connected with the water because planets resonate at different frequencies.  Humans they cannot.  I believe humans will never be able to reach past a certain frequency in this time, for their bodies are not equipped.

HS:  We have a lot of planets that reincarnate, and we look, and we go…  hmmm, this planet is no good.  Not good for plants, not for beings, not for anything.  And we have a big library of nature.  Pleiades, other reason why we expand so much is we keep a very big library of everything we make for the planets.  Animals that are no longer on this planet today, we have on Pleiades.

HS:  We have everything that we make, we have great pride.  So, if you humans destroy them then that’s your problem.  We have copies, we have the originals on Pleiades.

HS:  There are many creatures, these things you like that you are so excited about that you call dinosaurs, we have on Pleiades.  Everything we design and we make and bring to other planets if these species do become extinct for many reasons and it is not always humans.

HS:  We put these creatures on the planets to understand if they can live.  We have to understand the oxygen, the light, the soil content.  We have many teams.  We have soil teams, oxygen teams, and we have many creatures that you know of here on Earth, but we create many creatures that can sustain many different conditions that you as a human could never sustain.

HS:  We have created many things that can live in 500 degrees.  On Earth not many things live at 500 degrees.  Pleiades expands because we keep a very concise library of all of our creations.

HS:  Creations. We never know what is going to happen because we see so many planets that come and our mission is to create as much life as possible.

HS:  This is important to understand is that all our creations are always with Source.  Source is always a part of what we do.  Pleiades is a place where we do things from love.  Source is love!  And we try to create as much beauty and balance and harmony within all these things that we create.

HS:  We spend many years on these planets.  We spent billions of years with Earth.  For us we have no perception of time.  We live so long that to work with a planet for billions of years, is nothing.  Because it takes us sometimes so long to make these things and to understand.

Part III is coming soon.

We are Pleiadeans. Part I

The following conversation uncovered many aspects of Pleiadeans.  Client named Emma came for a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session and her Higher Self (HS) was very keen on sharing many information of the star system known as Pleiades.

Since the contents are vast, I am sharing in parts with you.  This is the part I of a few parts.

Soo:  Emma feels that she is too emphatic.  She feels she takes on too many energies from people and drains herself.  Could you elaborate why she feels that way?

HS:  These are the traits of Pleiadeans.  We sent her here spread the light and to raise the frequencies to help people.  We have said before to her to choose wisely people she can help.  She has suffered trying to help the wrong people.  She must listen more clearly her instinct and she will do much better in future.

HS:  We love you all so much and we want to help all of you, but we cannot help all of you sometimes.   There are many that are vibrating so low, this vibration causes the sickness in the person trying to raise the frequency.  This has been a challenge not to take on low frequency.  Low frequencies can be the disadvantage of the light worker.

HS:  Low frequency comes from the dark energy.  They are extremely efficient, effectively destroy whatever is in its path to be destroyed.  Light worker must be very keen and sharp to understand when and about the dark energy is about that they cannot change.

HS:  To change these energies, they must be in the collective.  They must be with other light workers because the strength is too strong.  If light workers continue working in low frequency, their bodies get sick like many aches that Emma talked about.  Walking away is important or call collectives to help.

HS:  Our message to you both is we must all work together.  When we work together, we will reach so much more power.  We must learn that asking for help is respectable.  You are not showing weakness or disadvantage.  You are going to what you were born to do.  We are here altogether.  So, these frequencies when trying to do them alone and not having the experience or knowledge, they can be damaging.

HS:  This empathic body must be protected at all times.  When left unprotected or unguarded that’s when pain and sickness ensue.

HS:  The more she understands about Pleiadeans and embraces our characteristics and our talents and skills the better she will feel in her health and mind.  And the more work and help she will have.

HS:  And she will reach great new heights of understanding and being of service to the people because she will understand how her gifts work more clearly.

Part II is coming soon.

I Want My Third Eye Open

Quiet often, one of the people’s requests to their Higher Self (HS) is to open their third eyes.

During the talk, I find many have various psychic abilities such as feeling, sensing, hearing or knowing.  But they want to open their third eyes specifically.  The reason is because they want to know everything, they say.  They say “I want to see the future, past and everything!”.

Usually that kind of question makes me wonder, so I ask them:  Are you willing to take the responsibility of seeing everything?  To that, they wince a little and they usually fidget with no answer.  That question made them think: truly do they want to know everything about everyone?

For example, what if I see someone who I know is going to die by car accident, then what do I do about that information?  Do I have an obligation to let them know, or do I keep it to myself?  Which way is best serving to that person?  Just a situation to consider from a person who “sees” everything.

I believe people realize that maybe it is not that good idea to “see” everything.  So, I asked to the Higher Self (HS) of a client on “seeing” things through their third eyes.

HS:  You are not seeing things because you are being taught that there is other way to see.

Soo:  What do you mean?

HS:  You can see with your stomach.  You can see with your heart.  You can see with your consciousness.  You as humans are trained inherently for too long to only see through your eyes.  Only seeing through visions.

HS:  What we are trying to help you understand is that we have a hard time trying to give you words.  We want you to feel things, not see things.  We want you to feel a new Earth.  We want you to feel with your body, your DNA and every molecule that you have.  We want you to feel love.  We don’t want you to see love.  We need you to feel everything in your body of that love.

HS:  Some of the visions, some people get clearer than others, because their purpose is different.  Some other’s is to feel these things.  We need your bodies to raise to the frequencies which is all feeling, it is not vision.

Soo:  Now what is the best way to feel?  We think we feel it, but I am not so sure about that?

HS:  Humans, you are very good at feeling things with temperature.  You get a great feeling when you are in a warm bath, or when you are in a nice bed, or when you are lying on the grass, or you are floating in the ocean.  This is a good way of understanding feeling.  How you feel.

HS:  Think of yourself when taking a hot bath on a cold winter’s day.  You love the feeling of the water.  When you are in water, you bring feelings out that you do not have standing on two feet.  Temperature is good.  Many humans like warmth.  They like to be in a warm place.  You love these saunas.  These are great places to experience feelings that are not emotional.

HS:  Another thing humans have that many people come back to this planet for is taste!  When you eat things that you really like, and you are excited about it, it brings on feeling.  This is something that you do not need to have vision of.

HS:  Smell! Smell is very important.  Again, we know people loves the smell of the grass, the flowers, of the nature.  There are so many smells that people enjoy.  You meditate to these flowers for example.  It brings on different senses.

HS:  What we are trying to convey to you is as humans you are missing many of your skills and powers and being too reliant on your eyes.  We ask that you explore your other senses because these are really the stronger senses.  Try to and it is very simple to accompany and experience things that make your body feel good.

As we learned, there are many ways to “see” things, through many other bodily senses as described by the Higher Self.  Everyone has their own way of “seeing” things.

The following examples are a few we express, a way of “seeing” things via other than seeing with your physical “eyes” or “third eye”.

Some say they “feel in the gut”.

Some say they “sense the vibes”.

Some say their “hair stands up” when they know something tells the truth.

Some say they “smell imminent danger”.

Some say they “hear voices” from their head or other chakras.

Some say their “heart feels something is going to happen”.

Some say they simply “know” that they know.

Some say their “ears are buzzing” to validate the information received are correct.

And many more.

Our “seeing” abilities have been with us for long time through various ways in our bodies. 

We are all psychic!

Bigger Perspective

In a dark space, Aggie is looking at million stars sparkling in the sky.  Seeing a planet of orange color looking peaceful, and floating beautifully comes to her attention.  This planet is one with the universe, a part of the universe.  Feels, she herself is one with the universe.  Feels like she wants to laugh out of joy, and feeling immensely good.  There is a feeling of quietness, calm, and timelessness.  Though seeing nothing, feels there are so much more.

There is a sense of being patient, not in a rush.  The orange planet is dusty, and has many sandstorms.  Not seeing any living people.  It is the size of the Earth.  Not that big.  Now she feels the size of the planet, and sense it holds some knowledge of how to be a planet, and being a planet.  The planet is spinning, and feeling so much fun to be a planet floating in the space.  It is timeless.  Wind blowing around softly, all things move gently and calmly.

“I am that planet!”.  Aggie exclaimed.

She senses that she feels young, energetic, masculine energy of herself being that orange planet.

Never feels alone, and always connected with other planets in the universe.  Feeling and knowing that they are there.  Now she sees more around her.  When zooming out, she sees a bigger planet nearby with clouds, water, and gray ice.  Ice rock planet.  Really big!   She feels the bigger planet is like a family, as if she is being looked after by it.  Feels like her consciousness connection with bigger consciousness.  The bigger planet stands there so long, being there next to each other.  Like human body processes, feels body of the planet shifting like human digestion and can sense shiver like human body.

It is a very different perspective.  The big planet has big consciousness, heavy, secure and happy.  Nothing phases it, totally content as it is.

She realizes being a planet or a human being, she still has the same consciousness.  Scale does not matter.  There are similarities of the both existences.  Either being a planet or human, she is still herself.

Being a human, easy to get caught up of the things.  As a planet, her feeling is deep, steady and large.  As a human, her emotion gets swayed easily like a little ship tossed by  the tidal wave of the sea.

As a planet, every day is all the same.  Noting important, nor excitement happened as a planet.  She learns as a small planet, the conscious connection with bigger planets.  Some planet leaving, some piece of a planet fallen away, some more being created, steady, ever the same.

Aggie’s Higher Self (HS) showed her life being a small planet way before the Earth being created for her to have a bigger perspective.  She is much bigger, her Higher Self says.  On Earthly living, she has been feeling small, trapped  since the Earth is limiting place, dense, and slow.

The Little planet has no name and the bigger planet she has been feeling is her mother.

She and her mom volunteered to come to the Earth to be a beacon of light to help.  I asked her Higher Self how to help people and that her Higher Self said “be the light, bring the light”.  And her HS showed her a very big bright, light energy coming out from her heart.  She has been feeling deep sadness of  how people treat each other, hurting each other.  Many tears shed.  That is very difficult for her to watch.

Her Higher Self suggests to human:  need to learn to soften and open heart.  How to soften and open the heart I asked, and her Higher Self said:  deep, like a planet, broaden your perspective, don’t sweat the small stuff.


This is a session story written by Miro. Much thanks to Miro for sharing his past life experience with us.

By the time I did the hypno-regression with Soonja Kim, I had already completed 4 different ones and had a pretty good idea what to expect.  All my previous visions were of me seeing images of my past lives through my own eye stand, they felt very familiar and all were reasonably pleasant and nothing out of the ordinary.

To my surprise, what I saw with Soonja was something that blew my mind completely.  You see, other than a hypno-regression, I have come to see myself in a past life from a third perspective, as a big, three-legged creature from a different planet, when I was under the guidance of psilocybin aka psychedelic mushrooms.  It was this life that I was most curious of, and wanted to know more about.  It felt like it had a lot of meaning to convey, I just wasn’t sure what precisely.

During the hypnosis, as I was slowly drifting into a deep dream-like state, I was guided by Soonja’s voice to imagine a happy, safe and positive space.  It came as a complete surprise then, when I opened my eyes in that state and saw a big, dark hole in the ground, with water flowing through it, and pebbles and boulders strewn across the bottom of it.  And that’s exactly what it felt like, a comfortable safe and happy place.

Wet and dark. I looked up and saw the skies littered with shiny stars.  Except they all looked the same and were evenly spaced.  Then I realized I was looking at one and the same star many many times over.  As if I had a thousand eyes.  That’s when I thought I was looking through insect like eyes and I was probably an insect too.

I was alone and I was happy, a little surprised that there was no greenery around but I felt satisfied.  I saw myself diving into shallow pools of water to sleep when I was tired and looking through the pebbles when I was bored, reading the layers inside of them and the story, or history, they held within.  And when I was hungry, well, food just presented itself to me.  Other insect and crab-like creatures would come and offer themselves to me as food.

This was the most baffling concept and I saw how it happened.  We were all aware of each other, and the surroundings without seeing each other.  In the dark, we were all parts of the same environment and when one was hungry and the other waiting to die, we would just connect.  In that connection, we would selflessly give ourselves to each other and automatically gain each other’s perspective.  As if we lived 2 lives in 2 different bodies.  This way one would end their life with 2 experiences and the other would have the sustenance from the leftover body to continue living and experiencing life.  That was the beginning of the mind-blowing experience.

Next, I looked around, or rather what felt like looking but I was actually scanning, perceiving the environment in the darkness and realized I was aware of not just the surface of things, but of the deep inside, and of all the layers and what they represented.  I realized that in the absence of light what I perceived around me was not just the surface of things, but all the structure and meaning inside.  And it all had a story to tell.

In that life I lived a solitary life but every so often, as I saw, I would run into another one of my species and we would mate.  This happened in a peculiar way where our limbs would open from the body and we would merge and become a six-legged creature which now not only shared its physicality between the two, but also the entire life’s perspective.  All our experiences, memories and knowledge were merged into one, just like our bodies.  We communicated to each other our whole existence in perspective, as well as genetic material, which we then used to create eggs for our progeny.  The sex was complete communication of life’s perspective as well as the genetic material.  I felt in awe of this, as this was my approach to sex in this life, communicating my whole life’s perspective not just the sensation.

I saw contact with others, beings that were not from my planet but which I called ‘light workers’.  Humanoid like beings which would occasionally come to learn from us.  We taught them how to read deep into beings and things so that what they would perceive is not just the illuminated surface, but also the inner substance and perspective of things, which carries much much more information than the surface.

For, in the darkness there is no surface, there are only layers.  Many of them, with a lot of meaning and information.  This is where my mind was blown again because I realized how we judge everything based on the surface value which represents barely 2% of the intrinsic value.  I saw how the dark reminds us of many layers we share in common with everyone and everything around us.  I saw how our old skeletons after our death break apart and form little pebbles that we walk on and all of them have layers and information of the past lives and histories.

A saying came to my mind which I used to say to my friends, and which came to me in meditation; “you should not ask for what you need but what you have to give, and then everything you need will be given to you”.  That’s exactly how I saw myself in this regressed life.  I was given everything I needed and I gave all I had.  I saw then, myself coming to the planet Earth as a visitor planting first life.  I saw how the 3-legged form was not successful because of how hard it is to keep balance with 3 legs with your vision only, but how the mating form, merged 6 legged-body worked out very well and was the branch that created insects.

Having a scientific background and knowledge this all sounded a little far fetched and unlikely but I could not deny the overwhelming feeling of it being the truth.  In any case, for me, these are beautiful images that decorate the inside of my mind, rather like paintings, and gave my life a lot of value and entertainment.

One thing is for sure though, I will never underestimate the value of darkness ever again.

I am Pretty

At a mere word of herself often being called “pretty”, Lisa showed contempt to that vocabulary, and her brows frowned.  She would rather look like an ordinary looking woman, who nobody took a note of.  Lisa complained why don’t they mind their own business.  She felt offended by it and tired of hearing it.  As she was talking about it, I noticed she was wrapping her sweater around her body, sat back a little, defending body sign clearly was shown. 

As a whole, fashion, cosmetics, all the aesthetic arts we put so much effort in it for women to be “pretty”, but not to Lisa.  She would rather be left alone, not being commented on her looks, let her live her life “please”.

She wore no makeup, loose clothing of plain colorless fabric, spent least amount of money on her outfit, plain sneakers and loose hair.  Make it very plain was her philosophy of dressing herself, she said. 

One of her questions was her having ovarian cysts and swollen lymph nodules around the reproductive system.  I asked her Higher Self (HS) why.

Her Higher Self explained and did the following for her:

Not that long-ago past life in North America, she was also “very pretty”.  Young and pretty, young men in her neighborhood noticed her.  These men gathered and planned to enjoy her.  One day, when she was alone in the house, the group of men entered the place, raped her:  group rape.  She lost consciousness and families of these men did not know what their sons did to a neighborhood girl. 

Because of that trauma, when Lisa came to live in the North America in this current life, the past memory of living on the land awoken to her, and her body started making ovarian cysts as well as her lymph nodes swell: Inflammation, that means the sign of anger.  The solid message from her Higher Self to her was to look after the issue now.

Not only that, she also blocked her feeling of totally letting go when it comes for the intimate relationship with her husband.  Needless to say, it has not been so fulfilling.  Emotional blocking has been the classic result of being violated of feminine right. 

Her HS released all the traumas and took the cysts out as well as the lymph nodes swelling.  She would experience heavy period the first month, and all be good.

Not only her health is back to optimal level, also her ability to embrace herself has been restored.