The Solar Flares

Solar flares are happening all the times, big or small.  The solar flares that I am going to address today is the big one coming in about 20 years from now.

Science tells us it is when the energy stored in the Sun’s magnetic fields explodes and these explosions are called solar flares.

Higher Self (HS) of a client said the purpose of solar flares being created due to the Source wishes to experience another way than the current situation. 

Then what are the effects of the flares.  Needless to say, our power grid will go down, anything electrical will be out and disrupted:  GPS systems, communication with planes in flight and satellite-based technologies, car, internet, phones, mobile phones, fridge, stove, dryer, washer, TV, A/C, heating and the list goes on.

Also affecting water and food distribution, sewage disposal and a whole lot of other aspects of the infrastructure we take for granted daily.

The heat from the Sun flares will be melting all glaciers, snows, shifting the tectonic plates will create floods, water everywhere, chaos, earthquakes, and natural disasters.

Then how does solar flares make that effect?  To that question, the HS said solar flares carry energetic imprints or patterns with them tend to create some change which was needed on the Earth.

Energetic patterns or imprints carry certain code in order to maintain the balance in the dimension.  The pattern/imprint contains the message of destructive, empower or harmonious.  When it hits, depends on imprints, the result will be created.  When the code does not match, detoxing occurs.

For example, we, all are effects in the range of meeting point or energetic check-in:  the energetic imprints say, hey, I’m currently here, where are you, are you going to meet me there, if not, then this is the impact, or consequence.  This is an energetic check in.

The Sun and the Source energy directly are connected with each other.  The Source wishes to experience a certain way, the Sun receives that energy, sends that energy off to everything else.

The Source wants to experience Itself in a way where a life is catered to, life to flourish.  If not matching, bring them all back to the Source.  The Source is constantly upgrading and shifting.

The next reset will occur around or before 20 years from now and the Source is making the shift again.  The huge jump pulls us the Earth, to a new different vibration, which the Earth has never experienced before.  It will be a huge jump to repurpose for something else.

To the planet, it will be a bit of shock to the system, and it has never experienced this before.  However, it is meant for highest good for all, the Earth.

So, are we all going to die, I asked.  The HS said: to prepare for the big shift, we are to go inward.  Meeting the Source energy within us.  Focus on that vibe.  Accepting what’s coming, and moving to that direction.

People who are evolved, they will have a choice to stay to help build the life again or return to the Source, and people who are not evolved, they all go back to the Source.

Awakening will take place.  Huge shift will occur. Guidance from other planets, and ETs to more humans, that will create to speed up this vibration.  Lots of benevolent ETs are protecting, helping, assuring, and preparing us.  We will be well prepared.

All right, the big shift happened, then what are the changes are we going to experience in the future.  To that HS said: We won’t need food to sustain.  Humans will consume liquid-like sustenance.  Water, a different form that will energize the system.  Some grains or vegetables exist, however not much food is required to sustain, and will be reduced to minimal. 

Humans find no need to call someone or text to communicate.  Humans will tap into other ways to communicate.  For example, use the psionic abilities we never bothered to improve.

Now we use electricity extensively but, in the future, we will do a lot with water which will act as energy to transform to create the form required.  Water powers everything.

Now I delivered the message to you all.

Blurry Vision

Elsie has worked all her life, and willingly serving others who need her help at a moment’s notice.  Life has not always been easy for her.  Many ups and downs, but no regrets, for she knows she has done her very best.

Now that she is retired from her work force, she has time to look after her health.  Some part of her body has never been happy with her, specifically her vision.

Since from childhood, she has noticed left eye does not see altogether, the other one sees all right, but could have been better she feels.  Many times, she has visited eye doctors to improve her eye sight, but there were no explanations, no cures from them.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed a tumultuous emotion of her parents in early days of this current life.  Her father was violent man, knew no bound of respect to his family.  He adamantly did not want to have a child, at the time, her mother was pregnant with Elsie, their only child.  He wanted her mother to abort the child, but she refused it.  He kicked her mother down the stairs, hoping that could result the miscarriage.

That action damaged the area of her eye sight which were forming at the time in the mother’s womb.  It was not genetic fault.  It was the result of intentional violent physical abuse from her biological father.

Usually when people come for vision issues, I hear from their HS, that it is caused for them not trying to see what is in front of their life, an act of avoidance.  People want to escape from the reality that they have to face.

Her father never ceased to abuse this little girl physically and emotionally, tried to make her life a living hell.  Elsie has never experienced what was father’s love.  Her mother was no better.  Having living with that kind of man, her mom has sunk in deep depression throughout her life.

The entire story of her life was dark, too heavy to listen.  I have listened many stories, but this tops of it all.

The toll has taken on Elsie’s body all over.  She has been suffering fibromyalgia since young too. 

After her HS showed the cause of her eye issue and fibromyalgia, the HS healed in an instant of her fibromyalgia with blinding white light, she felt tingling all over her body.  It was all gone!  Elsie felt all loads off her shoulders.

In respect of healing the eyes, she has to visualize green energy healing on her eyes while meditating.  This will take some time, about two to three months.  And her HS will help heal the eyes.  No problem.

Her HS asked Elsie to listen her session recording every night, and during her sleep the healing will continue and she was eager to do just that!

Why God Abandoned Me?

A young lady came for a session fuming why everyone hates her.  Well, let’s find that out, I said.

Very noticeable energy in her eyes she had, which were penetrating and unflinching with full of apathy. 

When she was sharing her memories in this life, her family and in-laws were indeed extremely unkind to her.  Of course, she had no friend in school years, nor any good relationship at her work as well.

Life is and has been hell, according to her and she wants out.  Currently she has been married for a few years and has a young child.  To the child she has love, it appeared to me.

While I was addressing what name should she feel comfortable to get permission to ask her questions, she said Universe was fine instead of Higher Self, for she could not relate to that name.  No problem, then we call it the Universe.

She went on to express her feelings about God and spiritual beings.  She has been feeling abandoned by God, asking me why God abandoned her.

God has never been there for her when she needed help, just left her suffer she felt.  While her parents were beating her, God was never there to help her.  While she was going schools, she wanted good friends, but God never gave her good friends, where was God.  While she needed a good man, God was never there to give her a good man.  Finally, she married a man, he has not been kind to her either, where is God there for her.  While she was receiving harassment from in-laws, God was never there to help her.  These were some of the reasons she felt she has been abandoned by God.

Before I started the beginning part of the induction to help her into deeply relaxed state, she said “it is OK to say Higher Self instead of Universe”.  OK thanks and I carried on, she was relaxing more and saw her going deeper.

As she was going deeper, Lord Krishna came to her and told her “Trust”, so I reinforced that she needed “just trust and say whatever comes to your mind”.

Her HS showed a past life where the vast desert lied everywhere.  No trees, no vegetation, just brown sands and heat.  She was young healthy male with brown strapped sandal on his feet, white long robe on his body with turban on his head, like Saudi Arabs wear she said.

A bunch of males tricked and betrayed him, thrown him off a horse down to a desert leaving him all alone with no food, and no water.

Looking up the Sun as a guide, he walked to the direction where he felt towards.  He was searching water everywhere, none!  He found a shelter under a mountain, found a thorny plant, but too many thorns everywhere, impossible to eat the plant.  No water.  Another day and half kept walking, he knew he was going to die there, and died.

She learned stop trusting people, and the Higher Self said these were her patterns of deceit and betrayals that she has been setting up to learn from this.  She needs to love and forgive these people, her in-laws, and her husband in this current life.  They were the men who betrayed and thrown him to the desert in the past life shown.

Her HS said she chose those people to repeat the pattern in this life again, so that she learns to love and forgive instead of hating. 

Lord Krishina has been her Higher Self in this session all through, I was curious why he had been with her.  He said that she did not hate her, so he was able to come and help her.  He is a few she does not hate, he said.

So, Lord Krishina was willing to help heal her body and answered her questions.  He told her:  it is the matter of perspective of looking at things.  He emphasized that she was not a victim, but she planned it that way to learn. 

Lord Krishina advised her to surrender to God to evolve faster, have devoted meditation, trust more, let go of control and all aspects of her life will be vastly improved.

What a huge change I saw after she was brought out to the full consciousness from the trance.  Her eyes were softer, gentler, and smiling.

VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator)

I received an inquiry from a man who said he has been having seizures frequently since 20, would QHHT can help him.  Of course, my reply was QHHT works on all issues.  A few days later he booked a session.

On the day of his session, I prepared the furniture arrangements so that any sharp edges were away from where he could be sitting and around the bed.

During the interview, I found out he has had seizures since young, but only discovered by his class mates in the college where he was found frozen for a few minutes and no other family history indicated that any genetic issue.

Medical professional prescribed the anti-seizure medications and about a year ago, he agreed to install a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) on his left chest above the heart and the wire travels to his left neck.

According to the information from a clinic: the Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) uses an implantable device to stimulate the Vagus nerve in your neck. The electric impulse travels to your brain, where it’s dispersed to different areas to change the way brain cells work. VNS is sometimes called a “pacemaker for the brain.” VNS is approved to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy, depression and as a rehab aid for stroke.

His list of questions was all focused on finding the reason and healing of seizures and erectile dysfunction.

His Higher Self (HS) said his seizures are the way he releases his mental pressure.  Momentary release causes him to freeze his body for a minute or two.  It does not require to fall down on a floor but in sitting position wherever he is, he freezes so a person talking to him notices he is away for a brief time.  That concerned his class mates eventually caused him to go through brain scan, MRI, then taking prescribed medications.

The mental pressures are from his mom and maternal grand ma’s value system imposing on him that he should learn a certain subject to succeed in life.  Therefore, being a good son, he took the education that he did not like, but completed to achieve a master degree, so the world recognizes him as a highly educated, intelligent, and a professional in his field.

In the world he succeeded but his mental world has many freezing moments.  In spite of having multiple anti-epileptic medications, he still experiences seizures.  That finally compelled him to install VNS on his chest.

His HS said when he releases the mental pressure build up, he feels his brain is refreshed, start a new kind of feeling, which he feels very clear and fresh.

Instead of releasing his mental pressure here and there by freezing all brain activities, the HS recommended a better way for him to release by working out with his favorite exercises:  biking and swimming.  The exercise will release his mental pressure build up from just living and working.  There will be no further seizures.

His HS recommended to wean off medications, eventually be free from them and leave the VNS on his chest, since it does not create any issue.

His erectile disfunction is a side effect of medications, once he is free from them, his body will return to the normal function.

I addressed epilepsy on a post sometime ago titled “Epilepsy”, you will find different reasons causing seizures on different people.  The mental pressure release is for this male client.  He was very surprised to understand his issue and said “Huh, was that it?”

He gave me a big hug and many long goodbyes.

Fear of Raising Frequency

Many videos, podcasts, social medias are all busy helping people how to raise the frequency or vibration.  Nowadays people are very keen on raising their vibrations, thanks to the media. 

Unlike the most people came for a session asking to raise vibration, or frequency or to be more spiritual, Hongyan has a fear of raising frequency. 

Not only that, she has a whole list of fears:

Fear of being acknowledged.

Fear of being looked up as an important person.

Fear of being shown in the public.

Fear of feeling worthy.

Fear of being followed by as a teacher.

Fear of darkness.

Talk about fears, she has them all it seemed.

And yet, I was looking at a shining light in front of me telling me her fears.  I felt that’s very interesting, not once her light ever got dimmed while she was talking about her fears.  I had a huge smile inside.

Hongyan has a beautiful family, loving husband and incredibly enlightened children and a job she is good at.  She says she is learning from her children A LOT!

Indeed, her children came from a highly evolved and a very special place.  Her Higher Self (HS) told her, her children came to do light work. And she has been busy dimming her light in all her life.

Her HS showed her a past life in Germany at the time of the WWII.  Simple life, busied herself buying and wearing beautiful dress, done up her hair in wavy style to make herself fashionable, and in love with her husband.  She worked in that life as a secretary of an accounting firm.  No children she had and it was a full life, got old, time to go, so life completed in that way.

I asked her HS why all these fears, while the past life shown did not seem to have any relevance to the current life issues.  Her HS said that her fear of darkness came from seeing and experiencing the Nazi regime and wanted to show her that she is a light and important to appreciate little things in life. 

But most of her other fears stemmed from a life that she had in the US, about 1700s.  She lived and enjoyed a life of helping people with plants.  Many followers and students she had.  Even some medical doctors followed her teaching.

Like all other loving plant medicine person, she only offered and did what she knew and loved to heal people with plants.  A few friends betrayed her in this life also came from that life and they were her students back then.

She got hung, the square was filled with spectators, all looking at her being hung, not one student, neither any people who she helped came to help her, all but watched her being hung.  She felt that was really strange looking at them watching her, then she left the scene in a flash.

The experience being hung left her with so many fears as I mentioned above.

In this life, she did not even wear any necklace nor any neck wears touching her neck.  You can see why she feels that way.  All those people followed her, all betrayed her in the past life.  Who is to blame her feeling that way after that kind of experience.

However, her HS taught her, let go of that life experience, added to her that she planned to experience that life.  Her HS cleared all that trauma in her body, mind and asked her to soak in the Sun every day about 15 minutes, and to connect her to the Sunlight again.

Also eat fresh, raw foods that are in high frequency.  She is a light worker and literally she works with the light!  Her HS reminded her that she works as a Director of Light of Galactic Federation, the Milky Way Galactic Federation consists of million members from million planets.

Now it is her time to accept, shine her light to all in full strength.  The effort of pressing it down the bright light is no longer valid!

The Moon

Today I am going to share about the question on our Moon.  You might ask “What do you mean by?”.

The Moon has been a part of our important farming almanac, daily activities of tides, and also the culture where I am coming from goes by all important yearly events including birthdays, have been based on lunar phases.

Recently a lady client had a curiosity because her feeling has been affected by Moon’s waxing and waning.  Indeed, our feelings have been toyed with the Moon. 

When I was little, I used to look up the Moon much like a silvery round ball marveling the beauty of it and wondering who is living up there.  My friend composed many beautiful poems about the moon, and she got the first prize in school poetry competition too.

The Higher Self (HS) of a client gave me a very interesting information about the Moon.  Where I thought the Moon is just silvery cold place where we humans are trying to make a home there one day.

According to the HS, the Moon has been created by Extraterrestrial beings (ETs) long time ago when the Earth had started populating.

I asked why, and the HS said ETs had a need to create the Moon, nearby to observe the Earth, because the Earth is one of the most beautiful planets, and an absolutely precious gem, a garden of Eden where many lives depend on.  They (ETs) wanted to make sure all life is having their days filled with joy and happiness.

The HS continued.  Inside of the Moon is hollow, many ETs are using the Moon as a meeting place to discuss important things.  Several ETs are residing in it, having their own camps with their own purpose for a very long time, and always has been that way.  They are beings of different dimensions, thus not visible to humans. 

Creating the Moon was not a part of the original plan of the Source.  It was artificially created by ETs of different races, to monitor the Earth, to understand the earthlings and the planet better.  

It is an observation station for the Earth.

Many benevolent ETs have cooperated to establish the observation station.  According to the past QHHT session information, Andromedans are an excellent ship builder.  One of the articles I have posted some time ago titled “A Beauty from Andromeda” explains the shape of the ship and the size with parks, waters, vegetations, trees, like a big city.

The same technology has been implemented in the hollow inner core of the Moon, made themselves a nice place to do their important works.

Here is the link of the session story:

The Moon is, has been and will be with the Earth nearby to influence what we used to get affected by, and will be used to help the Earth to make sure she is on the right path for her evolution.

To Track Reptilian

What if your life purpose is to track reptilian, what kind of ability and experience do you require to fulfill that purpose.

This is the session story of such a person: Igor.

The session was very different in so many ways that Igor did not have any physical issue, nor emotional baggage. None! When I asked total body scan just to make sure all were good, even though he had no issues, his HS took a second or two, then declared “All perfect!”.

Igor dressed perfectly for his profession as an executive accountant with quality suit. In 30’s, had lots of broad smiles, I found no guile, only felt purity. I was intrigued why he was sitting in front of me wanting to have a QHHT session.

He said that a psychic told him that he is a star seed from a Sirius and wanting to find out whether that information bore any truth.

His Higher Self (HS) showed him a past life of a warrior. He was in a battlefield, led his troop, lost his left 2 (two) fingers while he was doing his duty as a general and lost lots of his men. Bloody battle it was! Victory was on his side.

Now to his peaceful life after the war, life was shown with his loving wife and two children. Happy, fulfilling times with his wife, he was a true lover.

Time flew, his wife left him before, now he was alone reminiscing his life as a joy, but sad that his wife was no long with him. Time to go, he left that life of Europe in 1948. His Higher Self (HS) said he wanted to see, so they showed it to him. That’s all.

His HS said “yes”, he worked at Sirius A as an elder to fix the problem created by reptilians and monitored their doings in Orion star system.

As a Sirian, he was tall, slender, having 4-digit fingers, wearing a necklace of elongated head: a symbol of Sirian elder head.

In order to solve the problem, first, elders had to understand, simulated reptilian mind. They used the mental scan the place, and hearing reptilians were freaking out that something was up, so they just shoot the weapon everywhere but had no technology to locate elders.

All elders gathered for frequent meetings with the leader of the elders, making a report what each found, and planned to track the reptilians.

Elders considered destroying them, instead they decided form allies to tackle reptilian, so jointed the force with Arcturians, Pleiadeans, and positive Draconians. All were going to taking turns to watch and made sure the reptilians didn’t do too extreme.

Reptilians created the machine: cyborgs and converted certain humans to cyborg, so AI (Artificial Intelligence) can control them.

Reptilians are very aggressive, create havocs in the universe, not many members of Federation are in favor of their behaviors. Thus, Elders were/are always tracking reptilians, trying to stop them to prevent further troubles.

In the current life he is to continue doing the same job to track reptilians.

According to the HS, many reptilians are on the Earth having human body, they call it “cyborgs”, artificial intelligence (AI) human walking among us, we have no clue about them that they are AIs. AI controls all reptilian stuff, and they are into technology. Almost of them are cyborgs. Even reptilians are cyborgs.

They enjoy eating human as their food, take them to use as slaves to exploit minerals in other stars or planets. Many hundred thousand people a year are kidnapped by them. People disappear without trace is one of their works.

Reptilians are on the earth, underneath of ground, some tunnels and waters and he is here to track them. He needs to expose reptilians to humans. They know who he is, and know that he exists. To be open and being identified is not safe right now. There is a support system from Galactic Federation composed of positive allies such as: Andromedan, Sirian, Arcturian, Pleiadian, and positive Draconian to protect him.

Igor wanted to open ALL his psychic powers so that he can track reptilians, prevent them doing the things that they are doing. His HS asked him to eat high frequency food such as raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. His crown and 3rd eye are about to be opened fully in one year, so he will be equipped doing his life purpose. He is to meditate, yoga exercise, have enough sleep of at least 8 hours. He is to go to bed at the latest by 11 pm.

There are about 144,000 special task force on the Earth: task here to fight the darkness. They fight to eliminate, to evict the darkness from the Earth. By spiritual war to face them, confront them the dark force directly with psychic powers. He is already in the force. They are scattered all over the world. He will recognize them in his heart when he meets them.