COVID-19 Vaccination

Becca is in medical field helping people understand what is COVID-19 and what are the benefits of the vaccination.    She finds people get confused which vaccine is better for them, and what are the side effects.

It seems only natural why the public is so concerned, after all we have been in so many lockdowns for so long and been wearing masks about a year, got deprived of our time together with friends and loved ones.

We cannot even enjoy a cup of coffee sitting down, we have to bite our lunches standing on feet on a cold snowy street, gulping down the coffee not knowing where you can put a cup while you have sandwich in your other hand.  This does not definitely portray of enjoying life scene.

She informed me that she received the vaccination some time ago.  Of course, my first curiosity was how has her body been feeling after the vaccination.  Becca said “no difference”.

She was curious more about the vaccination, so I asked questions to her Higher Self (HS).

Soo      What are the benefits of taking vaccination?

HS       Stop the spread.

Soo      Anything else?

HS       That’s it.

Soo      What are the effects of taking that?

HS       There are some physical damages on physical tissue, lymph nodes and arm pit.

Soo      How to heal the damages?

HS       Eat food that are non-toxic and exercise.

Soo      If the person follows the advice of yours, how long will it take to complete recovery.

HS       7 to 8 months.

Soo      What if a person decides not to take the vaccine?

HS       The person might get sick.

Soo      From where you see things, do all older people require vaccination?

HS       Some need.

Soo      How can you tell certain older folks require vaccine?

HS       You cannot distinguish.  But the damage will heal.

Soo      What about the talk making it mandatory to take the vaccine?

HS       Not mandatory.  Most people do not need it.

Soo      What about travel limitation.  If not taken the vaccine, you cannot aboard the plane I hear.

HS       That might affect about 1-2 years, more like 2 years.

Soo      You mean we cannot get on the plane unless you are proven that you took the vaccine?

HS       In some countries, it might take about 2 years, after that no more vaccine requirement.

Soo      What about wearing masks, for how much longer?

HS       For 2 more years.

Soo      What is the difference between flue and COVID-19?

HS       COVID-19 is more contagious.

Soo      What about the variants?

HS       Not all to worry. 

Soo      Any difference in vaccines on the market?

HS       Mostly same.

Soo      What is the teaching of COVID-19?

HS       People spread fear.  Some make money through fear and greed.  People learn about money, greed, obedience.