Back when he was about two, his memory is vivid that he was in a playground on a spaceship playing with other little kids in the center of the spaceship floor.

His Higher Self (HS) showed one of his past life, where he was so bored to tears, for his father was incredibly wealthy and he had nothing to do!  He described of his huge home contained a water pool of the shape of round circle in the middle of the main floor for his children to play.

Later we found out his past life home was akin to his memory of the ship where he was taken up in this current life.  He was amused of how similar the structure of the pool was with the spaceship playing ground.

The following is what we found out through Cory’s Higher Self (HS).

When he was about two years old in this current life, he was disappeared from the place where he was playing near to his family, and was taken up to the spaceship.  The space ships from the Semu planet that are patrolling the Earth, and there are hundreds of them.

He was from the planet called Semu, his HS spelled it for me so that I clearly get the name.  The planet is in closer proximity to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Many many light years away from the Earth.  The Milky Way Galaxy has about 100 billion planets, about 500 million out of them support life which our scientists estimate.

The Semu is one of the planets that has life, not seen in any star maps that we have in our current star knowledge.  The Earth is just in one of the outer arms of the galaxy, where darkness prevail for it is far out from the light core of the galaxy.

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The Semu planet is very far advanced by million years ahead of the Earth.  They specialize in Intergalactic travel.   Their body genetics allow fast healing that explains why Cory has experienced fast healing if any part of his body got hurt.

Cory had lived in the planet 1400 years ago just before he decided to have some Earth experience and Sahara Desert life was the first one of the many of his Earth life experiences and he has been learning very well what are Earth life like.  He is here to learn love, helping others by being good to others.

He lived up there in the Semu mostly doing research plants as a scientist via inter galactic research, to find food for other life in other planets in the galaxy like human species on the Earth.  He grew plants for food.

Semu beings do not eat food in general.  They live in dimension between three and four, they use energy and only some eat.  Being abundant with energy so close to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is much easier to use the energy.  That is why they are in white light, unlike the Earth which is in the outer arm of the galaxy where the planet is in dark, in lack of energy and limited.

The Semu being has the body of dark hard shell-like blue skin, very tall, skinny, big round eyes with two antennas on its head.  They stand on two feet, 2 fingers and 2 toes.   Their skin is blue due to their blood does not need oxygen, when it needs oxygen, it is red like human’s.  The drawing below shows how tall they are.  The little box on the right bottom is the height of Corey.

            The Semu being drawn by the client

Their planet looks like the Earth.  But most of them live in ships.  Unlike many of the beings from other planets, Corey does not receive downloads from them though his family is up there in Semu, not much communication with him, because they know it does not do any good if they have an ongoing communication with him, for they want him to focus on this current life.