Bob is incredibly sensitive and caring guy, almost make me feel as if I am meeting a priest or a monk. He is fascinated by the new age materials, tells me he reads a lot on that subject.

Previous night, he enjoyed a delicious dinner including some eggplant and fried potato. And he said he felt his energy dipped so low, he could hardly walk. Immediately I said “Oh, it is fried potato!” coming from my own experience. Every time I consume any fried foods and worse if it is fried potato, my body immediately goes to lethargic, sleepy mode, and lose all ambition.

His Higher Self (HS) surprised us:

Soo      Bob had a dinner consist of eggplant and fried potato. He said his energy dipped so suddenly. Could you tell him what caused it?
HS       It was eggplant.
Soo     Oh?
HS      When he was a little boy, he used to play video game of eggplant.
Soo    And?
HS       In that video game, eggplant was evil. It was traumatic experience for a small boy. When anyone eats eggplant, the game showed their health will decrease.
Soo     And?
HS       And the music changed dark and sinister.
Soo     Oh?
HS       He remembered that, but wanted to pass that memory.
Soo    And?
HS       But thing call emotion was still with him. It affected him severely.

image courtesy of windset farms

Eggplant is used often in cooking and people enjoy. As eggplant in black sauce, baked, sautéed, and on some special occasions, people dipped in egg and flour mix and fried them, also steam and mix with sauces, and they are absolutely delicious! Who could even guess some people design such video game using eggplant as evil character?

Bob is laughing now. Oh, his Higher Self said fried potato was ok with him.