Incredibly interesting thing that I have noticed is that my clients’ current life situations are very much affected by the previous life decisions.

Today I am going to address specifically the vows that they have taken, more related to the monastic vows. When they sworn in to be monks, priestess, or any order of monastic life, they vowed of celibacy, poverty and obedience. Of course, there are many more vows, however here we are interested in only these three (3) vows: celibacy, poverty, and obedience.

Nellie found herself as priestess in ancient times. She herself had to fast many days to make herself pure for specific ritual offerings, or occasions to give healings for villagers. Those years of priestess, she dedicated her entire life for others, totally dependent on offerings of villagers and absolute obedience of her superior.  Those were the rules.

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In this current life she is highly intelligent, smart, and has great personality. She can make friends easily and feels ease at communicating with people.

When we chatted more, I noticed she kept saying she had not been feeling all right if she had so much money in her wallet, and she had such an urge to rid of them. So she went out and bought some clothes, or gave money away to some homeless people.

And her marriage has been on the rock for several years, she never felt her being loved by her husband. Even now she has to sit down and counts back the days when they slept together. She said “it has been so long, I don’t even feel like I am married”

Long time ago, she recognized her tendency being so much happier and feels herself when she works for herself. She is not much of a corporate person, she feels suffocated by rules and regulations of the corporate and the pressure to meet company’s goals. Of course she is self-employee now, and she said she feels great in spite of some pressure of meeting the expense at the end of the month.

So I asked her Higher Self (HS) on these three vows she has carried over who knows how long.

HS     I am SO grateful that you asked us to rid of all that vows for her. She has taken that vows for many life times and they have rooted down deep in her energy field.
Soo   Those vows no longer serve her in current life, is that correct?
HS    Yes, that is correct.
Soo Then, she will get benefit to remove them now?
HS     Yes!
Soo   Could you remove them from her now?
HS    Yes! We are doing it now.

Then her breathing became so deep and long as if it was coming from the depth of somewhere, and it looked as if they (Higher Self) were pulling out some heavily rooted objects. Three deep and long breaths, one by one.

Soo   What are you doing, may I ask?
HS      We are pulling out all these energies locked in her. Gosh it locked in so deep!
Soo   Pulling out?
HS     Yes, pulling them all out, now it is done.
Soo   Oh! Are they all removed for good?
HS      Yes, all out. No more.
Soo    You mean she is no longer affected by those vows anymore?
HS     No more!
Soo  Thank you so much for doing that for her!  Now she is totally free?
HS    Totally free!