The following cases, you will find the reasons are different and yet symptoms are same.

Through the sessions for clients, I find the above finding applies to other physical discomforts time and time again: reasons differ, symptoms, same. 

Today we are discussing two (2) different cases of people who have epilepsy.

The first one is about a young woman in 30’s told me her experience having epileptic seizures throughout her life started from teen age years.

Her Higher Self (HS) explained her case as the following: 

When her physical body was changing in teen age time, the body was not ready to contain the energy in the body, her astral body left often that created a shock to the entire body.  To outsiders, she was having epileptic seizure.   To her body, it moved according to the brain electrical stimulations which were chaotic.  She was too young to understand how her body worked.

She has been empathic ever since she was aware of herself, been absorbing everybody’s energy around her.  She has been in wake state almost all her years and not being able to go to sleep.   When she was young and she simply stopped sleeping, and only concerned of others.  That helping others made her energy totally got drained and her body could not hold it anymore, so the astral body kept leaving .

The seizures were getting worse, she got scared, and tried to ignore.  But it only got worse.  So, she decided to stop seizures by becoming pregnant.  The baby helped with that, helped her grounding in the body, thus no more leaving as an escape. 

The astral body leaves when the body sleeps and is designed to naturally go in and out in sleeping state.  If not sleeping, astral body is not allowed to leave.  The astral body is hard to locked-in the physical body that long.  If the body is not strong, they just leave.

The HS told the client that she has to be conscious of her body by taking care of it.  She should eat more of natural foods and lots of green.  The toxins slow you down.  Detoxing will help her to flush out lots of toxins.  She no longer needs to take prescribed medication, and seizures will not happen again.

Now the second case.

This case was addressed by the daughter of a lady who has been taking epileptic control medication since her youth, now in her 70’s.  The following information came from the daughter’s session.

The client was viewing a past life scene where she was a little girl watching her older sister (her current mom) hung and dead.  She was horrified!  She loved her older sister dearly.  The world without her was inconceivable to this little girl.  The sadness and shock took the little girl into uncontrollable sobbing and her tears were streaming down profusely!  With gentle, calming consolation, her sobbing slowly got subsided and was able to describe the situation.

Her HS informed her mom’s case as the following:  During the duration of being hung, the electrical system in her brain went haywire.  It shot everywhere and anywhere.  The total chaos.  This took a while for her to expire.  This trauma she carried into this current life.

Her mom is very content to take the medication and not interest in stopping it.

Higher Self respect every body’s free will.