Accomplished so much Already!

Peter came for a session, mainly curious on his career and relationships.  In his early 20’s, he was in perfect health, therefore no questions on the body.  By the way, career and relationship questions are the most popular subjects to people whom I have met.

After initial relaxation, he was viewing on one of those early days in this current life.  Through all investigations, he was not going to any past life/lives, but to the current life only.  Recently I find clients are visiting current life more often than the past, or parallel.

When his Higher Self (HS) was ready to answer questions, I asked:

Soo:    I am curious why you did not show him any past life?

HS:      Because he does not need to see any past life, for he has achieved so much already in this life.

Soo:    What do you mean he has achieved so much already?

HS:      In this life, Peter has made so much progress in his life, there is no need to look back.

Soo:    Has he ever had any past life?

HS:      Yes, he had many past lives.

Soo:    What did he do so much to progress so fast in this life?

HS:      All these little things you consider not important are utterly huge accomplishments.

Soo:    Like what? May I ask?

HS:      To show kindness to a stranger, tried to implement some idea to improve work condition for his fellow workers, to name a few.

Soo:    You mean that is more highly regarded than donating billion dollars to charities and so on?

HS:      Yes, all good thoughts are important and vital for progress.

And of course, all his career and relationship questions were answered and he was armed with wisdom, and foresight to work them out wisely to his favor.

During the interview, he talked about things what he did in schools, at home, at work, or, at outside of work activities.  I listened that he has been very considerate, caring and thoughtful to others.

His HS acknowledged all these little things that we think in this world are not that important have been noted as huge sums of deposit to his good karma bank account.

All good thoughts DO matter!