Fear of Raising Frequency

Many videos, podcasts, social medias are all busy helping people how to raise the frequency or vibration.  Nowadays people are very keen on raising their vibrations, thanks to the media. 

Unlike the most people came for a session asking to raise vibration, or frequency or to be more spiritual, Hongyan has a fear of raising frequency. 

Not only that, she has a whole list of fears:

Fear of being acknowledged.

Fear of being looked up as an important person.

Fear of being shown in the public.

Fear of feeling worthy.

Fear of being followed by as a teacher.

Fear of darkness.

Talk about fears, she has them all it seemed.

And yet, I was looking at a shining light in front of me telling me her fears.  I felt that’s very interesting, not once her light ever got dimmed while she was talking about her fears.  I had a huge smile inside.

Hongyan has a beautiful family, loving husband and incredibly enlightened children and a job she is good at.  She says she is learning from her children A LOT!

Indeed, her children came from a highly evolved and a very special place.  Her Higher Self (HS) told her, her children came to do light work. And she has been busy dimming her light in all her life.

Her HS showed her a past life in Germany at the time of the WWII.  Simple life, busied herself buying and wearing beautiful dress, done up her hair in wavy style to make herself fashionable, and in love with her husband.  She worked in that life as a secretary of an accounting firm.  No children she had and it was a full life, got old, time to go, so life completed in that way.

I asked her HS why all these fears, while the past life shown did not seem to have any relevance to the current life issues.  Her HS said that her fear of darkness came from seeing and experiencing the Nazi regime and wanted to show her that she is a light and important to appreciate little things in life. 

But most of her other fears stemmed from a life that she had in the US, about 1700s.  She lived and enjoyed a life of helping people with plants.  Many followers and students she had.  Even some medical doctors followed her teaching.

Like all other loving plant medicine person, she only offered and did what she knew and loved to heal people with plants.  A few friends betrayed her in this life also came from that life and they were her students back then.

She got hung, the square was filled with spectators, all looking at her being hung, not one student, neither any people who she helped came to help her, all but watched her being hung.  She felt that was really strange looking at them watching her, then she left the scene in a flash.

The experience being hung left her with so many fears as I mentioned above.

In this life, she did not even wear any necklace nor any neck wears touching her neck.  You can see why she feels that way.  All those people followed her, all betrayed her in the past life.  Who is to blame her feeling that way after that kind of experience.

However, her HS taught her, let go of that life experience, added to her that she planned to experience that life.  Her HS cleared all that trauma in her body, mind and asked her to soak in the Sun every day about 15 minutes, and to connect her to the Sunlight again.

Also eat fresh, raw foods that are in high frequency.  She is a light worker and literally she works with the light!  Her HS reminded her that she works as a Director of Light of Galactic Federation, the Milky Way Galactic Federation consists of million members from million planets.

Now it is her time to accept, shine her light to all in full strength.  The effort of pressing it down the bright light is no longer valid!