VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator)

I received an inquiry from a man who said he has been having seizures frequently since 20, would QHHT can help him.  Of course, my reply was QHHT works on all issues.  A few days later he booked a session.

On the day of his session, I prepared the furniture arrangements so that any sharp edges were away from where he could be sitting and around the bed.

During the interview, I found out he has had seizures since young, but only discovered by his class mates in the college where he was found frozen for a few minutes and no other family history indicated that any genetic issue.

Medical professional prescribed the anti-seizure medications and about a year ago, he agreed to install a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) on his left chest above the heart and the wire travels to his left neck.

According to the information from a clinic: the Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) uses an implantable device to stimulate the Vagus nerve in your neck. The electric impulse travels to your brain, where it’s dispersed to different areas to change the way brain cells work. VNS is sometimes called a “pacemaker for the brain.” VNS is approved to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy, depression and as a rehab aid for stroke.

His list of questions was all focused on finding the reason and healing of seizures and erectile dysfunction.

His Higher Self (HS) said his seizures are the way he releases his mental pressure.  Momentary release causes him to freeze his body for a minute or two.  It does not require to fall down on a floor but in sitting position wherever he is, he freezes so a person talking to him notices he is away for a brief time.  That concerned his class mates eventually caused him to go through brain scan, MRI, then taking prescribed medications.

The mental pressures are from his mom and maternal grand ma’s value system imposing on him that he should learn a certain subject to succeed in life.  Therefore, being a good son, he took the education that he did not like, but completed to achieve a master degree, so the world recognizes him as a highly educated, intelligent, and a professional in his field.

In the world he succeeded but his mental world has many freezing moments.  In spite of having multiple anti-epileptic medications, he still experiences seizures.  That finally compelled him to install VNS on his chest.

His HS said when he releases the mental pressure build up, he feels his brain is refreshed, start a new kind of feeling, which he feels very clear and fresh.

Instead of releasing his mental pressure here and there by freezing all brain activities, the HS recommended a better way for him to release by working out with his favorite exercises:  biking and swimming.  The exercise will release his mental pressure build up from just living and working.  There will be no further seizures.

His HS recommended to wean off medications, eventually be free from them and leave the VNS on his chest, since it does not create any issue.

His erectile disfunction is a side effect of medications, once he is free from them, his body will return to the normal function.

I addressed epilepsy on a post sometime ago titled “Epilepsy”, you will find different reasons causing seizures on different people.  The mental pressure release is for this male client.  He was very surprised to understand his issue and said “Huh, was that it?”

He gave me a big hug and many long goodbyes.