I am only 19, Why did I have a Heart Attack?

A young man in early 20’s came for a QHHT session to solve his heart problem.

The doctors went through rigorous tests and found nothing wrong with his heart save a little inflammation in it.  They found no plague, neither any cut in the organ.

He has had about five or six heart attacks since 19.  He noticed the heart attack occurred only in April and in July!

On top of that he had a stroke a few years ago, lost speech ability so he had to go through speech therapy for a while.

While he was talking about his life experiences with me, I noticed he straightened his back and neck quite often, and told me his back has given him spasms.

Apparently, the spasm starts from the back, moves to the neck then his chest where his heart sits around gets hurt.  He takes several medications due to his heart issue.

He went into a past life around 12th century in Southern Europe, where people were living quite poorly.  They used horses, carriages to transport people or stuff on cobblestone roads. 

With a little coin he had in his pocket, he bought a beautiful bouquet of tulips to his lady, asked her hand and turmoil in the place they had to run away to other areas.  Those were the time of crusades where Europe was unstable for many centuries.

On the way, they had to manage with what they knew with people and his skills.  They, he and his wife kept running away, not feeling safe at any one place.  Eventually they arrived to the place now calls Russia. 

One day out on the street, he was observing whole crowds protest for more food, for they did not have anything to feed the families.  Soldiers were equipped with weapons like spears, heavy bats, arrows and bows.  But people kept marching on and there were many causalities laying on the ground.

One woman with a little baby was shot by a soldier, begging him to save her baby.  He did not know how to help the woman and her baby, for his body was not strong enough to carry them both, so he chose the baby and ran to hide into an ally.

A soldier caught him, threw a spear which went through his back, pulled him out the ally, hooked into the carriage where a horse dragged him on a street.  Apparently, the spear had 6 spokes, hooked his back like a meat hung on a butcher shop.

He died looking up the blue sky, that was his last memory.

His Higher self (HS) told me the reason of showing the life was to tell him, that was the cause of his heart attack and back spasm.   Now that incident happened about nine centuries ago and he was still carrying that trauma to this life!

His HS took the memory of trauma out from his brain and body, put new cells in his heart, removed scar tissues, healed and told us the complete healing will be done in two weeks, he can safely throw the pills after that, and also promised the heart attack and the spasm will never happen again.

So, I asked why he had attacks only in April and in July.  To that the HS said the incident happened in July in Russia, and also in April where the weather of the city he is living now is similar to July in Russia, so his heart remembered and acted accordingly.  Of course, that memory also removed from his heart when the HS was working on his heart. 

About the stroke, the HS said they wanted a “reset” for his system, which took five days, while the HS put him in coma.

Now he understood why spasm started from his back, went up to the neck, came to his heart to feel the attack.

As the entire trauma got healed, he is going to feel strong, ready to live, on top of that he can even run!