Why do I have Albinism

What is albinism.  The science says it is a disorder passed down in families where the body makes little or none of a substance called melanin.

The type and amount of melanin in your body determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes. Melanin also plays a role in the development and function of the eyes, so people with albinism have vision problems.

The following session story will shine some light on albinism.

A very charming young lady walked in, she has pink hair to my eyes but her hair is blonde!  Further more she has pale skin with African curly hair and lips.

The reason I was so intrigued of her appearance was something about her appearance was surreal to me.  Beyond the usual norm of fair skin people who I have acquainted with prior.

Her life story started from Africa, born with African parents.  Her skin tone was so pale, she was a subject of a ridicule to neighbors and classmates. 

She was telling me her school years were somewhat scary and alone, for people always made a fun of her skin tone.

Some years later, she came to Canada where pale skin people are appreciated and her career has blossomed with no more ridiculing comments of her skin color.

Somehow with pale skin, she has unwanted eye sight issues where her eye sights are not clear even with the glasses.

She slipped into a past life very nicely, describing all the details of the life.  The life of a soldier, young healthy male with family.  Very loyal subject to his king.

One day neighboring village attacked and he had to go for a war.  Safely tucked his family in a hiding place and he left them. 

Now done up with armors on the body, metal helmet, a spear and armor on the hands as well, and the boots.   Riding horse along with his comrades, battle was fierce.  One by one his comrades fell to the ground and died.

All of a sudden, he fell on a ground, found his stomach was stabbed by enemy spear.

Looking back that life he just left, he felt sadness over that his life was not well lived.  He spent all his life, serving the king, always wanted to be appreciated but never ever received that from his king.  He felt sad what was he living for.  Thinking back some tears dropped, could not help but to realize his life was wasted, this feeling was strong on his mind when he left that life.

His mind was now wanting to be seen, appreciated, no more hidden and no more being never appreciated of his service.  

This life was the result of that decision where having albinism gave her distinct recognition where everyone can see that she is very different from all black community!  Now she is seen.  Now she is recognized.

Her Higher Self (HS) calmed the pressure in her eyes, added melanin in the gene of her eyes, connected to her vision and her eyes starts working with new melanin gene.  Entire restoration will take a few weeks, then her eye sights will be functioning normal.

Oh, about being stabbed in the stomach in the soldier life trauma also has been healed by her Higher Self (HS).