I am Pretty

At a mere word of herself often being called “pretty”, Lisa showed contempt to that vocabulary, and her brows frowned.  She would rather look like an ordinary looking woman, who nobody took a note of.  Lisa complained why don’t they mind their own business.  She felt offended by it and tired of hearing it.  As she was talking about it, I noticed she was wrapping her sweater around her body, sat back a little, defending body sign clearly was shown. 

As a whole, fashion, cosmetics, all the aesthetic arts we put so much effort in it for women to be “pretty”, but not to Lisa.  She would rather be left alone, not being commented on her looks, let her live her life “please”.

She wore no makeup, loose clothing of plain colorless fabric, spent least amount of money on her outfit, plain sneakers and loose hair.  Make it very plain was her philosophy of dressing herself, she said. 

One of her questions was her having ovarian cysts and swollen lymph nodules around the reproductive system.  I asked her Higher Self (HS) why.

Her Higher Self explained and did the following for her:

Not that long-ago past life in North America, she was also “very pretty”.  Young and pretty, young men in her neighborhood noticed her.  These men gathered and planned to enjoy her.  One day, when she was alone in the house, the group of men entered the place, raped her:  group rape.  She lost consciousness and families of these men did not know what their sons did to a neighborhood girl. 

Because of that trauma, when Lisa came to live in the North America in this current life, the past memory of living on the land awoken to her, and her body started making ovarian cysts as well as her lymph nodes swell: Inflammation, that means the sign of anger.  The solid message from her Higher Self to her was to look after the issue now.

Not only that, she also blocked her feeling of totally letting go when it comes for the intimate relationship with her husband.  Needless to say, it has not been so fulfilling.  Emotional blocking has been the classic result of being violated of feminine right. 

Her HS released all the traumas and took the cysts out as well as the lymph nodes swelling.  She would experience heavy period the first month, and all be good.

Not only her health is back to optimal level, also her ability to embrace herself has been restored.