A Promise to Keep

People come for a QHHT session wanting to eliminate some habit, such as smoking.  While they love smoking and wanting their Higher Self (HS) do the work to delete that from its brain.  Do you think you can fool your Higher Self?  You know deep in its heart, you love and want to continue smoking, and ego says quitting is a good thing.  Any benefit you get from continuing some habit while they want it go, they are not honest to themselves.  The healing does not work that way.  Your congruity within and without is a  MUST to bring healing.

The following session is not about the smoking, but quitting his profession for good in order to get healing.  The story of Jack, a personal support worker (PSW).  He loves his work, looking after each patient’s need is such a joy to him.  He told me he really loves his job.  For years, he has been serving and was feeling all right for the compensation he has received with occasional promotions.

In strange work environment we are in nowadays, his work load has been slowly piled up for the last few years without proper respite, reward or appreciation.  His employer promised to pay more for what he provides.  He has waited, served, waited, and served people.

Some months ago, his right arm started aching.  Went to the doctor, he was told that he has tendonitis.  Immediately he started physio therapy and still did his usual work.  The pain got worsened, still he continued to do his load.  Now his left arm started aching also, and shooting pain radiated to the neck to the back.

By the time he came to me for a QHHT session, he has been on medical leave for a few weeks.  Now he is in dilemma what to do.  He loves what he does, that is his passion.  And his arms are not happy with him for doing what he loves.  He needs money, wondering how to support him and his family.  Wonderful challenge having a body, experiencing human life on the Earth, you all can relate to it.

His HS said they will heal him on one condition that he never goes back to that profession again.  Why, I asked.  His HS said the people who he works with has no respect of his contribution and Jack needs to learn to love himself.  His HS requested him to “letting it all go”.  His conscious mind came up and told to his HS that he loves the work, that‘s all he knows and asking how to support his family. Then his HS said he has to let that go, otherwise no healing.

The phenomena where conscious mind interacts actively with its Higher Self is happening here and there in my practice; definitely a good sign of our human conscious mind is able to work at a close level with its Higher Self.  I am finding it much more fun to work in this state of awareness, thus conscious decision is present in healing process and the person takes full responsibility of the outcome.

Now, I as a facilitator, was in between negotiating the best route for Jack.  A few more details were looked after between his Higher Self and his conscious mind.  Interesting situation!  His conscious mind finally saw more benefit to let that profession go and get the healing and said “yes, I promise” to his HS.

Then his HS started healing his tendonitis with massaging the areas being affected with high energy.  I saw his right hand was moving around vigorously under the blanket.  Later he mentioned he felt his bones around arm were rotating, feeling hot energy coursing through.

His HS healed all, advised him to love himself and provided detailed information for him to create his own business to bring abundance while he can serve fellow humans.

This session was very unique in that, his Higher Self wanted Jack’s promise to let that profession go before healing can be accomplished and there were three (3) way conversation between his Higher Self, client’s conscious mind and me, the facilitator.

As a facilitator, it has been an honor to witness and was a part of decision-making process.