I Want Company

One session, a client was beaming with so much happiness just floating on the ocean.  Who cares about swimming suit, he went all naked, free from all this human made stuff on his body, feeling peaceful and just being in happiness.

All of a sudden, I noticed his expression on face changed!  Suddenly his eyebrows frowned and the face was creased and stated sniffling.

Soo     What’s happening?

Client  I am sad.

Soo     Why?

Client  Because, I don’t have anybody to enjoy together.

This reminds me of something of the Source and Its creation.  That’s exactly what I felt the Source might have been feeling before creation started.  The Source has been enjoying for, perhaps eons maybe: the tranquility, the peace, the sereneness, and contentment.

Then like that client, the Source thought:  Wait a minute! I have been enjoying all these.  I have been all by Myself.  I want company to share!  Then the entire creation has been in the existence that we are aware of and still is in progress of creating new to no end.

Well, you guessed, I asked that question to the Higher Self (HS) of a client.

Soo     Could you tell me how the Source decided to create us, all?

HS       Source is always throwing out ideas, concepts, creations, manifestation, energies.  Pushing out billions, trillions of ideas.  Constantly throwing out!  Those concepts are energy, based on your frequency, you pick that up, the idea of the Source.

Soo     My curiosity is not that!  What was the state of the Source before the Source decided to create its creation?

HS       Source was in blackness.  Nothingness.  Void.  Then there came a desire to create Itself. It created as an individual then all creation manifested.

Soo     Could you ask Source what was it like before creation started?

HS       The Source is transmitting images.  The Source keeps showing us (HS), there is nothingness.  All dark, No sound.  No smell.  No energy.  No lights. No movement.   Imagine complete blackness, total emptiness.  Everything is black.  Dark, dark, darkness.  There is virtually nothing. 

HS       Out of the loneliness of this blackness, darkness.  Then, came a desire to create itself. The Source created out of loneliness, desire to have a company.

HS       Source is bored.  Source is thinking, has thinking moment.  Out of the loneliness and desperation of boredom, the Source created in that space, provided.

Soo     So, now we are trying to understand all the physics, intricacies and mysteries of the creation!

HS       Yes!