You Are Popular in the Universe!

During the questioning period to the Higher Self (HS) of a client about the trauma originated so many long years ago.  Some of traumas that happened to people were 10,000 years or way more. Then I remembered one session of a young man whose trauma originated from 3,500 years ago.  All of a sudden, I was curious about what has happened to all his subsequent lives since the trauma has originated.  I know the client has had many different lives since.  Has the client carrying the trauma in all those lives, yet suffering?  What would have happened to his body of other lives?

HS       This experience is part of journey, he chooses this journey.  No need to carry on to the next life.  This is the poor understanding carrying ancestral lives, or past life trauma carrying journey to journey.

Soo     Why now this issue comes up to the daylight!

HS       These people did not understand, whatever the reason, they were not taught, or understood up until this moment.  You have shown the path to release this pain or blockage.  Yes, the blockage can last 3,500 years! 

Soo     Are you saying many lives since then, the person still carried the trauma, in all those lives!

HS       Yes! All those lives!

Soo     Really!?

HS       Yes!  For some reason, the person, we see them caught up in the karmic loop for 3,500 years.  His understanding of the karma kept him for thousands of years.  That’s why the Source tries to eradicate the concept of karma of human.  It is keeping you in the loops, keeping them in the trauma.  They are coming up at different life, still having the same trauma.  Living different life, having the same trauma.

Soo     Oh my God!

HS       So, thank you Soo! For your work and other practitioners, working what you all do.  Because, you are having the affects that you are having, because for the first time you’re stopping the loop.  You are helping the human understand that there is no requirement to hold this trauma within them.  And so, you are helping and support them to release it.

Soo     It is an honor.  I am just a facilitator.  Their Higher Self (HS) is the healer.

Soo     For example, the Higher Self of this young man said he has been waiting for 3,500 years to meet me to receive healing! It was such an awestruck statement!  He carried the trauma for so long?

HS       Soo, you are not completely aware of yourself and many other practitioners who do the same work, you are popular in the universe!

Soo     Are you kidding!

HS       Yes, you are popular!  You and the fellow practitioners have come to work in a new channel of work and greatly served the human kind.  We are of the collectives.  We saw people have had experiences with you and Dolores.

HS       We hear Dolores all the time.  She is talking!  We hear her!  She has been helping many people other side of the veil, to reach people such as yourself, guide people, appointing them people like yourself to help them. 

HS       Dolores has been a great help releasing these things.  She saw it very clearly, and understood messages clearly coming to her from us and many other places, held her conviction so strongly in the time where she could have been seen as a mental case.  So, she is still working, still do the job, still setting up the appointments.  And, she will still continue to do so.  You are releasing 3,500 years of trauma! 

Soo     Wow!  I was so awestruck to hear this man carry the trauma for 3,500 years through all many different lives?

HS       Yes! Yes!

Soo     So this man’s understanding is ready, he was able to release it now?

HS       Yes!  As your timing, a part of what you want to do, came very much here to do.  It was a part of your contribution in assisting us:  the Source, ETs, and the Federation to assist in the ascension process.  So, you are helping in releasing individual’s trauma and pas life suffering.  We are going to call it, PTSD, help us to further ascend that individual.

HS       We would like to call you, fertilizer! You are fertilizer!  We are so excited to have you in our garden, because you are working inside the garden, in special places where we cannot get in.  You play very integral part of helping the garden’s health and happiness.