My Life as a Tree

The following article is written by Ceci who recently had a QHHT session and she drew the painting what she saw when she was viewing past life as a tree.

My experience started when I noticed that I was standing very still in a place full of rocks.

The environment is purple and red, both colours are very bright.  It almost feels like a desert with soft orange sand.  The sky is dark blue and very wide.  There are stars in the sky but it is very hard to see them. 

When I was a tree, I grew to be very tall, I had a few branches and lots of leaves.  I felt like I had eyes and nose, but not like humans have them.  I was always alone in this place, but I felt like I was guarding something, however, I could not move or turn my body to see behind me.

It was a cold and lonely place and time felt very slow.  I spend a lifetime standing and learning stillness.  In that life as a tree, I had to learn to be in the moment and to be patient.

In my current life in Earth School, I am never still or calm and my Higher Self took me to the life that helped me see how calm, silence and stillness feel like.

In my life as a tree, I did not interact with any other people or trees, but I never felt sad, ignored or left behind.  I was content with being there and feeling the environment.  It was never scary and never dangerous.  A white light was always next to me.  I could see it and feel it.

I spent lots of years, probably decades, as a tree.  On my last day as a tree, I saw myself being on the ground, my life mission has been completed.

The tree life experience I had was in another planet in another galaxy which name is not known to human yet.

The night after the QHHT session, I dreamt of the same place.  I visited the same place, but this time I had a clearer vision of the colours and textures.  The sky was still dark blue and the desert-like environment remained very quiet.  I could hear very calm sounds, like a steady and calming sound with a very pleasant vibration. Also, the air there smelled salty.

Thank you so much Soo for this work that you do!   This is life-changing, truly! I loved spending the day with you and learning from you.