This is a session story of a young lady who has been suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) for many years.

The excruciating pain and cramps are so intolerable, hardly she can function normal during her menses and taking pain killer medication doesn’t do much for her, on top of that she gets premenstrual symptoms with tender breasts, mood swings, and fatigue.

During an ultra sound, she found out that she has a few cysts (fluid-filled sacs) that form in the right-side ovary only.  Left side ovary has no cyst, but she has been feeling pain.  Since then, she pays more attention to have a good diet and exercise.  Still the pain has never decreased though. 

Image courtesy of Ameya Clinic

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown and correct treatment is also unavailable at the moment.  The best way I know is to get the information directly from her Higher Self (HS).

The HS showed her a past life where the cause of the discomfort came from.  Many lives ago, her parents married her off at a very young age, she got pregnant immediately.  she had a very hard life, struggled to make her ends meet.  She received love from her husband, but his love did not fill her hunger in the stomach, it was a very sad difficult pregnancy, and the baby was born dead.

She felt tremendous guilt for the baby being born dead, she blamed everything to herself.  All these emotional guilts, she carries to this current life so her womb feels guilty, and sadness.  In this life, she wants to experience motherhood again.  She wants to have children when she meets the right partner and enjoys fullness as a woman.  Her HS showed the right man whom she has never met is coming in a near future, and they will have children together.

Her HS said the pain from the left side ovary is from her grief that she may not or cannot have ability to have children.  The past life experience has been totally influencing her entire womb. 

Her HS saw that she learned the issue was from the past, no need to suffer any more and healed her womb with lots of white light, showered warmth to that area and filled her heart with love.  Also, her HS advised her to feed her body with wholesome food and love herself.

The side effect of the healing will cause her purge.  She will experience lots of stool, some nausea for a few weeks.  The HS advised her to drink green juice twice a day.  And, she is going to feel from now being more of a woman such as: being fertile, feminine, intuitive, and loving.

Now onward, she is to use all her gifts that she knows she has, embracing her gifts, combining with the healing arts she has been learning, acquainted with, and inspired by her HS.