An Experiment

“Messages from Water” by Dr. Emoto left an awe-inspiring imprint in my mind.  Last year, a friend of mine showed me the jars of “I love you” and “I hate you” with grain experiment.   Looking at the hate jar, covered by several spots of thick blackness in it, you can’t help feeling tremendous compassion toward to the hate jar.  The love jar meantime showed white blossoms.  That inspired me to do my own experiment.

I poured 10 Table spoonsful of brown rice in two separate glass jars, labeled one “I Love U”, the other, “I Hate U”.  Nicely left them on windowsill for a little over three months.  Occasionally looked at them, but I did not notice any activities from the jars.  All these times, I simply looked at the jars here and there, did not apply any feelings of “love”, nor “hate”.  I figured the labels itself would be doing the job.


      The first day of the experiment

One day, the friend made a visit, mentioned to me that I had to put the cooked rice in the beginning, so that I could observe their fermentation!  Well, the rice was in the appropriate jars already; I would not be cooking them together from love and hate jar; that would make them (the rice grains) confused; so instead; I poured equal amount of boiled water into each jar.

In one week, I saw the noticeable difference in each jar.  The love jar showed white blossoms and the hate jar showed spots of dark green formation. 


O ne week after the boiled water.  Love jar

One week after the boiled water-Hate jar

Another week later, the two jars have manifested totally different world in it!

2 weeks later-Love jar
2weeks later-hate jar


For all those three months where they did not have any water to create visibly their world of “Love” and “Hate” for me to see, I would surmise they indeed absorbed the vibrations of each word; and when the circumstance became favorable (after I poured boiled water); they showed to the world what the words meant to them.

It might be an excellent practice to hold the appropriate jar when you feel extreme joy and happiness to your love jar, and extreme negative emotions to not liking someone, hold the hate jar.  The grains will show even more their responses by creating thick blue-blackness to the hate jar, more white blossoms to the love jar.

When you become more ambitious, you could make jar for each emotion, such as:  jar of peace, jar of thank you, jar of anxiety, jar of depression, jar of compassion, and so on.  That would be an exciting and eye-opening experiment!  Not only they are exciting experiment but also you have a jar to release any of your intense feelings.  That would be a marvelous experiment.  Using grain is easier to use for ordinary people than water molecule, which requires microscope, something most people do not have easy access. 

If you continue this experiment for longer period of time, they might show you something else.  In my experiment, I simply labelled them and you saw the result of it as seen in the photos shown here.  

It has been an awe-struck moment of realization how important to use loving words.

I have read, heard and watched articles on the power of words, there is no better way of indelibly ingrain in my mind the reality when I see for myself doing my own experiment.

Totally got it!

It has been a valuable experience that I have done this experiment.  There is no better way.  I highly suggest you experiment it for yourself; you will feel all over in your being what words feel to you and to others.