Recessive Gene

For a past life review, the client went about 4000 years back in Africa enjoying a posh and happy life. 

Born as a princess with robust and gorgeous figure; had deep sense of caring her people and wisdom beyond her age, she was much loved.  King, her father as her best supporter in all things that she did, life was perfect!

Her father arranged a marriage with a man who had blue eyes.  When she met him for the first time, she was very surprised and exclaimed a “black man having blue eyes!”.  That feature was the significance for her Dad choosing him as her partner.  She also saw many of her people having orange, and blue hair as well.  She felt that were very interesting features of her people.  She continued living as a princess; to a queen; to a mother; then as a grandma; her life was very comfortable, and lovely all the way to ripe old age of 200.

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When I met the client’s Higher Self (HS), I inquired how the blue eyes with the black man came about.

HS       About 10,000 years ago, interbreeding human with ET (extra-terrestrial) entity in a galaxy created blue eye feature.  It has seen as people afraid of them with blue eyes.  Blue eye feature is recessive.  If feared, people are not going to have interest in you, thus less become prevalent in the society.

HS       White people with blue eyes was considered desirable.  You have to have both parents having recessive genes to get blue eyes.  But seen as feared, they are not going to interbreed much.  So, it becomes very rare.

Soo     Why scared?

HS       It looked scary.  They do not look human.  People were wondering where do you come from, and they don’t want to do anything with them.  In older Egyptian time, they communicated with ETs and they were open with them.  During dark ages, people got afraid of anything to do with ETs and removed all features from ET origin.

HS       Recessive genes, brought in from other being (ET) to interbreed with human.  Intergalactic breeding still happens.

HS       It has to do with bringing genes from DNA.  It can happen in three ways:  First, physical embryonic intervention. Human mother with ET father, or vice versa.

HS       Second, vibrational intervention.  Parents have normal conception, and ET beam to embryo carries new DNA come through, allow child to have out of this world feature.

HS       Third, with human parents; embryo forms normally; and ET material injected and modified by taken them on ship to get embryo has new gene or cell.  This intervention of vibration takes slowly, so as not to take free will entirely. But taking initial free will most likely, because these souls have connection with ETs.  They already agreed to go through this process.

Soo     What is recessive gene?

HS       Both parents sharing the same gene for you to have gene function.  Blue gene from both parents.  To save the race, they interbreed with the same.  We are creating new races altogether; interbreeding is encouraged to allow new race to emerge.  It is happening already in many cultures.

This was new to me and was not aware of that feature until much later the session was over and we, client and I, looked up the internet, found there are people who have that feature in the continent.

The definition of recessive gene from two different websites for your reference.


A recessive gene is a gene whose effects are masked in the presence of a dominant gene. Every organism that has DNA packed into chromosomes has two alleles, or forms of a gene, for each gene: one inherited from their mother, and one inherited from their father. A recessive gene is only expressed when an organism has two recessive alleles for that gene. This is also known as being homozygous recessive. If an organism has one dominant and one recessive allele, it will show the dominant trait.


Recessive is a quality found in the relationship between two versions of a gene. Individuals receive one version of a gene, called an allele, from each parent. If the alleles are different, the dominant allele will be expressed, while the effect of the other allele, called recessive, is masked. In the case of a recessive genetic disorder, an individual must inherit two copies of the mutated allele in order for the disease to be present.