Burst out!

Some years ago, Yuyan was in a big car accident.  Her body was in a total wreck with broken bones all over.  She did not remember how many days she was in ICU.  Doctors of all specialities were called in and repaired her body. 

Decades later, she finds her visits to the doctors have been her fulltime work.  During these years, she has studied on nutrition, human anatomy, psychology and more.  And she has implemented the knowledge she gained on herself and now consumes almost all foods from organic source.   In so doing, she has amassed huge amount of medical knowledge; she could easily be thought of as one of the medical professionals.  Since her body having gone through numerous operations and still take various medications is telling her that she is under intense discomforts.  During the interview with her, I saw her wincing often because of it.

With strong sense of keeping herself in a positive state, she has been seen as a person of strength, upbeat, and motivator.   She frequently gives out power talk to whoever she feels they need it.

Several years ago, her Dad passed away, which devastated her.  Her love for him was special; she’s been missing him; longing to see him.

So now she has burning question on why that accident occurred; help her body gets healed from all aches and pains; and pray to meet her Dad through the session.

With all that discomforts in her body, she managed to be free from it, and we were able to navigate a while.


Tears were flooding down from her closed eyes, as if a dam burst out and all that reservoir water was gushing out!

Something huge was happening!  I asked her what it was and what she saw.  Yuan saw her Dad and he told her something significant for her.  Also, he showed; and told her how much he loved her; and disappeared in a flesh!

Needless to say, she was terribly disappointed for not having him long enough.  She had so many things to talk about with him!  Since his passing, she’s been wanting to see him in her dreams, in visions, in whatever form he can manifest for her, to no avail.  This was the first time he came to her!

She was very grateful that he came.  It was such a blessing; she could hardly contain herself.  Joyful and feeling happy; as if she just received a precious Christmas gift; she carried a big smile long after the session.  Her Higher Self (HS) knew what was most important to her and what she dearly desired.

During her time of free from pain, we were able to get the information why she had the car accident and I requested healing to her Higher Self (HS).  Her HS said she signed a contract before she was born to the current life to offer her body for medical doctors to study for medical advancement.  Therefore, her HS had to honor her contract she signed up for to carry forward until it is the time to be released.

What a contract!  A brave soul to embrace all that pain for medical advancement!  Her contract calls for huge respect that the soul offers to such an extent for human evolution.  I sincerely am hoping our medical field has been advanced from her contribution.