Travel Light

The past life of a lady was absolutely “love” itself.  Her Higher Self (HS) described it as a paradise of the Earth.

The Northern Europe about 16th century, as a wife of a sheep farmer with many children, she was busy working, cooking, making cheese, raising children and tending flocks of sheep.  People there all help each other, cooperate, no fences, all think for the group benefits.  That’s why it was called the paradise of the Earth.

Life was great until her husband never returned from a trip to buy a cow to replace the one died.  He slipped, fell into a gorge, gone from her.

From onward, her life was full of grief of losing her husband whom she loved so very much, carrying responsibility of raising children, and did the chores with the help of her neighbor ladies.

When she was sharing of her life story, she was very articulate and chronological way loaded with lots of the usual human dramas.

She had common female physical discomforts as well as emotional issues such as panic attack, scarcity mindset, anger, loneliness including not belonging in this world, neither in her family. 

Her HS was absolute delight to talk, and has full of wisdom.

Her HS’s frequent words being used were “travel light” and “galactic fire pit”.

Each issue, her HS was explaining the cause, which we found most of them from many past lives, have been stuck in her body.

When it comes for loneliness, her HS was explaining we are never alone, we are surrounded by many souls working for one common purpose for God, who wants to experience Oneself.

Becoming a human, nicely we were arranged to forget, anger arose out of not remembering, we indulge in anger which created high blood pressure in her case, in others, cancer.

Her HS was saying she was angry at movies, lots of traumas of movies.  No need to carry so throw that baggage into the galactic fire pit.  Her HS saying “we are doing a clean sweep; we don’t leave anything behind”.  Also, when anger comes, smell the rose, anger will go away.

Her HS was doing a big sweeping work on her every part of the body, nothing unturned.

“We travel light”, and continued sweeping all the luggage in every part of the body.

Even her HS said we unpack everything in this room where we are conducting the session also goes to the galactic fire pit.

At this moment I had a question that I have experienced for sometime that after sessions I say goodbye to clients, my memory goes out with them.  To that the HS was saying “We clean all baggage from people, in the room nothing remains, we clean everything to the galactic firepit, nothing stays here.  We make it clean, empty everyday, so you live new, ready for the next one”.  So, I said “anything to do with my memory”, to that the HS said “nothing to do with your memory, the baggage is not yours, no need to carry them with you, we, galactic council, masters, make sure they are gone.  You are not supposed to remember, they are not yours.  No need to get stuck with other people’s luggage.  We make it clean, nothing remains here, you travel light, we do a clean sweep.  We make it empty cup, empty vessel everyday”.