Metal Allergy

Highly intelligent young lady was wondering why she has been allergic to metals.  I found this allergy issue absolutely interesting, for most people have allergies to foods, but metal?

She was telling me when she was 23 years old, her skin started developing rash over her body and her left middle finger’s skin started to feel dry and itchy.  She finally found that any necklace, rings or ornaments made in metal on her body only had reactions but even without metal, her body still rashes on and off, though much less reaction nowadays she said.

Huge credit goes to her keen observation on her body.

Interestingly to her intelligence, still her left finger’s itchiness and dryness did not leave her how little metallic substance ornaments she has had on her body; made no dent in the symptom.  

Her Higher Self (HS) was eager to show her many lives in short snippets to deliver her the origins of all her issues.  She was busy describing images flooding to her, and I was busy asking her questions throughout.  We worked great as a team!

She saw a small town, a lot of people were running around on streets, screaming, obviously chaos was evident.  Some dead people on streets, and burning smells.  A young teenage boy was running toward her, now noticed herself as a young male, wore black booths, green and brown sort of army uniform, right hand was in trouble, painful.

The young teenager helped and carried him by arms to his house, laid him on the floor.  He wrapped the soldier’s right hand with some clothe bandage, left him on a floor, and gone to somewhere.  The soldier was exhausted, closed his eyes, felt pain on right hand waiting for the boy returning to him.

Next thing he noticed was he was dead there on the floor. 

Her HS came without any hesitation, explained why all the different scenes were shown, and the healing work also followed with them.

When it came to the soldier life about right-arm injury, her HS revealed that that’s where her metal allergy started.  “Please tell me more”, I asked.  The HS said a bullet went through the right arm and at the time it exploded into many pieces, a small piece of metal flew and lodged in her left third finger made her feel itchy and dryness on it in this life. 

Then I asked:  Why the allergy started at the age of 23?   To that question, that’s the age she died at that life which was WW II in Europe.

Also, I was curious about the young teenage boy who helped him is whether in her current life, to that her HS said he is not in her current life.

Now, her HS showed the origin of the issue, no more reason for her to suffer any more, willingly healed her from that discomfort.

After she was brought out to full consciousness, her attention went right to the troubled body parts, and noticed that they were free from rashes, itchiness and dryness.  She was so grateful for the happy result.

Her HS healed all her other physical discomforts.  Interesting thing was her discomforts originated from all different life times and yet, healing was all accomplished in one session completely.

Good for her!