We are Pleiadeans. Part IV

Soo:  Changing the subject a little, why do we have to reincarnate with no memory?  We have to start from a clean state, what a waste!

HS:  Yes, we come to understand that this is one of the disfunctions, we call it a defect.  This is a defect of the species.  We are not helping as our mission is to help the species evolve.  We hope one day this species on this planet will work with us.  They will do what we do and be a part of flourishing other earths.

HS:  What we have come to understand, all the beings involved, that this wiping out of knowledge from lifetime to lifetime is not working well.  Not working well at all.  By the time you get smart, you are 40 years old.  It’s time to go.

HS:  We are not very smart as we paid too much attention to these apes and other creatures who are, and what we realize, is when you look at these species, they never evolved.  These species have remained the same as the day we planted them.  Why we don’t listen to this before, we do not know.  We had hoped, Source had hoped, that humanity would be filled with love and kindness.

Soo:  It will eventually?

HS:  It will but we came to realize is that the dark forces were very strong.  We realize that in a good way to make your planet healthy is you need more knowledge.  You need more knowledge, you need more memory, more understandings of who you are.

HS:  We believe very quickly with this new cycle that we can come to a new Earth very quickly.  Because the frequency is so high, darkness has to leave.  They can’t stay in this frequency because it is painful for them.  That is a very good thing and we have come to learn that if we raise the knowledge, raise the memory, then the frequency gets raised quicker.

HS:  You come in with higher frequency and this is a way to keep the dark stuff away from the beginning.  We learn.  You are like a garden.  We learn.  If we give the plants too much water they die, if we give them no water they die.  You are like this garden.  Trial and error.  So, we understand that we must make this adjustment and we are all very happy as we all feel this will be of great improvement for the planet.

Soo:  I think so!

HS:  We think so too!  We hear, we see, we all hear what the humans are thinking and doing.  What they fail to realize, which we understand, because they have lived in such oppression and darkness for so long that it is difficult for the people to believe that there is a different world.

HS:  We see great growing and changing and frequency raising, and we are all so excited because we feel that we are now progressing to a very beautiful garden.  We are seeing the flowers blossom and we are seeing more and more happening.  That needs to remain from beings here and now is that they must continue in positivity.

HS:  Going back to working together as we work in positive motion, we will see great changes in the Earth.  Humans are designed to live long time.  You can live 20,000 years in one body.

HS:  Yes, but our other problem has the toxification of your planet.  The planet, Gaia, she can handle, no problem, this is nothing for her.  These kids they worry about planet earth.  Ahggg!  She spits them out in one day and there is no more pollution.  No problem.  Gaia is always breathing and moving.  She shifts all the time.  We laugh because we say Gaia is getting itchy and there is a tidal wave.  Something she does not like and irritates her she moves and that is a Tsunami.

HS:  This is what the humans must understand that Gaia is so powerful.  They will never reach her power and they must respect her.  Gaia is fine!  She can do well but the humans, they have challenges adjusting to the galaxy changes, planet shifts, frequency levels, all kinds of things.  Sun, UVs from the Sun, all types of things.  What we need to do is we need to help in building humans so that they are less infiltrated by these toxins and issues.

HS:  If they can resonate higher, they will be healthier because they will not allow toxins in.  Like Gaia, there will always be toxins, toxins are like darkness as they will always be toxins in natural species.  In order for the humans to be less sensitized they must change their frequency.

HS:  Darkness allows toxins, light allows some to a biological balance, however, not to a detrimental.  Darkness allows disease, toxins, poisons, and all these types of things because it is part of its darkness.  We are working to make this better so that humans can remain in one body longer.  As originally the design was human could live 1000’s of years.

Soo:  That should be normal time!

HS:  Yes, normal time but belief, religion, emotion, culture, darkness, so many things infiltrated the consciousness of human and darkness did a very good job at suppressing conscious mind of human and erasing the powers.  Human believed we are slaves, we are going to die, we are going to get disease and we are not here long.

HS:  If you look at history, very interesting, you started living very long then as history goes by you died younger, younger, younger.  Now, we are going this way ( pointing upwards) you are living older, older, older, older.  Now you have people on your planet living 110 years.  If we go through history, you will see that not even 100 years ago, people were not living that long.  The frequency is changing.  You and Emma can live, you could live maybe 200 years.

Soo:  Yes, then we can accomplish so much more in one body.

HS:  Yes, this is what we have all understood.  One body, one conscious, will do so much work than going, coming, going, coming, going, coming.  Sometimes it is necessary to change the body, we understand this.  Basically, you are all equipped to live very long lives.

HS:  This is a good example of what we can do to help you live a longer life.  When your antenna is sharp and always open even when you are not consciously aware, it is always open.  When we see danger, or we need your help to make something better.  Or we see something that we all need to work together to improve, we can signal you.

HS:  This light will keep you healthy, it will keep you open, and it will allow you to continually cleanse, and it is the inability to cleanse toxins and toxic emotions, is what you know makes a body sick.

HS:  Everyone is sick because they can’t get over the traumas.  Getting rid of all this stuff, opening, healing, connecting, you can live very long time.

HS:  When we are all connected to you by your (motioning to forehead) this is a big antenna, yes? Third Eye! When we are all connected, Source, Pleiades, all the spirits, the angels.

HS:  And there are so many out there wanting to make your Earth and you beings wonderful and beautiful.  When we are all connected to you, we are able to help you the most.  In doing this you can know better ways to take care of this vessel (your body) and live much longer.

Soo:  In the Bible I read that people lived 1000’s of years.

HS:  Yes.  This is true!  Humans can’t actualize these numbers because they cannot believe that a body can live this long.  Your bodies were designed to be biologically, technologically, perfect.  We learned through our own species and through other species.

HS:  We are Pleiadeans so we learned with other species, Arcturians, Blues, Greys, and everybody.  We learned from dinosaurs, flowers, birds, fish, and birds, we learned with all the biological make-up in order to make a body that was an antenna that could live 1000’s of years.

HS:  This has changed. You don’t need to be concerned about Karmic past.  You can live longer, and you don’t need to die to reincarnate.  When you do pass, you will now reincarnate with all the knowledge that you have learned of the present life.

HS:  We are lifting, not we, the Source, is lifting part of the veil.  What we have come to understand, and it has been the judgement of the Confederation is that you as very powerful evolved human beings, you must have more knowledge to be of service.  The lifetimes are too short, and the lessons are too long, and we are not getting ahead fast enough.  We are not going far enough.

HS:  We wish the universal law, we wish now, that you will have much more knowledge when you come in.  You will be knowledgeable as a baby.  You will not require the amount of intensity that is required today.  You will see your young babies now are extremely wise.  They will flourish much faster.  They will often be put ahead because the systems are too slow for them.

Hope you received some benefits from this information shared by the Pleiadeans.

Soonja (Soo) Kim