We are Pleiadeans. Part III

HS:  We do many experiments, and we try to be as kind in experimentation as possible, but we have other beings.  Arcturians and Greys who are genius and masters at their talents.  We all work together to create a wonderful planet.  The thing that we have the most challenges with is the, we call the humanoids, (human) on the planet.

Soo:  like us.

HS:  Yes, the most complicated, the most sensitive but the most fascinating of the creatures.  We think we know but we find out we don’t know.

HS:  You both are very aware is the make-up of our universal existence is we must have light and we must have dark.  All things must exist with these two polar opposites: lightness, and darkness.  We feel as Pleiadeans we are lighter than we are dark, however, in order when creating and providing these sources that are the origin all of existence, sometimes the dark overrides the light.  We know as Pleiadeans and existing for so long that darkness is what makes the light even brighter.

HS:  It is in all humans to understand that darkness, what they say negative, bad experiences are vital to grow. We have no process to grow if everything is good and perfect.

HS:  This perfect, wonderful, utopia way of living, is we know as Pleiadeans is the root of laziness, complacency.  Boring! We do our best with the dark but we always try to find the lesson within the darkness.  That is always the key to understanding that in this darkness are always the lessons.

Soo:  When you create all these animals, or new creations, you stated you get the Source approval.  When you have completed creating something, how do you get approval from the Source?

HS:  This is a good question.  How we explain is not easy.  We are always… We are an extension of the Source.  Everything we do is always with the Source.  We never work against.  We are so old and so high frequency that we could say that many, many, billions of years ago we are like, you are today.  Fighting light and dark, doing all these things.

HS:  We have evolved so much that the Source is within our DNA.  No matter what we create it is always from the Source.  We don’t need approval.  Everything we do is with the Source.  We are the Source.  We are an extension of the Source.  We have nothing but love, joy, and compassion.

HS:  We have no darkness.  Our darkness has been shed billions of years ago.  Our species continues to evolve in more love and more compassion.  We have none of this in our DNA.

HS:  Where you as humans are still working to rid yourself of these lower frequencies, these darknesses.  You will!  Maybe it will take time.  Food and love and babies and these types of things.  We don’t have these things on Pleiades, we don’t need food.

HS:  That is also too the more you become there, the more the frequency, the less food you will need.  The less everything you will need.  That is why you will not age.  That’s why you will become very long living beings because you will not be the same type of being that you are today.

HS:  Yes, and it is also taking many billions of billions of billions of years to bring your species to ourselves or many of the star seeds.  Many of the…. We will say cultures, like us (The Pleiadeans), the Arcturians, the Reptilians, they too have all gone through the same evolutions.  And they too are very much like us.  They do not need high levels of nutrients and all types of things.

HS:  There are stories that certain beings required minerals.  We have heard certain stories about…We do not recall the name of the race but there was an Alien Terrestrial species that needed gold.  There are many stories of gold and the pyramids.  Gold was nutritional for this particular race.  We are not aware of this because all the beings (Star seeds) that are a part of your planet, helping to nurture you, none of us require nutrition.  We do not need food.

HS:  We all live on frequency, and we all have different frequencies.  We have no need for minerals and gold.  There are lots of stories of extra-terrestrials coming to planet Earth to mine specific minerals like gold for their own planet.

HS:  All we can say is if you have an entity that is looking for a particular mineral or food or anything, you know this is a super dark energy because no good energy requires nutrition. That is your sign that species is no good because all evolved species do not require the feeding of other planets to sustain themselves.  We are sustained as the Source is sustained.  All we need is love.

Part IV is coming soon.