I will be a dog

Soo          What?! Did you say, you will be a dog?!
Friend     Yeah, a psychic said I will be a dog in the next life.
Soo          Why?! Do you want to be a dog?
Friend     Well, you know. It is a kind of nice life, I think. You can experience the unconditional love. You don’t have to work to eat. Someone even pick up my poops too.

image courtesy of Return of Kings

She smiled but I was not convinced of that, does not sit well with me at all.

I recalled one of my client’s Dad became a tree. And I thought that was going backward on evolutionary schedule. I understood we go through that life of a dog or a tree, and once we become human, at least we stay at human even if we did not succeed in life as human, still given more chances to work it out.

The Higherself (HS) of a client elaborated more on this subject.

Soo        Evolution is always upward, isn’t it? Human becomes a dog or tree is a devolution.
HS          Becoming a tree or dog is not going backward, it means experiencing a new thing, not going backward. Evolution, sometimes it is stagnant or repeat, but never downward. Some trees in fairy realm are in the 6th dimension.
HS          Stone and flower are another experience. Being a blade of grass, we were once, is most satisfying experience, just being, only absorbing, soaking up the sunlight, being green, and enjoying other blade of grass. Sometimes you need to be quiet after life of turmoil. It is nice to go back to quietness sometimes. It is all every facet of experience, never a demotion.
Soo        That reminds me of returning to the Source of enlightened masters. Once they obtain enlightenment, they become one with the Source, any of them ever stay with the Source forever?
HS          We don’t know of any. All go back to the Source, send information to the Source, get cleansed with love, and come back working in something else. Jesus is the only one stays in the Source and send messages that we know of.
Soo         All right. Some says there are 12 Sources and one Absolute Origin. Is that correct information?
HS          There is only one Source, not 12. The others have vast knowledge of universes and galaxies, but only one Source.