Pablo Picasso

When Jason was in the spirit world, learned the lesson and purpose of the life which he viewed, he was chuckling.

Soo          Why are you laughing?
Jason      My guide is here.
Soo          Oh? Can I speak to your guide?
Jason      Yes.
Guide      You can talk to me.
Soo          Thank you! So you be able to answer questions that Jason has?
Guide      Yes.
Soo          By the way, do you have name?
Guide      Pablo.
Soo          Thank you. How did you meet Jason?
Guide       I was drawn to him.
Soo           What was the thing that drew you to him?
Guide       Creativity.
Soo           Have you been always his guide?
Guide       Only this life.
Soo           The Pablo who I know is Pablo Picasso.
Guide       That is I.
Soo           Oh, pleasure to meet you! I appreciate your painting. When I was little, I used to paint your paintings. I read your paintings are selling at very high price.
Pablo       No consequential.
Soo           Meaning?
Pablo       It does not matter. Painting gave me a joy, so I did it.
Soo           Do you have a whole lot of people guiding in spirit world?
Pablo       A lot.
Soo           Are they all humans who you guide?
Pablo       No, other beings too. Whoever calls for my help.
Soo           So, you are very busy?
Pablo       No.
Soo           Can I address you as Pablo, will that be OK?
Pablo       Yes.

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The conversation style of Pablo was brief to the point. He helped heal all Jason’s physical discomforts, answered all Jason’s questions, and he introduced Alpha Centauri.

Soo           Why Alpha Centauri?
Pablo       That is his primary home planet.
Soo           What is Alpha Centauri?
Pablo       It is a nearest galaxy from your galaxy.
Soo           I believe he was born in some planet of Alpha Centauri then?
Pablo       Yes.
Soo           Could you tell me more about the planet?

Then, he explained what the planet is, the name of the planet is beyond what human tongue can pronounce (though Alpha Centaurian use symbols to recognized the individuality and I even asked him to murmur the name, but he couldn’t pronounce), and what Jason worked at the galaxy. And he added the galaxy is in the same universe as our milky galaxy, has millions of planet, some planet has life, some, not.

The features of being in the Alpha Centauri have humanoid form. They are taller, much taller than human, have greyish brown skin, and eyes are slightly bigger than ours. Eyes have different colors of green, blue and violet. They have no hair, and have 4 (four) digits.

They are in the 5th and the 6th dimension and they are highly evolved. Obviously beings are populated, so my interest moved into their reproduction system.

Soo           How do they produce children?
Pablo       By thoughts they manifest and they create more readily than humans. They require female and male, both parties collectively manifest, then ask for a spark. It is spiritual reproduction. Require no gestation period. It is an instant birth. It starts from a child, so soul can learn.
Soo           What is the 5th and 6th dimension like?
Pablo       Thoughts manifest reality instantly. It takes no time, no space. You just focus and manifest more. You cannot manifest anything harmful. Fear & hatred will never manifest. Only love transcends all dimensions.
Soo           Pablo, I am just curious, how do you know when someone asks your help?
Pablo       When they call, I sense it.
Soo           Recall your human experience, could you tell me what it feels like you sense the need?
Pablo       It is like when someone is looking over you, you feel the sensation they are watching you.
Soo           Oh, so it is a vibration you are drawn into?
Pablo       Yes.

Thank you so much Pablo for your wonderful work!