Why I came

image courtesy of yogananda-srf.org

Some time ago, Higher Self (HS) of one of my clients said Jesus married, had a child, and lived long after crucification. I was so much more puzzled than before facilitating the session. Because firmly I have believed from reading the Bible that Jesus died on the cross for human and no such thing as he was married.

According to other people’s writing that I have been reading, Jesus did not die on the cross, or he died, but atoms of his body had reorganized and indeed he was resurrected.

The way of my thinking is: Truth has to be only one based on the fact. Coming from that thinking, so many variable theories on one fact of Jesus’ resurrection alone gave me enough confusion. Incredibly unsettling was mild statement for me.

Recently Higher Self of another client revealed more information on Jesus. The HS said:

Yes, he was on the crucifix.
Yes, he did die.
Yes, he resurrected.
Yes, he was in love of Mary Magdalene.
Yes, he was married to Mary Magdalene.

The client channeled Jesus:

“What is the vessel? What is the vessel comprised of? It was comprised of all elements: earth, sand, fire, wind, and water. All of the elements that Earth has, that keeps the Earth alive. My essence was taken back to the Source. However, why so much human’s fascination of what actually happened to my vessel? I became part of everything that was around me, although you might think how this is possible in one day given the energy inside of me. My soul, my essence has been burnt through, and became part of everything else. Did everybody see me after I resurrected? They saw me as they remember who I looked. Was it who I was? No it was not. I am the Source. The Source has given energy so that consciousness changes. What they remember of me is being in that vessel, that is not who I truly am.”

Now the HS continued as HS, not as Jesus:

Resurrection is change in consciousness. It was the rise of his believes, what he was trying to teach, sadly that was totally misconstrued. Resurrection means numerology of the birth and the death of what he had physically experienced on Earth. There is a change of consciousness. Although it was not what he wanted, it was not the right thing, and the message was completely misunderstood, it was birth of something new. There was the resurrection.

The HS delivered the message of Jesus:

Jesus’ teaching was to send message and let people know that there is only one Source of all creation. Although some of the message has been conveyed, but the rest was not. Let people know that he did not want to be put up and worshipped on the cross when he was at the weakest, where he was at the most vulnerable. Why show his body like that? He did not like his body shown like that. Why people worship him like that? He feels sad at times. There should not be a religion. That was the whole point, only the Source, the limitless love of the Source.

End of the quote.