image courtesy of Reading with Matt

Often, I myself have noticed that I have been paying attention at seeing the time indicating on 5:55, 3:33, 11:11, 12:12 and so on. The more often it falls on the same number repeatedly, the higher my curiosity perked. On top of that, my circle of friends also has shown keen interest in those numbers, which bear some meaning they said.

One client wanted to explore a certain number of his birthday.

Soo     His birthday adds to a certain number, do they mean anything?
HS       Yes, the number is important. Now there is a very thin veil between people’s reality and what Reality really is. As veil thins, more messages are coming through. More people are aware of noticing numbers like 555 and 333. They are all vibrational numbers. So the message is being transmitted through, as more people shift to higher dimension, so it happens often. It is like passing a note in the class. So thoughts become reality. Pay attention to those numbers.
Soo     Pay attention?
HS       Thoughts, what you are thinking at that moment becomes a reality, if given, more control of destroying the illusion at that time. So when you are thinking of walking to a park, or eating a certain food, you must do it to create it as a reality, the vibrational impact of that action is necessary.
Soo     When I noticed the time at 5:55, I was thinking of eating rice for dinner.
HS       You noticed the time at 5:55, you need to change from thinking of eating rice to stop eating rice. That was the message for you. When you pay attention with the thought at that moment means something. Each number has a different message to each person.
Soo     You mean if someone is thinking of watching TV at 5:55, that means the person needs to change to not watching it?
HS       That’s right. Number 5 means the change you wish it to happen. Every number is a message.

So the HS took some time, and elaborated meaning of numbers that I addressed:

0             It means nothing, reincarnation if you will.
111         Beginning and end, birth and death, beginning of new idea or new creation.
222       Wave of love coming towards you, in that instance of feeling of peace and tranquility, the thought at that moment is the reality that you need to follow through.
333       Trinity, think in terms of 3 of creativity will become reality, trinity is very important.
444       House, it is a home. Pay attention to the energy within of your environment.
555       Changes you wish to have it happen.
666       Trinity of 6 is very important. Number 6 is vibration of healing, nurturing and of home.
777        Heavenly and it is the angel number, 7 (seven) depth of consciousness to the angel realm.
888       Lucky number, number of infinity, and the number of the Source.
999       The highest form of leading to higher dimension. It is a dimensional key to open to another portal. 999, it all ends to 9, no matter how you cut it, it will end to 9.
1010       Beginning and end. 1 for beginning, 0 is for nothing, reincarnation if you will.
1111        It is beginning and an end to direct to higher dimension.
1212       It is beginning and it is the time for a difference of love that’s coming in.

The HS said it is absolutely worthwhile to study. There are much knowledge in numerology and find the balance in it. To my question of where people can go to learn the numbers, the HS said we can easily find all sorts of information on the internet. Since every number is a message, whatever vibrational message to you is unique.

The HS recommended writing number down, when a thought you had at that moment, see how that vibration resonates with you.

The numbers I requested for an elaboration to the HS is only a little part of the whole. Much luck to your endeavor in exploring numbers!