Resisting. Why?

In order for us to get a good hypnosis session, it is vital we set our conscious mind aside, not to interrupt to let our Higherselves (HS) come in. We need our HS. Our HS is the one who knows, can heal any physical discomforts, and can show the right way for us. How well we are able to let go of our conscious mind is really an art and is a way of total cooperation to get what we need. HS is here for our benefit. We are designed to be hypnotized. That has been my observation.

Once in a while I meet very exciting people who love to prove that they are right. They are right to prove that they cannot be hypnotized. Then why do they even bother to make an appointment and are willing to pay for the session. Very interesting mindset.

Some conversation with one HS might enlighten what is conscious mind and why such resistance is  coming from our mind.

image courtesy of Thoughts for Success

Soo     Where is conscious mind?
HS        They reside in the heart, in the head, in the mind, and mostly in the heart.
Soo     What is mind?
HS       Mind is merely the glove that goes onto the hand, a piece of clothing.
Soo     Another way of expressing?
HS       If you saw spirit, you dismissed it as being a figment of your imagination. It is your mind takes over and thinking “Oh, remember what you saw on TV, now your mind manifested itself”. Mind did not create the dirt (dirty energy), in between legs and arms from the client coming for Reiki. The power of one compare to the other. Mind can be tamed and disciplined like a child. Children nowadays are not disciplined; they are more into mind than who they really are.
Soo     What is mind? Is it conscious mind is mind?
HS       Mind is anatomical, and it is inside of the body in the head, the heart, and electricity goes through the brain distinguishes what is right from wrong. It is all scientific. However spiritual science has never experienced or considered and it is always dismissed by humans.
Soo     So spiritual side of it is?
HS       For example, if you saw spirit at age five (5), mind could not take over telling you that it was your imagination, or something you saw from TV. Those were the times you were closer to HS, who you truly are. That is why HS wants less control of the mind but more control of spirit.
Soo     So mind is directly related to the body then.
HS       That’s right.
Soo     Then we are created to have the mind to live in this world.
HS       That’s right. The mind is created to be in this world, without it, the energy that we emit will destroy the Earth.
Soo     Degrees of mind also have something to do with evolution?
HS       That’s right. Higher being has less mind, almost taken a back seat and more of HS.
Soo     Is there such a thing as mind has any color or shape?
HS       Mind does not have colors, or shapes. All conscious mind are in all chakras and neurons posses mind in everywhere of the body. Hence it is important why chakras are balanced.
Soo     People are resisting to good ideas or to be hypnotized. Why?
HS       We are programmed that way and, it is hard to get out of the mass hypnosis. That is resistance.
Soo     That is so true, being hypnotized as human. It is pretty thick and strong.
HS       Yes.
Soo     Why such programming for human?
HS       It was an experiment, and a learning process. Earth is the only planet, where we forget all its past. We are designed to be awaken when the shift of consciousness happen to allow to remember. Some are angry that we are made to forget. It was designed to see if we evolve starting from scratch. One day what we learnt how to read and write, then death, and come back to learn how to read and write all over again, a simple analogy.
Soo     Has this experiment achieved any success so far?
HS       Experiment on humans started to go better compare to million years ago.
Soo     Has there any being made to special exception from the mass experiment?
HS       Yes, some. For very selective agreement, they were allowed to retain memory. However how you use that tool is up to you.
Soo     Yes, free will is good, but it is very difficult to decide what is correct, and another difficulty is how to know what the right decision is.
HS       That’s right.
Soo     A little memory would be a great help, instead of starting from the clean slate.
HS       Yes.
Soo     Even in some spiritual teaching, certain teachers advise students not to let you be hypnotized. So good number of students are hesitant to come forward to take advantage of the hypnosis.
HS       At that time, humans were not able to sustain the knowledge and energy in that vessel. They would reap it apart, and would not accept it with love. There were too much energy in that. All about how much the human vessel can take. When their mind cannot take, they are gone mad for example. They were told they needed a brain operation. At that time, humans were not ready, thus such advice. Now humans have evolved, it is perfectly all right.
Soo     So that advice was meant for protection at those days.
HS       Correct.