Do you recognize them?

In every past life review, one question that I always address is: Do you recognize them?

All relationship whether that was hugely impacted on that life or not, I have noticed they continue to connect in their future lives as well, small or large.

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Here are just a few examples:

One client, in the past life they were father and daughter, this current life they are wife and husband. In the past life, current husband was her father who was unable to express his feelings. His way of dealing was through shouting, and physical violence. This life they married out of familiarity. She expressed she did not feel any strong physical attraction, nor heart beating excitement, just felt comfortable when she met him.

Another client, in the past life she was father and has a son whom he devoted all his life just loving and caring for the son. This current life, they are colleagues at a work place, caring very much each other and both came back as females.

Another, in the past life she was haughty, high society lady and he was a self made millionaire. In current life, they both came as the same gender as in the past life, but having not so loving marriage. Of course, they have to work out issues to resolve. Interestingly when she met him, she felt strong emotional pull toward him. When he held her hand for the first time, she felt strong electricity went through her entire being. Of course, she thought that was the sign of “true soul mate”.

Another, in the past life she was a high ranking male aristocrat and he was a female seamstress.
This current life, high ranking aristocrat is female housewife and the female seamstress is now corporate lawyer. Their marriage is on the rock all the time due to their inability to appreciate each other’s value. Both insist she is right and he is right situation. Neither party is willing to resolve the situation.

Another, in the past life, they were just acquaintances. She thought he was very happy go lucky kind of boy. In this life, they both came back as the same gender as in the past life, but this marriage was not their first, but one of the many.

Another, in the past life, she was the leader of the exploration team on the other planet in this solar system, and other person was one of the member of the team. Both were males in the past and in current life they are both females. This is my story.

Before total relaxation, I always ask client go to washroom. When Tracy came out the washroom and told me that she remembered we met before. When she exclaimed that I was her teacher, I was intrigued. Once she was in a very relaxed state, her Higher Self (HS) was ever present and eager to answer questions.

Soo     Tracy said I was her teacher. Could you tell us what does that mean?
HS       Yes, when you led a large group of exploration team and she was one of the members.
Soo     What exploration did we go to and where?
HS       On Mars, the exploration was out to get information on herbal plants.

Some time ago when I had my own Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) past life regression session, my HS showed me that I was a male scientist from the planet Mars. That life was totally devoted for research to help Martian as well as humans in the field of health.

Tracy’s HS validated my past life existence on the planet Mars. She and I felt newly renewed friendship. I call her my student and she calls me her teacher. Marvelous!