A Beauty from Andromeda

Andromeda Galaxy credit to Ivan Bok

Her white pale skin sparkling with light, she has straight long voluminous golden hair, pale blue eyes, thin figure of six (6) feet tall in humanoid form of the 7th dimension, where there is no time, Caya is working in a galaxy of Andromeda, which is something like 2.5 million light years away from us.

Soo       The color of the eyes, are you all blue?
Caya      Everyone is all different, blue is popular color for clarity and focus, serious but peaceful.
Soo       Do you wear any attire in your world?
Caya     Yes, we wear blue robe while at work, and white bodysuit in front of congregation.
Soo       Why white?
Caya      The color signifies to show the highest respect for everyone.
Soo       Then what blue means?
Caya      Blue robe is for focus while at work.

On my curiosity about her office, she describes of it that has a desk and a 3D screen, which is made out of the light. It is not an actual screen, but a hologram. On the screen she has a light picture of her work.

Also her office has a big window, through it she can see the light outside and a blue sky.

Soo       Where is your office? I mean where is it located?
Caya     Oh, it is in the mothership.
Soo        Please tell me all about the mothership.
Caya      We live in the spaceship. It is white, smooth, made out of sand stone, not heavy, lots of light inside of the ship. The inside of the ship is very comfortable. It has a space like lounge with pods where you can rest in to relax to repair you. It is a huge ship, like a big city that has everything you need. The ship contains more than hundreds of office, and everyone moves slowly, they don’t have to rush, and they can get where they go quickly without rushing.
Soo       Who runs this ship?
Caya      The mothership is run by a custodian, male, and he is the only one working on this.
Soo       Tell me more about him and the control panel.
Caya      There is no control panel. He sits on a chair, moves the ship with his mind. He is big, bigger than me, VERY big. He is a different being, very white, wearing blue robe, does not speak. He is from the 9th dimension.
Soo       Why is he on the job?
Caya      He knows how to do it with his mind. He has very powerful mind, so he can move us all at once.

On my inquiry of her work at the ship: She works with energy of a planet in the Andromeda galaxy smoothing out the atmosphere of it.

The work requires very fine skill with extreme care. The final result that she is looking for is to make a smooth energetic coating for an outer layer of the planet, like healing the layer of the planet. It is likened to an energetic surgery on the planet.

She is environmentally keen, and is busy everyday to do this.

Soo       If you need help or have a question, what do you do?
Caya      I go to an assembly, talk about the issue and ask for help.
Soo       Oh, do you report to your superior?
Caya      No one above. We are all equal on a same level, and we all have responsibility for a certain planet.
Soo       What do you do when you are not working?
Caya      I go flying in and around the ship, and outside of the ship. I see blue sky and green trees below me of the planet that I am working on. I fly around looking at what I have worked on. Also I meet my friend. She is small about 3-4 feet tall, does the same work as I. She is very funny, makes a lot of joke. We laugh a lot, and we talk about things to explore also.
Soo       By the way, what do you take for sustenance?
Caya      Sun gives all sustenance. We never get hungry. Just absorb light, and rest 10 minutes a day. Just close my eyes.
Soo       Will that be equivalent to 7 to 8 hours of a human sleep a day?
Caya      Yes.
Soo       Do you have a family or a marriage, something like that?
Caya      Yes, I have a partner through marriage, and have a daughter.
Soo       Tell me more about your family.
Caya      Marriage was decided, put together by the custodian. I met my partner and he was chosen because he is not interfering my work. It is just all about the work. He is a pilot of a shuttle of this mothership, and he is in the 7th dimension as well.
Soo       You said you have a daughter. How did you produce the child?
Caya      My partner and I created her by thoughts.
Soo       Do you enjoy your work?
Caya      Oh yes! I am totally happy doing the job, which will be never ending. It is not a typical work. It is more like a vocation.
Soo       Very good. I just remembered what you said about you wear white bodysuit to respect others. What occasion did you wear the suit?
Caya      When standing in front of a crowd of people, I talked about how to create harmony in the galaxy. It was a huge, concert hall like circular auditorium, gathered by all different races from other galaxies as well. I emphasized the role of mothers to bring peace and how we all can move forward. I reported how things were going, how we could get this place to be good enough for children and asked for help.
Soo       You said all different races, what do they wear?
Caya      All white body suit to show respect.
Soo       Oh I see, were there only mothers present?
Caya      Fathers were in the assembly too. We have responsibility, a need to serve everyone, and we are all keeping the world together peacefully.