Parallel Lives

Sean was born in 1980 that makes his age 38 this year. In viewing one of his past lives, he was a man of 70s sitting on a park bench, reading The Toronto Star dated June 20, 1997.

When people come for a session, I ask their birth year. The reason is simply for this purpose to recognize where about the past life viewing is: current, past, or parallel life.

Why the parallel life was viewed? The Higherself (HS) of Sean answered that life was very applicable to what his current life assignment. HS knows which life is most applicable for the purpose.

image courtesy of The Mighty

Soo      Why people have parallel lives?
HS        To gain more experience. The fragment of who you are in no time, and no space. So parallel life somewhere now what is in it of you now.
Soo      How many parallel lives can we have, any number of that?
HS        No limit.
Soo      You mean another of me somewhere in other dimension, in other time?
HS        That’s right.
Soo      Sometimes, while I am doing something I feel all of a sudden, that I have done this before. Is that what people call déjà vu?
HS        That’s right. At that moment, you have a glimpse of another you.
Soo      Another word, déjà vu is experience of parallel lives?
HS        Correct.

Apparently more of us are doing and living somewhere, and sometime at the same moment. The concept is really difficult to wrap the brain around.

As the HS mentioned, we want more experience, so we create more of us in different setting.  I know of some people who set their life task so difficult, so much to overcome, they are having tough time to deal with: family issues, health issues, emotional issues and more.

Come to think of it, life is eternal, so much time to experience and learn all of them, why are we in such a hurry? Why not take time to evolve! Perhaps easy life once in a while would be nice. Such a life to enjoy of the perfect health, financial abundance, good looks, surrounding you with perfect friends and a spouse in love, and never experience of any difficulties to achieve anything. You ask for, you get it. Easy, breezy.

What would guides and counsellors in the spirit world advise us when we want to design such a smooth sailing life? Probably we would hear wise counsel of; we might waste a good chance to improve, to work out the bad karmas, or to create better space for other living creatures.

And also it is very easy to surmise to stack up piles on our plate for the next life to tackle while designing in spirit world. Even in this life on Earth, in the moment of high spirit, we often say “Yes! Bring it on”.

Fine balance seems to be the key to success.